Chapter 04

Wanderer Chapter 04


Flashback – Jack – Last day of week four of spook school


I sat on the bunk and tried to figure out where the hell Banzai had been for the last two days and glad to soon be out of this fucking hell hole. The only thing that had been entertaining here was Banzai. And he made this place a one man circus!


I guess I should start at the beginning, day one of spook school…


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I was still angry as hell about, well okay, about almost everything. But mostly I was angry about having to come to this fucking place because it was a huge waste of time. I thought we were going to be out in the field the whole time, but this is the fucking thanks we got for exceeding expectations on our first mission.


Mr. Fuckhead Smith shook our hands and said "good job" after the mission, then he chewed my ass for destroying the HumVee. I asked him to send me a fucking bill for it, flipped him off and left his office! He thought he could handle us - let him handle that!


I asked around and determined he got a hell of a lot of congratulation from his superiors. I didn't think it would bother me, but it bothered the hell out of me. But then everything about Mr. Fuckhead bothered me! If we had not gotten lucky on the flight with the first officer knowing so much about Morocco, we would never have succeeded with the mission. I'm going to make him pay for that piece of shit briefing he gave us!


They loaded all of us on this crappy old yellow school bus and took us to their 'state of the art' training facility. State of art my ass! This place is a rundown rat hole! We jumped off the bus, the instructors got on us right away and tried to prove to us they were in control. Shit! They were fucking amateurs compared to DI Anderson. He'd eat them for breakfast and shit them out for lunch.


I had some time on the trip home and thought about everything that happened since Jack sold us down the fucking river in General Donaldson's office (yeah I'm pissed at him too and one day he's going to pay). I did just enough research to figure out the spooks operated on a totally different set of rules than the Marines. Once you signed the papers and joined the Marines, they fucking owned you and they forced you to follow their orders. The spooks assumed you wanted to be here and wanted to follow orders. Yeah, they were not the Marines where I could get busted or sent to the brig, or even beat to shit if I disobeyed orders. All the spooks could do is send me back to the Corps  - which is where the hell I really wanted to be anyway. Instead, we’re stuck here at Camp Sissy (which is what I started calling this place).


The 'instructor' got in my face and said, "Attention Ben! You will change out of those BDUs right away and into the camp uniform (I had refused to change before boarding the bus). I don't stand at attention because he sure as hell is not in command of me so I took a page from one of my favorite short stories (Bartelby, the Scribner1 by Herman Melville) and replied in a snotty tone, "I would prefer not to!"




He tried intimidation and yelled, "What did you just say to me? Did you just disobey a direct order?"


I grinned at him and sassed, "I said, 'I would prefer not to.' You're not a Marine and I am. Therefore I don't recognize your authority to command me."


All the other 'recruits' watched the hell out of this confrontation. His face turned about fifteen shades of red and he yelled, "Wipe that silly grin of your face. I'll have you know I spent twenty years in the Army and I have more experience in my little finger than you do in your whole body. Now get out of those BDUs right now and change into the camp uniform."


I slouched, yawned and laughed, "Well La-Dee-Fucking-Da! We've got ourselves a real soldier here. What were you those twenty years - the assmost position in a battalion of Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers? You're not a Marine and I refuse to follow your orders."


If I had done that in the Marines, I would have been picking my ass up off the ground and trying to find my missing teeth; and then I would have been really punished. But I read that the spook 'instructors' weren't allowed to physically assault the recruits under most circumstances. Shit he couldn't even swear at me. So I waited to see what would happen.  


He was frustrated as hell and finally yelled, "Recruit Jack Reynolds front and center." Jack trotted over just like a trained puppy dog. He commanded Jack, "You're a Marine and I order you to tell Ben to take off his BDUs and change into the camp uniform."


Jack reluctantly walked over in front of me, looked at me and said, "Come on Banzai, don't be so hard assed. Change into the camp uniform."


I replied, "'I would prefer not to. This is not an official Marine mission therefore I don't recognize your authority to command me." (Yeah, I know I was lying because he still outranked me and I should have followed his orders but what the fuck could he do, send me back to the brig and the Marines?)


I planned my response to Jack, because I knew they would try to use him against me and it had the effect I wanted. Jack got pissed and yelled, "Banzai you little fucking piss ant. You will stand at attention when I talk to you and you will the fuck obey my direct order!"


I still slouched, grinned at him and replied, "'I would prefer not to.' If you want me to follow your fucking bullshit orders then make me!"


This was the first real order of Jack's I'd ever completely disobeyed and he was livid. He turned red and was at a loss words. One of the other recruits snickered and that set Jack off. He yelled, "Alright you mother fucking piss ant! You want to play the game this way so I'm going to kick your ass and show you who's in command."


The ass kicking lasted about five minutes and it was Jack's ass that got kicked; I half-pulled most of my punches and kicks so he wasn't hurt too badly, but he was going to be sore as hell tomorrow.


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


Shit! It wasn't much of a contest at all! Banzai used martial arts moves I had never even dreamed of, let alone seen. I was just thankful as hell he partially pulled most of the hits and kicks otherwise I'd have some broken bones.


His last punch really knocked the wind out of me. Again if it had been full power my ribs would be broken to hell. He pulled me close to him as he helped me up and said, "Sorry about kicking your ass, but you deserved it after the bullshit you pulled in General Donaldson's office. Jack I'm not going to follow these worthless pricks orders. Look at this place, it's a fucking rat hole. And what can they do if they don't like it, send us back to the Marines where we really belong?"


Suddenly almost everything made sense to me. Banzai was right, this wasn't the Marines. Shit, the instructor wasn't even swearing at us, and I bet they couldn't even touch us. With Banzai fired up and on the rampage, and the school not being able to do shit about it, this could prove to be an interesting two weeks after all.


The spook instructor had seriously lost face and shit so had I. He looked at the rest of the recruits and asked, "Who'd like to teach this miscreant a lesson?"


I laughed my ass off - an instructor used the word miscreant. I moved over the side and sat under a tree to watch the fucking circus. With Banzai's attitude, this was going to be fucking great!


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I knew this was coming and had prepared for it. The instructors could only resort to physical contact in extreme circumstances. I had read they used the other recruits to 'whip' anyone into shape that was out of line. The 'instructor' yelled, "Who'd like to teach this miscreant a lesson?"


The biggest recruit stepped forward and said, "Sir! I'd like to help out," and stepped forward.


The instructor looked at me and said, "Ben you have one last chance to change out of your BDUs and into the camp uniform before I allow this recruit to teach you a lesson."


I grinned and announced, "'I would prefer not to.'" Then I laughed and continued, "You don't really think that overly muscle bound advertisement for steroid abuse can defeat me? I tell you what, if anyone can kick my ass today, I'll give them one thousand dollars."


The musclehead yelled, "I'm going to break your scrawny marine body in two and then take the thousand dollars out of your carcass."


I grinned and coolly taunted, "Come on, I'm your Huckleberry."


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


The minute Banzai said, "I'm your Huckleberry." I knew he was fucking serious. I just hoped he wasn't deadly serious today because that would get us both into trouble.


It was a much shorter fight than with me. The body builder took a swing at Banzai that was so fucking slow my grandma could avoid it. Banzai stepped out of the way and nailed the bastard right in gut with a full power punch and the sucker went down so hard his head bounced off the ground.


Banzai started dancing around the instructor pretending to shadow box him and yelled, "I float better than a butterfly and sting harder than a bee and I'd sure as hell never change my name to MoHAMhead fucking Ali."


This was great with the whole fucking school watching. The commandant came up to Ben and ordered, "Recruit, I order you to stop what you're doing."


Banzai started shadow boxing the commandant and repeated, "'I would prefer not to.' You're not a Marine and I am. Therefore I don't recognize your authority to command me." I pulled out my water bottle and took a long drink (yeah Banzai was the only one with a camel back since it was with the rest of his Marine gear). This was going to be one very long and hilarious morning.


The obvious bull dyke of the group yelled, "Sir! I'd like a chance to teach this miscreant a lesson." I thought, now this should be interesting since Banzai has had issues in the past when confronted by women.


The instructor replied, "Permission granted."


She came over took off her top and it was even more obvious she was a she-male. She said to Banzai, "I'm a woman and I'm going to show you what it feels like when a woman kicks your ass."


Banzai stopped dancing took one look at her and laughed, "Shit! You're no woman. I can recognize a muff-diver from a hundred miles away and smell the nasty breath of one from even further!"


Well that pissed the she-male off and she went after him full force. I laughed my ass off because Banzai toyed with her like a cat played with a mouse before it killed it. She threw a flurry of punches which Banzai easily blocked, then he slapped the hell out of her face and said, "Hey, the bitch just got slapped. Does that make it a bitch-slap?"


She tried a roundhouse kick but Banzai dodged her, moved in, wrapped one arm around her, grabbed the hell out her crotch with the other hand and yelled, "I bet that's the first time a real man ever did that to you!" Then he pushed her away and taunted, "Shit, I'm going to have to scrub the hell out of this hand now."


She flew at him in anger and Banzai knocked her on her she-male ass and yelled, "Don't worry about the bruises, I bet muscle boy would be happy to kiss it and make it better for you." She got up and he knocked her on her ass again. She was sure determined, I'd give her that. She'd get up Banzai knocked her on her ass and added an insult to the injury. Finally she was too tired to continue and Banzai started shadow boxing the instructor again.


Muscle boy was awake, came over by me and asked me, "Shit! How long do you think this is going to last?"


I smiled at him and answered, "You might as well relax. We're going to be here for a long time."


Another recruit volunteered and I said to muscle boy, "Now this one should be interesting because this guy knows some martial arts."


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I had profiled everyone the minute I saw them and was waiting for this guy. He was oriental, smaller than me and looked to be fast as hell. I knew he had lots of martial arts training just by the way he moved and carried himself. I was finally going to have a worthy opponent.


He volunteered and slowly walked out to meet me. He clasped his hand over his fist and bowed to me and I returned the salute. He said, "Ben, I do not wish to hurt you so please give up the fight."


The first rule is to avoid the fight if possible. I replied, "It is you who has chosen to fight me. You still have the chance to save your honor and retire from this match."


He said, "Then it is with great sadness I must defeat you. But defeat you I will. You fight a very undisciplined and unorthodox style which is mostly Tai Chi and it will not defeat my superior Aikido."


So far I hadn't used my secret weapon, Brazilian Capoeira, because I'd been saving it for this guy. Instead I'd been using an eclectic mixture of Tai Chi, Semper Fu, Kung Fu, boxing, insulting and whatever else seemed appropriate to me at the time. He let his pride get in the way and told me of his specialty. That was a huge mistake because now I knew how to fight him. And if he was an Aikido master this would be a good fight because I was going to have to take the fight to him and deal with his reactions.


I grinned at him and quoted in Mandarin, "If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles2."


2 Sun Tzu – The Art of War


He looked me in the face with obvious surprise and said something in Mandarin I didn't understand (hey a guy can only speak so many languages).


He dropped back into the typical Aikido defensive position and waited for my attack. I started my Capoeira dance and noticed puzzlement on his face. Good, he'd never seen Capoeira before -most people hadn't. But still I needed to be very careful.


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


Muscle boy said to me, "Shit! What is that thing your partner's doing now?"


I grinned and said, "You're in for a fucking treat now. I was wondering when Banzai was going to bring out the big guns."


Muscle boy remarked, "It looks more like he's dancing than fighting."


The oriental kid made a huge mistake when he bragged and told Banzai he knew Aikido, because now Banzai had a huge advantage. I knew he'd studied the hell out of how to defeat Aikido because it was frustrating as hell to fight someone who used all your attacks as a weapon against you. Banzai had found some of the best Aikido masters to spar with.


Banzai circled around all and gathered intel about his opponents strengths and weaknesses. I could tell he sized the kid up and looked for an opening. Finally as Banzai saw one, he faked one way and did a leg sweep in the other direction and put the kid on his back. But a fall to an Aikido practitioner was nothing since they spent the first few years just learning how to fall.


I just waited for Banzai to start the psychological warfare (because he'd learned how to cuss people out in almost every language) and I about busted a gut when Banzai said, "Cao ni zu zong shi ba dai!"


Muscle boy asked, "What the hell did your partner just say."


I still laughed, "He said, fuck the eighteen generations of your ancestors. It's a huge insult."


The kid was shocked and the insult had its intended effect. He yelled in Mandarin and attacked Banzai. This was his second (and bigger) mistake because Banzai had baited him and now unleashed so many punches and kicks it was staggering. In fact it staggered the kid and he fell to the ground extremely dazed and practically unconscious.


Banzai walked over, bowed to the kid and said, "Sorry about the insult. Please forgive me."


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I got lucky with the kid since he was really good and the fight could have lasted for hours. It was frustrating as hell fighting Aikido masters because if you made one mistake they kicked the shit out of you. He had a couple weaknesses but I figured his youth was the biggest so I insulted him. An older and wiser Aikido master would have ignored it and made me physically pay for it.


Jack yelled at me, "Banzai, here's some water for you!" and tossed me a bottle. I downed it, appreciated the hell out of it, smiled at him and yelled, "Thanks Jack."


I figured I had already beaten the best, but that was a huge fucking mistake. A petite, beautiful young woman with long brunette hair softly said with an accent, "Sir! I would like to try if I may."


I don't know how the fuck I'd missed her on my profiling, but I sure as hell made a huge mistake. She walked out and the hair on the back of my neck stood up as I seemed to hear grandfather telling me, "Little Chief, never judge a book by its cover. She can beat you if you make even one mistake."


I watched her like a hawk, because she moved like a panther stalking her prey. Her beauty and smile were devastatingly distracting, but not as distracting as when she slipped out of her school uniform and was only wearing a jog bra and very skimpy running shorts.


She asked with a cute accent, "L.Cpl. Blaine would you please give me one minute to stretch first?"


I recognized the accent, it wasn't quite Russian but it was certainly close to Russia. I replied,

" Да."



She gave me a big smile and replied, "Я вижу не, все Морские пехотинцы столь же глупы, как нам сказали."


"I see not all Marines are as stupid as we have been told."


I knew she was baiting me and I replied, "И не все красавицы то, чем они симулируют быть."


"And not all beautiful women are what they pretend to be."


She put on quite a show stretching. And from what the skimpy running shorts didn't cover, I'm sure everyone had a hard-on when she was done, especially the she-male.


I was fortuitous I was still pissed at Maria so I let that anger come to the surface and simmer. It worked because I found I actually loathed her.


Somehow she noticed, smiled at me and said, "Л.Кпл. Блаинэ я сожалею Вы только, потерял подругу."


"L.Cpl. Blaine I am sorry you just lost a girlfriend."


It distracted the hell out of me until I felt grandfather again, he said, "Little Chief, do not become distracted. She misses her sister, ask her about it."


I grinned at her and said, "Скажите мне, Вы скучаете по своей сестре?"


"Tell me, do you miss your sister?"


Flashback – Ben's opponent – Day one, week one of spook school


Today turned out much better than I ever dreamed. L.Cpl. Blaine did not like being at the school and had been acting terribly. But it had been wonderful to finally get to see him fight in person. For years I had studied him and he is the reason my superiors had me here. I was supposed to get close to him and study him since he was a person of great interest to us.


His first two matches were very boring. Other than the insults against the lesbian, they made me laugh. But my superiors will enjoy watching the secret video of his match against the Aikido master since he was internationally ranked. It was a shame he could not control his emotions.


He was even more astute than we believed since he determined from my accent that I lived somewhere close to Russia. I had been trained to use my whole body to defeat the enemy and because L.Cpl. Blaine was possibly the best person at Brazilian Capoeira in the world and had been practicing it since he was a child, I decided to try to distract him. It worked on everyone except him and I perceived he was currently angry at women so he must have just lost a girlfriend.


I tried to play a psychological game on him. It almost worked but then he asked me about my sister. It was very unsettling to me. How did he know?


To delay any longer was not profitable, so I turned and faced my very worthy adversary. I held out my hand and asked, "Shall we shake hands first?"


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I was not sure what this female plant was doing at the school, but it's obvious she'd been trained before and equally obvious she was dangerous as hell. She wanted to shake hands but I didn't trust her and I said, "I will shake your hand after I kick your butt." I wasn't going to let her any closer to me than necessary because my greater reach might be my best and only advantage.


So we started dancing around and I waited to see which form of martial arts she used. Then I noticed it and barely avoided getting the shit kicked out of me - son-of-a-bitch she knows Krav Maga.3


3 Krav Maga – Literally, "contact combat" or "close combat" is an eclectic hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel which involves wrestling, grappling and striking techniques. Mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, it is taught to elite special force members around the world.


If the kid was dangerous at all, she was life-threatening and I could easily be handed my ass on a platter. I grinned because this was going to be fun, and decided to see if I could get her upset. I called her, "Zonah!" and started my taunts in Hebrew.




It shocked her and I got in four good strikes, which I did not pull. Because she was a pro, she was too dangerous to attack with less than full intensity, I then dropped back. Blood trickled from her lip. She wiped it off with the back of her hand, spat on the ground and replied, "Lech tizdayyen!"


"Go fuck yourself!"


She attacked hoping I'd be distracted, but I wasn't. She landed a huge punch aimed at my solar plexus, but I dodged just enough so she hit my ribs instead. I'm going to have a hell of a bruise there tomorrow. But she paid for it with a front kick that sent her flying with a landing on her ass.


It was my turn for the insult so I laughed and yelled, "Kus ima shelcha!"


"C*nt of your mother!"


I saw her face flush, her breathing become quick, and I knew I touched a sore point. She jumped up and flew towards me yelling, "Shak li ba-tachat!"


"Kiss my ass!"


I was waiting and in her anger she missed a blow. I did a leg sweep on her. Taking her down, I jumped on top of her, made sure to restrain her legs and pinned her arms. Even with me holding her down, she fought like a wild woman possessed.


I said, "Пожалуйста простите мне за оскорбление Вашей матери. Это было очень грубо из меня."


"Please forgive me for the insult to your mother. It was very rude of me."


Then the most amazing thing happened, she obviously blushed and replied, "Я сожалею о своих действиях Л.Кпл. Блаинэ. Это не было профессионально из меня. Я уступаю это состязание Вам, но хотел бы попробовать еще раз другой день."


"I am sorry for my actions L.Cpl. Blaine. It was not professional of me. I concede this match to you but would like to try again another day."


I smiled at her and replied, "Я принимаю оба Ваших запроса. Вы тайна безопасна со мной, я не буду уведомлять школу, что Вы - иностранный агент. Вы - адский борец, как вас зовут?"


"I accept both your requests. By the way, your secret is safe with me. I will not notify the school that you're a foreign agent. You're a hell of a fighter, what's your name?"


I slowly let her up, then held out my hand and helped her up. She held out her hand, we shook hands and she replied, "Мое имя в Миранде, но мои друзья весь называет меня Мира."


"My name in Miranda, but my friends all call me Mira."


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


The Oriental kid worked his way over by me and sat in the shade. We then watched a fight that will fuel my wet dreams for years to come as Banzai and one of the sexiest women I've ever seen went at it. Finally Banzai did one of the things he's best at - he got her pissed off, she made a mistake and it was all over.


Ben was distracted talking to her and didn't see all the instructors were coming after him at once so I yelled, "Hey Banzai look out."


He spun just in time and the fight was on. I could see by attacking Banzai all at once it only fueled his simmering rage to a blazing inferno. Not only that, she got pissed off and helped. They were back to back and gave the instructors a real shellacking.


The kid said, "Your friend is a very good fighter, but I do not recognize his form. It is not oriental is it?"


I replied, "He learned that when he was a boy from his Brazilian mother."


He explained, "Now I understand. He had me very confused. Now she is also a very good and creative fighter. She uses mostly Krav Maga but has real moments of incredible creativity. I think she has also trained with weapons."


Banzai and the hot chick jabbered in Russian the whole time then they did one of the most incredible things I'd ever seen. They were still back to back as she put her arms straight overhead. Banzai reached, grabbed her arms and she flew up in the air and kicked the holy crap of the instructors in front of her. Banzai threw her over in front of him, and as she came down feet first, she kicked the hell out of everyone else.


The kid said, "I do not believe that. It was a move like out of a Kung Fu movie."


The instructors were pretty whipped, couldn't fight and barely stood. The rest of the recruits that Banzai hadn't already beaten didn't care much for watching the instructors get clobbered. One guy stood up and said, "Are we going to stand for this shit? Let's get them."


It looked like the dugout of a baseball game emptied as they swarmed towards the two of them. The kid commented, "This is dishonorable we should help them."


I laughed as three recruits flew out of the pile and hit the ground, "Are you thinking of helping the group getting their asses kicked or Banzai and his new girlfriend. Because it doesn't look to me like they need any help at all."


In thirty minutes it was all over and the only three left standing were Banzai, his new girlfriend and the commandant (only because he never joined the fight). She looked at Banzai, jumped up on him, locked her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist and gave him one hell of a smoldering kiss.


God damn, Banzai had all the fucking luck. I was sure if he stepped in dog shit he'd end up smelling like roses. He just got dumped by the cute as hell daughter of the Old Man and now he had an even hotter woman, almost super model quality ready to jump his bones. She gave him a tonsillectomy and vertical lap dance as I tried to reposition myself in my pants.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


Mira scared the hell out of me when she jumped on me. At first I thought she wanted to get even for the fight earlier, but from the things her tongue did and the way her hips gyrated she had a different sort of fighting in mind. I struggled at first, but then it became enjoyable, very enjoyable until we heard someone clear their voice. I looked over, noticed it was the commandant and I noticed he wasn't happy.


Mira whined a few complaints as I pulled her off me. The commandant growled, "If you two are finished I want to see both of you in my office right now."


Mira continued to pinch the hell out of my butt. It distracted the hell out of me, but finally I replied, "'I would prefer not to.'"


He barked, "Well what about you young lady."


She grinned and jumped (I pinched her ass, payback's a bitch) and said, "I also would prefer not to."


The commandant ordered, "Well, in that case all the recruits are ordered to take a ten mile run." He looked at me and Mira and questioned, "I suppose you prefer not to do that too?"


I grinned at him and replied, "Now that's something I would prefer to do."


The rest of the recruits, bitched, moaned and complained they were too hurt to run. I winked at Mira and said, "Well, I guess if they can't run we can always have more martial arts training."


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


Banzai was one out of control mother fucker! Today was worse than any day I ever had in basic training. I was just thankful as hell Banzai pulled the punches and kicks on me, otherwise I'd be as beat up as the rest of this motley crew who tried to run ten miles.


But someday fucking Banzai would kill me with all his running. And now he had this damn female and she egged him on and made it even worse. They started at a blistering pace, compounded by fact she was faster than Banzai. Then they ran back and threatened all of us with another ass kicking if we didn't run faster. This wasn't a fucking run; it was a fucking death march.


I finally caught Banzai’s attention and he and she came over by me. My ass dragged but they weren't even breathing hard. Banzai said, "Jack I'd like for you to meet my new friend Mira. Mira this is Jack my spotter and my best friend in the world who has taught me more about being a Marine than anyone else."


She gave me the most perfect smile and said, "Yes L.Cpl. Blaine I know about Sgt. Reynolds and how accomplished he is."


I answered, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mira, please call me Jack."


She got a worried look and said, "Oh no Sgt. Reynolds I could never do that."


Banzai laughed, "Jack, Mira was raised to never call someone by their first name. I've even threatened to kick her ass again and she still won't call me Ben."


Mira flirted with him and answered, "I think you might not be so lucky next time. Perhaps I would kick your rear."


I was tired as hell and asked, "Banzai, I know you two are having a ball, but I'm asking you as a friend to tone it down for the night. I don't know how much more I or the rest of the recruits can stand."


Banzai said, "Shit Jack, sometimes you spoil all the fun." And I watched as they took off on another race. I figured they both finally had enough of us and our whining, because we didn't see them again. The recruits were sure happy about this, because they finally got to slow down and rest. All of us slowly limped back to the school and echoed a chorus of complaints.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


Mira was fast as hell! In fact she was even faster than I was. We had a huge race back to the dormitories (they looked like fucking dilapidated barracks to me) and she beat me but not by much.


As we stopped running, she laughed and said, "Well at least I beat you at one thing today."


I replied, "I'm sure glad I didn't bet you anything on this race. Hey listen it's been fun, but I need to go take a shower and then hit the books."


She jumped me again, and gave me another smoking kiss, then pulled away, looked sad and said, "So you are not coming to the introduction party tonight?"


I shook my head, "Sorry, I can't. Besides, after the damage I did to everyone today, I think it would be better if I just stayed in my room and studied for tomorrow."


She looked around to make sure we were alone, got serious and said, "I also would warn you that the instructors are planning on attacking you tonight as you sleep. They want to capture you and give you back pay for what you did to them today." Then she gave me a sexy grin and winked, "And if you would like I could spend the night and protect you."


I smiled figured out what she said and replied, "Yeah like that's what you would be doing if you spent the night tonight. I'm tired, smelly and need to study for tomorrow by myself."


She frowned, turned, sauntered away in a way which accented her walk and replied over her shoulder with a wave, "Have it your way L.Cpl. Blaine but you will never know what you are missing."


I enjoyed the hell out of the free show and I thought: I sure as hell know what I missed. I didn't get caught in your fucking web and you are one very dangerous woman.


After first wedging the door closed with the doorstop I brought with me, the shower in our room felt great so I spent a hell of a lot of time in it.  I got out, looked in the mirror at the few places I'd been tagged today. Then I looked at the big fucking bruise which formed on my chest where Mira nailed me. I knew I was fucking lucky she missed or she might have won. I threw on some clothes, sat at the desk and started working on studies for tomorrow - and a few other things.


Jack was at the door about forty-five minutes later, banged the hell out of it and said, "God Damn Banzai open this fucking door."


I walked over, took out the door stop and let him in. He yelled, "What the fuck is the big idea of blocking the door?"


I ignored his question and warned, "Jack you need to find some other place to bunk tonight."


He gave me a lecherous looked, winked at me and teased, "Are you going to hit Mira tonight. Because if I had a chance with a woman like that, I'd hit her until I couldn't get it up any more and then take a Viagra and keep going."


With a shocked look on my face, I stated, "Jack get your fucking mind out of the gutter. Hell no! I'm not hitting Mira tonight. The fucking instructors are going to break into our room, try to capture me and try to 'teach me a lesson' for the ass whipping I gave them. I don't want you here because you might get hurt."


He shook his head, "Sometimes I don't the fuck understand you. It's obvious as hell to everyone she would jump your bones anytime you said the word. I think you're turning down one of the best pieces of ass you'll ever get a shot at."


That commented fired me up so I jumped up and got in his face, "Listen Jack, Anna taught me that women are much more than just a piece of ass to be fucked one night and discarded the next day. Because Mira wants me is exactly the reason I'm not going to 'hit her.' Look, we're going to be in the field all the time and it wouldn't be fair to a woman to put her through that - especially one as fine as Mira. Isn't that why you broke up with Anna?"


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


God Damn! When the hell did Banzai get so fucking smart and moral? He's absolutely right! It wasn't fair to Anna and it wouldn't be fair to Mira, but I still didn't know how he could resist that temptation. I sure as hell couldn't.


I asked, "So what about your natural urges?"


He gave me a shit eating grin and said, "Jack the Marines give me everything I need. When I need a wife they will issue me one, when I need a girlfriend they will issue me one. What does the manual say about the times we have neither."


The little fucking piss ant had become all Marine on me! I just looked at him and said, "You'd just better make sure: one I never catch you and two you leave me some hot water."


His grinned even bigger as he teased the hell out of me, "Have fun in the shower and don't think too much about Mira. By the way, her legs are so firm and tight, it's like heaven when she wraps them around you and Michelangelo should make a sculpture of her ass, it's almost perfect."


Dammit he got me all fired up now so I yelled as I headed towards the shower, "He was a fucking queer so he wouldn't appreciate it."


He yelled after me, "He would have swung the other way if he touched her ass like I did."


God Damn! It was hard to make it to the bathroom and shower with the tent that raged in my pants. I took a l-o-o-ong, hot soapy shower - twice. And I felt much more relieved when I stepped out. I walked into the room and Banzai sat at the desk, working on his laptop computer and smarted off, "That was one long shower. Did you get everything clean?"


I bitched back, "Hey fuck you! What I do in the shower is my business. Why the hell aren't you getting ready for the introductory party tonight?"


He never looked away from the laptop and replied, "Because I figure I made my introductions this morning. If everyone doesn't know me by now, they sure as hell will know me tomorrow. Beside I have studying to do for tomorrow evening's classes and a few other things I'm working on."


I just finished getting ready with a nice pair of slacks and polo shirt and there was a soft knock on the door. Banzai whispered, "Ask who it is before you open the door." I complied, "Who's at the door?"


And the girl of my shower fantasies answered, "Sgt. Reynolds, this is Mira. I was wondering if L.Cpl. Blaine would be my escort to the party tonight."


Banzai waved at me not to open the door and I figured payback's a bitch so I opened the door. And in walked an incredible vision of loveliness in a skin tight short black dress that barely hid what it's supposed to. I took a look at her and wondered if I needed to take another shower. I gave Banzai and evil grin and said, "See you two at the party." I chuckled as I left and thought, yes payback's a bitch.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


Dammit, Jack let Mira into the room, just out of spite, so now I'm going to have to kick his ass again. Mira looked… well, I didn't even have words to describe it. It took all my willpower not to rip her dress off and screw her brains out. She took a look at me and gave me the biggest pout face I've ever seen and said, "Then it is true, you are not going to the party tonight?"


I replied, "I wasn't planning to. I really do have work to do."


She twisted coyly, gave me a little grin and replied, "And that work is more important than me? Besides, I know we did not bet on the race today, but I sort of thought you owed me something for beating you."


Shit, I hated beautiful and smart women since they knew just how to push all a guy's buttons - and she pushed the hell out of several of mine! I looked at the ground as she cleared her voice and said, "I guess I'm not attractive enough for you." And a tear trickled down her cheek".


I wasn't sure it was a real tear but I sure as hell didn't want to take the time to find out. Not in my room because she was entirely too dangerous. I replied, "Hell no! You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and you know that. Now I shouldn't let myself be manipulated by you, but my motto is to never let a woman cry. If it means that much to you, I will take you to the party. But I will need about thirty minutes to change."


She grinned and offered, "If I helped it might take less time."


I shot her a worried look and replied, "Hell No! It would take much more time. If you don't mind please wait in the hallway while I change." She gave me another big pout and I reiterated, "Listen the longer you take to move to the hallway the later we will be to the party."


I locked the hell out of the door and even put the doorstop in place while I changed.


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


I had a hell of a time at the party and I didn't care what the fuck Banzai said, I might get lucky tonight. And while Anna and I were mutually exclusive, she's gone. And I'm sure as hell not going to turn down a good piece of tail, or even a bad piece of tail for that matter. I had my back to the door making time with a cute as hell woman, well on my way to getting into her panties, when the whole room suddenly became quiet. I wondered what the fuck happened until I turned and saw Banzai as he walked into the room, in his blue dress uniform with Mira plastered to his arm like she was an extra appendage.


I didn't even know he brought his blue dress and now I wished to hell I had. Nothing made the women hotter and hop into bed quicker than the blue dress uniform. He made a statement to the fucking school and it was loud and proud! I looked over and could tell the instructors and commandant were even more pissed than earlier today. This was more than a salvo fired across the bow, this was a blow below the waterline and they sank fast. But none of them had the balls to stand up to him.


They sedately strolled to an occupied table while the whole room watched and Banzai commanded, "I think you are at our table."


The people at the table scattered, Banzai helped Mira with her chair and they sat down. The girl I hoped to be my horizontal date later remarked, "Wow is he ever handsome. Do you have a uniform like that and if so why didn't you wear it tonight? Mira is such a lucky girl! They look just like a prince and princess."


Damn him! I felt the air go out of my sails and possibly my chances for anything later.


Flashback – Mira – Day one, week one of spook school


While I am used to being the center of attention when I walk into a room, tonight was different. For once I wasn't sure they looked at me or L.Cpl. Blaine. He was stunning in his dress blue uniform and I felt like a princess on the arm of a prince. I knew when the room became quiet, that all the women wished they could be me. It was extremely flattering and I beamed! He was a perfect gentleman (not like what I had been told about Marines), helped me into my chair and asked, "Miranda would you care for a drink?"


I almost giggled because just the act of him wearing his uniform made him more formal and almost stiff. I sensed the overwhelming pride as it radiated from him, pride in being a Marine and as they said, one of the few and one of the proud! But I needed some way to crack this proud shell of his and get to know the man inside. And just possibly on a very outside chance to persuade him to train me (Mmmm I hoped many, many times) over the next two weeks, because my secondary mission was to collect his male components for my country's eugenics program.


I smiled, flirted and replied, "I know you like bourbon neat and I would like the same." I really despised the taste of alcohol but I hoped it would let me get closer to L.Cpl. Blaine.


I watched him walk stiff and proud to the bar where he placed the order. I giggled when they got it wrong and added ice so he made them pour it out and give us new glasses. Several other females came up to him at the bar and I worried I might need to get up and take care of things but L.Cpl. Blaine politely ignored them. Then he slowly and sedately walked back to our table. But my eyes were not the only eyes on him. While the familiar buzz of conversations had begun again, I noticed everyone still watched L.Cpl. Blaine as he walked. And for the first time I worried - was I falling for him? I was not sure because other than my parents I had never experienced love.


 I could not wait to rub this in the olfactory unit of my sister when I talked to her. We had drawn straws to see who would take this 'dreadful' assignment and I lost. We thought wrongly and assumed because he was a Marine he would take one look at us and spend the rest of the two weeks training us while we easily sucked the information and the male component samples we needed out of him.


But things were different, he was different and I had to improvise. I gave him my best smile, raised my glass and proposed a toast, "Here's to your health! You make age curious, Time furious, and all of us envious."


He gave me a peculiar grin and said,


“Will you walk into my parlour? Said the Spider to the Fly, 
'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy; 
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair, 
And I've a many curious things to show when you are there." 
Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "to ask me is in vain, 
For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."


We clinked out glasses on what to me seemed a very strange toast and L.Cpl. Blaine said, "Miranda, cut the crap! I think you figured out I'm not a fool and I'm also not ignorant. I know you came here to get information from me. Some of the information I can probably freely give you but other information you would never get from me, even if you tortured me. Now I know you're good at your job, but it's not going to work on me, so why don't you just ask me some questions and I'll tell you what I can."


I started to pout but L.Cpl. Blaine's face showed obvious anger as he pushed back his chair and said, "Miranda, if you pull that fake pout on me one more time I'm going to leave and I will never tell you anything. My guess is your superiors would not look favorably on that."


I shuddered and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine you are right, they would not only be upset with me, they would beat me for it."


He looked hard into my eyes, I felt like I was under a microscope and he said, "Good at least you told the truth about that. And if they're the fucking kind of animals that would beat you I'd get the hell out of there."


I put on a fake smile for him, remembered the beast's threat last time we ran away and answered, "There is no way I could do that."


He played with his drink got a very faraway look in his eyes and said, "Sometimes the only way out of a lose/lose situation is to remove one side of the equation."


I shuddered and wonder who he'd killed and what sort of situation he was ever in which he had to kill someone to get out of it. I smiled and probed, "That is a very interesting theory but it sounds like something you have practiced."


He focused back on me, smiled and stated, "Yes Miranda, you are very, very good at what you do. So I need to set some boundaries with you…"


I interrupted, "Excuse me L.Cpl. Blaine I do not understand what are boundaries."


He looked at me again, analyzed his thoughts and said, "Miranda boundaries are rules. Do you understand rules?"


I nodded my head and as he continued, he took my hands and for a big moment I had huge hope. Until he said, "Miranda, first thing is I will never go to bed with you." It took me a moment and then I realized he said he would never train me. It was the very first time a man had not been interested in me and I was very hurt. A few tears slipped down my cheeks and I asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine, am I not beautiful enough for you?"


He reached in his pocket, pulled out a hanky and dried my tears. It reminded me of what mama used to do for me. I grabbed his hand and held it against my face - it felt so rough and strong. Then he said, "Miranda you are easily the most beautiful woman in this place and possibly that I have ever met. But I do not find you attractive."

I fought back the tears, got grumpy and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine this I do not understand. Will you please explain it to me?"


He went on to tell me many things about his life which while not my primary mission, my superiors would be very happy to hear. He told me many years ago he looked into eyes of a young girl. I interrupted and asked, "You mean a young lady?" He got the very faraway look in his eyes and said, "No she was just a girl at the time." And how she put some sort of big hole in his soul and he has not been happy with a woman, any woman again. And how he is only attracted to his mythical woman.


I flirted with him, twirled my hair around my finger and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine do you ever dream of having a wife or a girlfriend?"


He answered right away, "The Marines give me everything I need. When I need a wife they will issue me one, when I need a girlfriend they will issue me one." Ah I recognize the typical Marine answer, I gave him a big grin, my best sexy face, put my hand on his and asked, "But you are a young a virile male what about your natural urges, I would be happy to help you with those?"


He grinned back at me, "Miranda I know you have read our manuals and studied our training and you know the answer to that as well as I do. In fact after being with you all day I had to release those natural urges in the shower."


I coyly blushed as I lied, "I too had natural urges after being with you all day and also released them in the shower. It would be mutually beneficial if we could release each other's natural urges."


He shook his head and declared, "Miranda, I already told you that is not going to happen. You're very beautiful, but you're also too available."


I didn't understand his answer at first then I thought he said something bad. I got angry and started to get up, "L.Cpl. Blaine whatever you think I am, I am not a prostitute!"


He grabbed my hands, wouldn't let me leave the table and replied, "Miranda I did not call you a prostitute. I've had many women because Jack's girlfriend used to bring them home to meet me and I was expected to have sex with them and I didn't like it one bit. I'm the type of man that enjoys the thrill of the hunt."


I still felt hurt and said, "So you are saying I am easy?


He grinned, shook his head and replied, "Miranda I have a feeling nothing is ever easy with you and that you are used to always getting your way with men. Now I've already told you the rules and even as beautiful as you are I am not an animal and I will control my natural urges with you. So shall we get on with your questions for me?"


I did not like this one bit because none of my tricks worked with him, I wrinkled my forehead and asked, "Please tell me L.Cpl. Blaine why you acted the way you did today. It seemed, well I hope I do not offend you, a little childish to me."


He laughed, "Miranda, I suppose you're right I did act like a child."


I coyly interrupted, "A fractious child."


He laughed even more and continued, "Okay a fractious child." He waved his arms, called my attention to the room and continued, "Miranda look at this place, it's a fuc… excuse me, it's a dump." I grinned at him because he chose not to use a swear word with me. L.Cpl. Blaine continued, "I know you've had extensive training and so have I, in fact the training I received from the Marine Corp and then Jack was probably some of the best training in the world. Just look at the quality of the recruits and 'instructors' here. It's no wonder we're getting the heck beat out of us by countries like yours. So I think there is very little I can learn from this place. By the way, you never told me where you're from?"


I avoided his question, licked my lips and replied, "You know fractious children behave much better if they are occasionally spanked, do you not? I would be glad to demonstrate on you."


He laughed so loudly it scared me - everyone stopped talking and looked at us. L.Cpl. Blaine noticed and yelled, "Why don't you fucking bozo's take a picture, it will last longer." Everyone quickly turned away except for the instructors - they glared at him with hatred.


I touched his hand and cautioned, "You must be very careful because you have made many enemies here. You made the commandant and instructors lose face very badly today and they want to punish you for it."


He smiled at me, "Jack would say that was one of the things I do the best, make enemies."


Good he brought up Sgt. Reynolds since I wanted to know more about what went on between them. I asked, "You credit Sgt. Reynolds as much as the Marines with your training. I do not understand what one man could do which was equal to the Marine training."


He shook his head and said, "Miranda you a very, very good and it would be so easy to… Anyway, Jack is an old school Marine and does things a bit differently. In the two weeks he first trained me and the time I've been with him since, I've learned more about being a Marine than in all of basic training. Now are you going to answer my question?"


This was very valuable information about Sgt. Reynolds which my superiors would love to have. I bet they might even assign an agent to him.


I avoided his question and decided to try a different ploy, "L.Cpl. Blaine, I studied the video of your last mission in Morocco and it was very impressive."


Ah ha, finally I surprised him and he sputtered, "I don't know what mission you're talking about."


I knew I had him, so I grinned and asked, "Come, Come L.Cpl. Blaine now who is lying? I have heard said that a picture is worth one-thousand lies. The mission which included nineteen shots and nineteen kills at eight-hundred ten meters, saving the Air Force STO soldier, recovering his two dead team members, and recovering the pilot. What was the meaning of kneeling by each of the dead and touching them?"


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


Son-of-a-bitch! I should have known better. When the fly teased the spider long enough, he got caught in her web. I seriously needed time to regroup. I smiled at Miranda to hide my concern and said, "I am going to go and get us some food." I stood up, headed to the chow line and everyone moved out of the way letting me go right to the front.


I was distracted as hell because of the fucking bombshell she'd dropped on me and wasn't really paying much attention. I got back to the table, sat down and got ready to take a bite of food. Miranda placed her hand on mine and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine do not ingest even one morsel of that food, I think it may have been adulterated."


I blinked at her and for once tonight she wasn't flirting or teasing me. She was deadly serious as she said, "I must apologize to you because what I said distracted you very much and you did not notice they served our food out of a different place than for everyone else. But I watched and noticed." She slid a folded up plastic bag across the table to me and continued, "Pretend to eat but use your napkin to put the food into this bag. I will put it in my purse when we leave."


I started to get pissed off and said, "I should go and kick all their asses right now," and moved to stand up.


Miranda squeezed the hell out of my hand and explained, "Do not be a fractious child right now. Let them think they have accomplished their mission. Because later tonight when they come to our rooms they will not be so wary. Remember revenge is a dish best served over ice. We will pretend to eat their poison, then we will have one dance, pretend to become unstable on our feet and we will return to our rooms. They normally throw flash grenades into the room, storm in, beat the person in their bed and take them away. You need to hide in the bathroom and wait for them."


It was a hell of a plan! I grinned at her and said, "Thanks Miranda, I guess I owe you."


She touched my hand and stated, "L.Cpl. Blaine while we both work for different governments you will find we fight the same common enemy. By the way do you know where you are going after you leave this school?"


I shook my head and answered, "I have no idea."


She grinned and teased, "I know where you are going. Would you like to know?"


I gave her a jaundiced look and asked, "What's it going to cost me?"


She giggled with promise, "I should force you to train me, but I know you would not do that. I would like it if we could be friends."


I wasn't quite sure what the hell she meant by train her, but being friends sounded like a good idea to me. I replied, "It's a deal. So where am I going and how do you know this?"


She smiled, "Sorry, I can only answer the one question. L.Cpl. Blaine what makes you different from most other snipers in the Marines?"


I thought and answered, "I have no idea."


She was back to her incredibly flirty persona and said, "Tell me about Lt. Col. Alexander Kharitonoff." as she toyed with the cross around her neck.


Once again she totally shocked me because I hadn't thought about him in awhile. He was a good friend of Grandfather's since they served in WWII together. After Grandfather died I would spend many weeks, in fact some of the best weeks of my childhood, at his house in Colorado Springs. Later I figured out dad just wanted me out of his hair, but Lt. Col. Alexander was my role model for being a perfect man. His father was White Russian and their whole family escaped Russia right after the Russian Civil War, first moved to Cuba and then immigrated to the US. He retired from the Army, spoke six languages - but Russia and Russian was always his first love. When I was at his house they would only speak to me in Russian so that's how I learned Russian - by total immersion in the language at their house. Not only did I learn Russian, I learned a love and respect for the country prior to the communist takeover. He and his lovely wife died and I shed more tears at their funerals than I ever did for my dad. I still visited their graves at the military cemetery just outside Denver every time I made it back to Colorado.


I tear crept down my cheek. Mira wiped it away and I said, "Мира, он преподавал мне русский язык."


"Mira, he taught me the Russian language."


Her eyes glittered, "Нет он не преподавал Вам намного больше чем это. Я знаю, но я желаю услышать это от Вашего рта."


"No he taught you much more than that. I know but I wish to hear it from your mouth."


I looked down, and answered, "Он преподавал мне о российских людях и российском образе жизни. Как у них есть те же самые пожелания, и желает, чтобы американцы сделали."


"He taught me about Russian people and the Russian way of life. How they have the same wishes and desires that Americans do."


She summarized, "Таким образом это делает, Вы уникально приобретали квалификацию …"


"So this makes you uniquely qualified for…"


I smiled, because since the fall of communism I had always wanted to travel to Russia. I answered, "Я иду в Россию?"


"I'm going to Russia?"


She gave me a dazzling smile and answered, "Вы найдете, что лето в Москве замечательно, все прекрасные женщины будут идти на улице Арбатская по вечерам в их самых прекрасных и самых сексуальных платьях. Я думаю, что Вы найдете много причин, чтобы занять у горячих душей много времени


"You will find summer in Moscow to be wonderful. All the lovely women will be walking on Arbat street in the evening wearing their finest and sexiest dresses. I think you will find many reasons to take long hot showers."


I blushed and realized she'd probably told me something she shouldn't, but it was worth more than gold to me for the plans I had been making. I smiled, held her hand, and said, "Thank you friend."


She giggled and replied, "See not everything with me is painful. I can give much pleasure too."


I understood the double entendre and wisely chose to ignore it, "Shall we pretend to eat our poison. The night is getting late."


We faked eating and slipped all the food into plastic bags in our laps. They were playing slow songs and it was time for our dance. I walked over and helped Mira with her chair. She took the bag I was hiding, put it in her purse and we began to dance. Yes Mira was very, very good and she certainly knew how to dance in just the way to get a man aroused. The right combination of touches with hands, the slight brushing of her legs against mine, the 'accidental' bumping of our groins and she had me seriously thinking of changing my mind.


And I might have, if she had not broken the spell when she stumbled a little. I realized it was my cue to do the same. By the end of the dance people were sure we were drunk or something. So Mira and I stumbled, arm in arm, back to my room. I first checked the tape I put across the door and it was secure. I opened the door and we went in, Mira started to jump on me again. I stopped her and I said, "Mira, not tonight. I have a headache."


I don't think she understood the humor because she asked, "Did you accidentally ingest some of their food? I have ipecac syrup in my purse if you need it."


I explained, "Mira, we both have a busy night ahead of us and I really can't cope with anymore distractions from you."


She gave me a real pout this time and said, "Unfortunately you are correct again. Good hunting tonight, I will see you in the morning."


I shook her hand and watched a vision of loveliness walk out of my room. I locked and blocked the door and took another long hot and then cold shower…


Flashback – Mira – Day one, week one of spook school


I was very upset! If it was not for this stupid school, L.Cpl. Blaine would be training me right now. I was going to make them pay for it. I had more information than I let him know: First the instructors were coming for me and then they were coming for L.Cpl. Blaine. I needed some way to make them believe I was in L.Cpl. Blaine's room. I did not have a pashmina4 because it was very warm this evening so I improvised. I looked up and down the hallway to make sure no one was coming and I slipped out of my pantyhose and undergarments. I took them and tied them to the door knob. This was a universal sign that someone in the room was enjoying training.


4  A cashmere shawl


Then I returned quickly as possible to my room, made sure I was not detected, changed out of my dress and into my dark black Ninja outfit. Just in case they seriously tried to hurt my new friend, I loaded a belt with throwing stars and grabbed my practice katana. I flipped off the lights in my room, looked in the mirror and I was virtually invisible. I headed out of my room and down a short hallway to observe…


Flashback – Jack – Day one, week one of spook school


Well this devil dog was on the hunt tonight and was certainly going to get lucky! I'd been working on this SYT5 all night long and she'd really warmed up to me, especially after Banzai and Mira stumbled out of the mess hall. It sure seemed strange he'd gotten so drunk. I wondered if Mira had been doing the same thing to him I'd been doing to – uh what's her name.


5 Sweet Young Thing


She was mad as hell at Banzai and a little at me until I lied to her and told we were secretly here to do a full evaluation of the school and it was Banzai's job to raise as much hell as he could. I even spread it thicker when I told her I was sure I could get her an elite position with me. She didn't know the elite position was me on the bottom and her riding me like a barrel racer. Gotta love semi-drunk women because they will believe any sort of bullshit you feed them.


I knew I was going to hit a home run when I found out she liked Southern Comfort. Its other name was Liquid Panty Remover and she'd had just enough that her panties were about to fall off of their own accord. I said, "Excuse me a minute while I go and drain my lizard." She giggled at the comment and I rushed to the can and took care of business. I came back out, looked for her at the bar and she was fucking gone! I asked the bartender, "Hey where's that girl I was with?" He replied, "Oh she left right after you went to the can with that ugly as sin woman."


I thought: That fucking she-male snaked my woman. Then I decided, the hell with her anyway, if she was a switch hitter I didn't want her. Nothing left to do now but head back to my room. I ambled down the hallway, got to my room, looked at the doorknob and son-of-a-bitch there were woman nylons and a skimpy assed thong on it. Shit he couldn't even wait to get her in the room until he got her panties off.


I grinned and decided Banzai had come to his senses and decided to hit on Mira. I listened at the doorway but didn't hear anything. Perhaps she's not a screamer, but shit I'd be screaming like a banshee if I was hitting that. I snagged the thongs as my payment for not disturbing them. Shit, this was as close as I'd ever get to a woman like her. I took my booty and headed down to the rec room to find a couch to crash on for the night.


Flashback – Mira – Day one, week one of spook school


I heard people coming down the hallway, but it could not be the instructors because they were making too much noise. I peeked around the corner and it was my nasty lesbian roommate and the nice girl Sgt. Reynolds had been talking to at the bar all night.


I despised my roommate! I am sure they put her in my room as a torture for me. She was rude, crude and was always talking to me about how much better she was than any man. She would brag how she could give me excitement like no man ever could. She even had her sexual toys lined up on her dresser like they were trophies. Included was one fake tool of a gigantic size with straps on it. I had no idea what many of the things were for, but they looked like medieval torture devices. While she was gone I took a picture of all of them and sent then to Ira so she could analyze them and determine how they were to be used. They just looked scary to me. She'd take them off the dresser, caress them and smile at me. I hated her.


I heard her lie to the nice girl, "Don't worry, everyone has homosexual tendencies. We'll just experiment a little to see if you like it. Because I'm sure I will give you an orgasm like you've never had before."


The nice girl asked, ""I'm a little afraid. Will you stop if I tell you to?"


She lied again when she said, "Sweetie you're much safer with me than with any man."


I knew I should have stopped them because of what was going to happen in my room, but I figured they both deserved each other. Besides they might actually remove my roommate before she became mysteriously ill.


In five minutes there were tremendous noises coming from my room. Some were the muffled screams of the nice girl and it sure didn't sound like she was getting much pleasure. And the noises were the lesbian saying, "Shut up my little bitch and enjoy this or I will really hurt you." It went on for minutes and I was just getting ready to do something about it when I saw the instructors slipping down the hallway.


One of them said to the other, "Shit Jim, it sounds like the bull dyke is breaking in little miss hottie."


He replied, "Good, if we catch them both in the act then they are both out of here." I watched as they unlocked the door, threw in a bunch of flash grenades then stormed into the room.


A minute later the nice girl cried and yelled, "She got me drunk and raped me."


Jim asked, "Okay lezbo, where's your hot roommate."


She yelled back, "I'm not her fucking keeper but I wished I was. She never came back to the room tonight."


One of them said, "She must be in Ben's room. Let's take these two to the commandant's office and meet back here in ten minutes to get them."


The nice girl was crying when they took them out of the room and the lesbian was defiant. When I was sure they were gone, I slipped back into my room and realized the lesbian had defiled my bunk bed! It had nasty stains on it and there was no way I could sleep in this room tonight.


I went down to L.Cpl. Blaine's room and waited for the instructors. I didn't think he would need help, but you never know.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


It seemed like it took forever for the damn instructors to spring their trap. But I had learned to be  patient and could wait days for them to come. I just hoped Mira was okay because it didn't make sense they weren't going after her too.


I heard a noise at the door once and thought it was them, but then the noise left and I semi-relaxed again. The longer I waited the more pissed I got and the more thankful I became to Mira for telling me about this attack. Fucking bastards, I'm not going to pull anything this time and if they got seriously injured it would be their fucking fault for trying another sneak attack on a Marine.


I had my hearing enhancers in for an extra advantage (not that I thought I would need it) but they would also protect my ears from the bang of the flash bangs. I heard at the door, "Fuck Jim, look there's pantyhose on the doorknob so he must have little miss hottie in here with him. Let's give them a rude wakeup call."


A voice replied, "Let's just make sure we beat the shit out of them right away. If we give them any chance to fight us we're toast."


They sure weren't very sneaky bastards, because I heard a key jingle in the lock and one said, "Shit he was so drugged he forgot to even lock the door. This is going to be fun."


The door opened, I heard three flashbangs and then a crapload of yelling and banging on the pillows I left in the bed. Someone finally said, "Shit they're not here."


I opened the bathroom door, stepped out and said, "Well, pilgrims - looks like you all fucked up."


And I started seriously beating the shit out of them! They yelled and screamed like a bunch of little girls, until one of them said, "Step back and give me a line of sight." I saw the crimson trace grip light up on his pistol and dodged like hell, then I heard him scream, "Ahhh something just tore the hell out of my hand." And a familiar voice made a noise that sounded like a loud, "Tsk-tsk."


Next thing I knew there was a dark angel in my room and she was swinging a sword with all her might. If I thought the instructors were crying before but you should have heard them now. They took off out of my room, with both of us in hot pursuit. I took the right hallway and she took the left because they weren't going to get away running, not after one of them pulled a gun on me. By the time I was done and walked back to the room I was very satisfied. And there was my Dark Angel Mira, sitting on my bed in a Ninja suit with a severely shredded bamboo practice katana in her hands.


I walked up to her, pulled her up and gave her a huge fucking kiss. At first she was still amped up from the fight and struggled but then she relaxed and responded with more than equal passion. I pulled away and said, "Mira thank you for saving my life."


She pulled me down to the bed, looked into my eyes and asked, "Now L.Cpl. Blaine, will you train me?"


I replied, "Mira I'm not sure what sort of training you mean."


Her eyes twinkled and she made motion with her hands and I finally understood, training meant sex. I shook my head and said, "Sorry Mira but not tonight I have a headache."


She said, "L.Cpl. Blaine I have many remedies in my room to cure headaches."


I chuckled and replied, "Mira this is a common way for women, specifically wives, in America to tell their husbands they do not want to be trained tonight."


She gave me an absolute wicked look and replied, "But if the male applied an analgesic to his tool…"


I interrupted, "Is his tool the male organ used for sex?"


She nodded her head and continued, "He could then ask his recalcitrant wife if she'd prefer to be trained orally or rectally. Perhaps you would rather do that?"


I took me a second to decode what she said and then I blushed and said, "Mira, I didn't know you were so nasty."


She pouted for real and told me she was very serious. She then described what happened in her room with the muff-diver and Jack's errant girlfriend. Her eyes twinkled again as she said, "And L.Cpl. Blaine I have no place to sleep tonight would it be possible to sleep here? She patted the bed beside us.


I gulped and said, "Mira you are more than welcome to sleep here. I'm going to sleep in the bathroom, in the bathtub with the door locked and blocked."


She argued, "But what if I need to use the toilet during the night?"


I jumped up handed her a coffee cup and said, "I guess you'll have to use this." She complained, "L.Cpl. Blaine that is nasty."


I replied, "Not half as nasty as you."


Her stomach growled and I realized neither of us had eaten dinner.


Flashback – Mira – Day one, week one of spook school


L.Cpl. Blaine's room was unlike any other room at the school. While I sat on the bed and waited for him to return, I scrutinized his room and took many pictures with my little camera to send to Ira. My superiors would be very interested in this. But I knew better than to disturb anything because my training told me he would instantly know and be very upset.


I was shocked to see a laptop computer on his desk since they were prohibited at the school. But then I giggled and decided he did not listen to anything else the school told him so of course he would have his laptop. I wondered if he had internet and how he got it if he did.


Then there were three big boxes on his side of the room neatly stacked. My curiosity urged me to open them to see what was inside, but again my training told me I must avoid this.


There were also four boxes made of cardboard stacked against the walls labeled Meals Ready to Eat. I was quite famished because I didn't have much for lunch and didn't eat the poison for dinner so I thought about taking one. But because L.Cpl. Blaine seemed to like me I did not want to risk getting him upset.


I did open the closet and noticed how one side was perfect. I think the hangers were even placed metrically spaced; the other side, which I surmised to be for Sgt. Reynolds was not quite so perfect. Also the side of the room belonging to Sgt. Reynolds was slightly less tidy. I took many pictures to send to Ira and my superiors. They would have many discussions about the differences between the two men. Especially since L.Cpl. Blaine claimed that Sgt. Reynolds was a major influence on his training - this was incongruous.


I went into the bathroom and it was the same: one side slightly more organized than the other. I shocked myself when I looked in the mirror because I forgot to take off my hood. So I pulled off my hood, shook out my hair, brushed it until it glistened, then I fixed my makeup. Once my appearance was acceptable, I went out and sat on the lower bunk to wait for L.Cpl. Blaine.


I did not wait long because he came into the room, took a look at me, pulled me off the bed and surprised me by giving me a big kiss. I fought a little at first because he told me he liked the hunt then I gave all my passion to him. He stopped the kiss much before I was ready for it to end and said, "Mira thank you for saving my life."


I thought now that he owes me perhaps he will train me so I pulled him down onto the bunk beside me and asked him to train me. He did not understand so I used my hands, I made a circle with my finger and thumb on one hand and pushed the finger on my other hand through it.


He blushed and said, "Sorry not tonight Mira, I have a headache."


I thought he might have accidentally ingested some of the adulterated food and offered to give him medicine. He told me it is a bad joke silly American wives play on their husbands.


That reminded me of a bad joke a man told the beast so I used the joke to give L.Cpl. Blaine two choices one which I would gladly do for him and one which no man will ever do to me. You see later the same evening the beast had given us to the bad man. But many years earlier my sister and I had decided that one of us would always be sober so we could protect each other. Tonight was my turn to be sober, but we were very good in pretending to be inebriated and asleep. He had no interest in me until I woke up more so he punished my sister first. When he turned her over I became worried and then he tried the evil thing. My sister started to scream and I sat up on the bed and hit him in his male place as hard as I could. He screamed like a little girl, became unconscious and fell on the floor. The beast came into our room very upset and hit us many times and told us we were to allow anyone to do anything to us. My sister was awake by now and we both stood up to him and told him what the man wanted to do was a terrible evil sin, much worse than even the sins he did to us and we would die before we let anyone, even the beast, do this to us. We were surprised that he for once never forced that evil sin on us again. I held my sister and comforted her for the rest of the night…


And I did not worry because I knew L.Cpl. Blaine will not take the second choice so I would not have to try to kill him. He blushed and called me nasty, I am not the Marine!


So I told him about what the lesbian did to my room and how I had no place to sleep unless he let me sleep in his bed. Then I patted the bed beside me. The whole time I had got closer to him and planned on starting to kiss him again soon.


He got the most frightened look on his face I had ever seen and told me I could sleep in his room but he was sleeping in the bathtub with the door locked. This was not good so I argued with him because I might have to void sometime tonight.


He jumped off the bed before I could kiss him, handed me a coffee cup and told me, "I guess you'll have to use this." I complained, "L.Cpl. Blaine that is nasty."


H replied, "Not half as nasty as you."


He started to head to the bathroom and I didn't want to lose so I thought about wonderful and tasty мороженое5 and how my sister and I loved it so much that when we first got to Israel we ate so much we were sick for days. It worked and my tummy growled like and angry кошка6 .


5 Ice Cream

6 Cat


He asked, "Mira did you eat any food tonight?"


I looked very sad and confessed, "No L.Cpl. Blaine and I did not have a very nutritious lunch either."


I watched with wonder as he headed to one of the cardboard boxes, opened it and pulled out two strange looking brown bags. Then he took two little cardboard boxes out of another box. I asked, " L.Cpl. Blaine what are you doing?"


He smiled at me and replied, "Mira I promised you I'd escort you to dinner tonight and you never got your dinner, so I'm making your dinner right now. Would you like to watch?"


I jumped off the bed as L.Cpl. Blaine took one look at it, walked over and straightened it up, then folded it down for me and went back to preparing our meal.


He opened the big bags, pulled out some metal bags from the inside, then he opened the cardboard boxes pulled out a bigger bag and put one of the metal bags in each one. He ran into the bathroom - at first I worried he was going to hide from me so I followed him. I watched as he poured just a little water in each one then he handed one to me and it started getting really hot.


He said, "Here, hold it like this and the hotter part was on the bottom." Then we went back to the bedroom, he showed me how to put the bag back into the cardboard box and we set the ends up on the coffee cup he was so nasty with earlier. He said, "In ten minutes we can have dinner."


I looked around and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine what are in all the other boxes in your room and how did they get here?"


He grinned at me and explained, "Mira, you know Jack and I are no longer going to be on Marine bases. So this is everything I will ever need, wherever I am: this is my mobile Marine base. The big boxes that are stacked up are called footlockers, would you like to see inside one."


I was very curious and said, "Only if you do not mind."


He said, "Mira, here's the rule. If the footlocker is unlocked you can look in it. If it's locked you don't even touch it." He walked over, unlocked the top footlocker and opened it up. I was right beside him pressing my top assets against his arm but forgot about that when I saw it was the most organized arrangement of clothes I had ever seen. I looked at him, "Can I touch what's inside?"


He said, "Sure if you mess it up I will just put it right back."


I saw how everything fit it its place perfectly. It was like one of those puzzles with many pieces that only fit together one way so I asked, “Did Jack teach you how to do this?"


He laughed and replied, "No, this is one of the things the Marines taught me and is one of many things I do better than Jack."


I was going to ask more until I smelled something wonderful. I turned around and L.Cpl. Blaine handed me the metal bag, it was open and said, "Dinner is served. The rest of the meal is in the bigger bag over there, I think there are some things you'll like. Feel free to look around at anything on my side of the room except for the laptop computer. If you mess something up, I will put it back in its place in the morning so don't worry. Make sure to lock the footlocker when you're finished. I'm tired and headed into the bathroom, thanks again for saving my life, I owe you."


I was still shocked and didn't say anything until the bathroom door had closed. I yelled, "Are you sure you don't want to sleep out here? You could even take Sgt. Reynolds bunk because I like it when the men are on top.


He yelled back, No thanks! I'm much safer in here."


I took a bite of my dinner and it was heavenly., I wondered if he knew I liked Thai Chicken dinners. I walked to the door and said, "Thank you for the excellent dinner. I love it."


He said, "No problem. Glad you like it."


I decided I had permission so I would explore L.Cpl. Blaine's mini Marine base.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I purposely gave Mira the Thai Chicken dinner since it's the best damn MRE there is: You can get two or three for one on the MRE trades for it. It's also the highest poker chip ($100.00) when you played MRE poker. Yeah, when you're at a base in between action it's boring as hell and you find creative ways to entertain yourself. One thing I never did care for were the fucking scorpion fights, I screwed around once as a kid with a little tiny one I found at Lt. Col. Alexander's house in Colorado Springs. His wife Sara interrupted me and I looked away. The little bastard scorpion latched onto my finger with its damn pinchers and stung the hell out of me four fucking times before I shook it off. It felt like my whole hand was on fire! It swelled up almost to the point of needing a doctor (and I hated doctors because they always asked about my bruises and I had to lie) and took weeks to get better again. I remembered the Lt. Col telling me, "Ben, if you play with fire, eventually you're going to get burned."


She had me distracted as hell and I didn't notice I pulled out the absolute worst MRE for myself – Country Captain Chicken! If I ever meet the son of a bitch that made this MRE I was going to take that greasy, slimy, nasty chicken patty and shove it sideways up his ass. There was not enough Tabasco sauce in the whole world and even in hell that could make this edible. But still when you're hungry as I was it was better than nothing. I choked down the foul frankenchicken and finished it off with the rest of the MRE hoping to force the taste out of my mouth.


I laughed shook my head and thought: Dammit Ben you sure as hell didn't learn from the fucking scorpion because you're playing with fire again. And there's no hotter fire in the world than the fire from a hot woman.


Flashback – Mira – Day one, week one of spook school


I am very upset that L.Cpl. Blaine had tricked me and is now hiding in the bathroom like a coward. I was almost certain he could not resist me when we were on the bed together but he escaped, distracted me with food and bolted out of my trap. I wiggled the knob on the bathroom door and knew I could use a screwdriver to open it, but I also knew it would be the worst thing to do. Perhaps tonight while he's sleeping the lock might accidentally break and then…


L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "The door's locked and it's staying that way. Why don't you entertain yourself?"


I took another bite of the food (it was really very good) and queried, "Would you enjoy listening to that?" I smiled because I was sure of what my question would do to L.Cpl. Blaine. Then I started making noises like I was being trained. L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "Mira, did you let a cat in my room and is it sick?" I stopped and asked, "If I said yes would you open the door and come out and help me make it well?" He laughed and answered, "No, I'd tell you to shoot it to put it out of its misery."


I couldn't resist so I walked over to the laptop, opened the lid and turned on the power. It came up and wanted a password so just for fun I tried 'password' and hit the enter key. It started beeping like crazy and I quickly shut it off. L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "I told you not to fuck with the laptop!"


I replied, "Sorry, I am not as strong as you and I could not resist the temptation to at least have a look at it. Please forgive me."


I noticed a very funny looking musical instrument in the corner which I had somehow overlooked. It looked like a very funny shaped balalaika with six strings. I brushed the strings and it made a wonderful sound. L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "That's a Martin Backpacker guitar and I take one with me whenever I can. You're welcome to pick it up and play with it." How curious! We knew L.Cpl. Blaine was an excellent musician but he carried a guitar with him whenever he could. I had a new idea, "I cannot play any musical instruments, but I can dance very well. If you would come out and play me a song I will dance just for you." I grinned and thought I would do a strip tease for him like I had been taught.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I knew exactly what Mira was doing because all women are curious as hell. Every time I came home after I escaped from one of Anna's setups, I had to fix my room because they had poked their curious noses into everything. If 'curiosity killed the cat' and 'the cat had nine lives', then women must be fucking immortal because their curiosity was so much greater it was on a separate and logarithmic scale.


Some of them trashed the whole room because they were pissed and others were so brazen as to actually steal a t-shirt or even underwear. I heard of guys who'd keep the panties of every woman they'd nailed sort of like a trophy and wondered if sometimes my underwear was a trophy on some woman's wall.


Mira almost talked me into coming out when she asked me to play her a song, but the song that immediately popped into my mind was, 'If you play with fire child, you're gonna get burnt.'


I yelled to Mira, "Sorry dear, not tonight I have a headache," and silently chuckled because I figured I would be saying this to her often for the next two weeks.


Flashback – Mira – Day one, week one of spook school


I think that L.Cpl. Blaine enjoyed that saying of his, 'Not tonight dear, I have a headache.' So I asked, "It seems to me you must have heard that line many times." He didn't even bother to answer me and I wondered if he'd fallen asleep.


So I tried the last thing I knew of to get him to open the door and loudly complained, "L.Cpl. Blaine, I really need to use the bathroom."


He laughed, "Okay Mira, the cup is right out there."


I argued, "Please L.Cpl. Blaine, that is too nasty and I might make a mess on the carpet."


He laughed even louder, "Mira, I know you've had to go to the bathroom in the field so using the cup should be no problems. And if you do make a mess, I know you will clean it up."


I took my water bottle and the cup and yelled, "I am going to make you pay for this tomorrow." Then I loudly poured water into the cup from the water bottle. I smiled as this might get him to open the door because some men…


He yelled, "Goodnight Mira! Oh-four-hundred comes early tomorrow. If you made a mess clean it up please so I don't step in it tomorrow. Don't forget to lock everything back up and also don't forget to lock the door."


I knew I'd lost and decided this was just the first night of fourteen. I was sure he couldn't resist me forever because although he didn't know it yet, I was moving into this room with L.Cpl. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds. I yelled, "Goodnight you nasty and rude Marine." Then I silently slipped out of the room and headed to my old room to retrieve my two bags of gear. I would get very beaten if someone stole some of that gear.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


Shit! I think Mira might have really needed to use the bathroom and did use the cup so I felt just a little bad. She didn't know I was using my hunting ears and even though she was almost silent, I still heard the main door open and close. I thought she'd left the room, probably to go back to her room and get her stuff. I'm sure some of it can't be left unguarded for very long. I listened for a couple minutes, pulled the door block back just far enough if she was there she couldn't force her way into the bathroom and slowly opened the door. I peered into the room and she was gone.


I quickly slipped out, looked at the cup and saw it had fucking water in it - the sneaky little bitch did try to play me. I emptied the cup in the bathroom sink, wiped it out and set it back on the desk upside down. Then I opened my footlocker and noticed she was very good - it was just a little messed up. I found the chocolate bar I had in the footlocker, opened it, put a piece on her pillow, dashed off a quick note and put it beside the piece of chocolate. I also placed a new toothbrush and toothpaste beside the cup because I knew what she'd ask for next. Then I beat feet back into the bathroom, locked the door and taped down the fucking button. I wasn't sure she wouldn't try to pop it with a screw driver during the night so I wedged the hell out of the door.


Flashback – Mira – Day one, week one of spook school


It took longer to gather my bags because someone had dumped them all over the defiled bed and gone through my things. I was very angry and if I determined who did it I was going to beat them for it. I worried about punishment if some of the items were taken and was relieved when everything was there.


I got back to my new room and noticed things had changed. Shoot, L.Cpl. Blaine had come out of the bathroom and even worse I noticed I had forgotten and left the water in the cup. He had cleaned it and set it back upside down on the desk just to let me know he knew.


I put my bags on the floor and noticed a nice looking piece of dark chocolate on my pillow and a note beside it. I opened the note and read,


Welcome to hotel Banzai, we hope your stay here is enjoyable. Bathroom facilities are on the desk and have been cleaned of the 'water' that was in it and sanitized for your protection. Should you need to brush your teeth after the chocolate, there's also a new toothbrush and toothpaste on the desk.


Mira, you are very good at your job and the answer now is the same as the answer will always be, 'not tonight dear, I have a headache.' Now get to sleep because we are going to have a very busy day tomorrow."


I walked over and jiggled the doorknob and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine?"


He replied, "Good night Mira."


I jiggled it again and lied, "I just wanted to warn you that I sleep without the benefit of any clothing. So do not be alarmed if you happen to come out in the middle of the night and find me undressed."


He actually replied with a very grumpy tone, "Thank you for the warning Mira. Now, Good Night!"


I resigned myself that tonight I was going to fail on half my mission, but I smiled and remembered I still had thirteen more days.


I set the chocolate on the desk, even though it smelled divine because I had already brushed and flossed my teeth in my old room. I slipped into a sexy nighty, just in case he did come out of his bathroom sanctuary. I also sprayed the room with my very expensive and sexy perfume, even putting some under the bathroom door. I turned off the light and slipped alone into his bed.


Flashback – Ben – Day one, week one of spook school


I could finally tell Mira was in the bed but the thought of her sleeping in the bed in the nude was giving me hellacious problems. Then I smelt that damn sexy perfume of hers! She was like a damn feral cat marking its territory and I almost had an accident right there.


She yelled, "Just what does a woman have to do to get into your panties?"


I drifted off to sleep and thought: Well you've certainly come closer than anyone in a very long time and wondered if I was making a mistake. Then I heard Anna's voice when she told me about how I made all those other women feel and realized, while it was one of the hardest things I'd ever done, it certainly wasn't a mistake.