Chapter 06

Wanderer Chapter 06


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


I slept like hell last night and hell no it wasn't because of the bathtub. I've slept in worse places in the past and will sleep in still worse places in the future. Every time I fell asleep I'd dream of Mira out in my bed and it bothered the hell out of me. She was the most disturbing and dangerous woman I'd ever met!


I gave up at 0330 and took a hot shower followed by a cold shower - then I discovered my mistake. I was so distracted and in such a hurry to get into the bathroom last night, I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me. I moved the door block back, opened the door a small crack and peered out. Mira looked to be asleep on the bed.


I carefully opened the door all the way, slipped out and my eyes about popped right out of my head when I saw her! She was laying face down, backasswards on a totally destroyed bed. And while she wasn't nude like she threatened, the nightie she had on made it even worse because it covered just enough that it fired up my imagination. Thank God I had my secret weapons otherwise I'd jump her bones as she slept: I was still pissed as hell at Maria for breaking my heart and Anna's rebukes echoed in my ears. So I averted my eyes from the glaring danger (after I took one more, good look), grabbed my clothes for the day and snuck back into the bathroom.


A few minutes later I came back out and I was shocked because Mira was still asleep. I figured all the noise I made would have awakened her, especially with her training. But then looking at how she destroyed the bed made me wonder how much she slept. I was even more glad I didn't spend the night with her. Perhaps she was even more tired than me? I finished putting on the rest of my gear, found my coffee pot, fired up a pot of coffee and looked through the breakfast MREs.


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I had trouble falling asleep last night because I was not used to sleeping alone. But once I fell asleep it was glorious having the bed all to myself. I did have a recurring dream: I chased L.Cpl. Blaine and I could never quite catch him! It did not make sense because I was faster than him and I was so frustrated!


Mmm, was that coffee I smelled? I opened my eyes. I had flipped completely over, was facing the wrong way in the bed and saw L.Cpl. Blaine looking at the MREs. I blinked my eyes because today he wore different clothes than yesterday - he was wearing his BDUs but also had his full combat gear over the top of them. I sat up in bed, fixed my hair, giggled and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine do not tell me you are wearing that combat gear for protection from me? Do you really think I am that dangerous?"


He turned, looked at me, blushed, averted his eyes and said, "I wore it because after the instructor almost shot me last night, I don't trust them to not try something again. But now that you mention it, the protection from you is an added bonus."


I slowly slid out of bed since I planned on sneaking over to him and testing his theory about the combat gear. But he noticed what I was going to do, bolted for the door and suggested, "You might want to get changed because I'm going to go get Jack. We're doing PT in forty-five minutes, there's coffee in the pot, your cup is still clean from last night and there's breakfast MREs in the box."


I was disappointed because he escaped again, but smiled because there were still many days of school left. When the door slammed I immediately jumped into action. I took a very fast shower making sure not to get my long hair wet, put on my deodorant, perfume, makeup and got into a clean jogging bra and skimpy running shorts. I wanted to make sure I gave L.Cpl. Blaine something to look at and think about all day long! It still puzzled me that he would not just train me. It must have something to do with the girlfriend who wounded him so badly. I needed to find more information about her.


I had a little extra time so I finally called my sister. It would be close to lunchtime there. I fell back into the bed as she answered the phone and scolded me in our special language, "Mira, it is about time you called me I was very worried about you."


I replied, "I miss you too my sister, I did not sleep well last night."


Ira answered angrily, "Do not tell me L.Cpl. Blaine was a terrible beast and kept you from sleeping! I will take a knife to his tool!"


I giggled and corrected her assumption, "Ira, he is not like the beast at all. I used all my tricks on him. It was even embarrassing how much I threw myself at him and he would not even sleep with me last night. He even declared he would never train me."


Ira clucked, "Mira, perhaps we have the wrong information about him. Perhaps he is one who likes men?"


I laughed, "Oh no my sister, I could tell my charms worked on him because he has a very active tool. He was just able to resist me."

Ira is quiet for several moments and asked, "Mira, then what are your plans?"


I explained to her, "I have much information that our superiors will be very happy hearing. He knows who I am but not who I work for and he will freely give me more information. I plan on getting more information out of him, as much as possible. And I have moved into the room he shares with Sgt. Reynolds, so I do not think he will be able to resist me forever. That reminds me, please contact our superiors and tell them we should find an agent for Sgt. Reynolds. I do not think he will be as difficult to watch as L.Cpl. Blaine."


Ira questions more closely, "Mira you sound unusual, are you sure you are well?"


I did not tell her about my feelings for L.Cpl. Blaine. Instead I replied, "I am fine my sister but I need to get going. I will try to call you later."


Ira ended with, "Good hunting my sister."


I got up, ate the piece of chocolate from last night (it was wonderful) and had a cup of coffee. I looked at the MREs. The breakfast choice was very small: I could have egg omelet or sausage and eggs. I decided on the egg omelet and prepared it the way L.Cpl. Blaine instructed me last night. I also thought I would be nice and I prepared two sausage and egg MREs - one for L.Cpl. Blaine and one for Sgt. Reynolds.


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


Some bastard rousted me so I opened one bloodshot eye to identify the culprit. Banzai ordered, "PT in forty-five minutes Jack so move your ass."


Damn, my head hurt and I had a hell of a hangover. I tried to fall back to sleep and Banzai rousted me again. I yelled, "Leave me the hell alone."


The little piss ant grabbed the blanket I slept on, yanked on it and I fell to the floor. Now I was pissed off so I jumped up and finally realized that Banzai had on full combat gear. I said, "What the hell are you all dressed up for? Is there a war I don't know about?"


He replied, "Hell yes! I've declared war on this fucking school. One of the bastard instructors tried to shoot me last night!"


I blinked my eyes and tried to wrap my throbbing head around what Banzai just told me, but it didn’t make any sense. I tried to confirm his statement, "Banzai, you're telling me an instructor tried to shoot you last night."


He replied, "Affirmative! If Mira hadn’t nailed the fucker in the back of the hand with a throwing star and made him drop his pistol, you'd be burying me right now."


When he said Mira, it reminded me of something important, so I reached in my pocket and pulled out her thong. As I held the thong up, I stated, "I thought you two were doing the horizontal bop last night."


That was the wrong fucking thing to say! Banzai got so pissed he grabbed me by the back of my shirt and hustled me towards our room. He grumped, "Jack, get your fucking mind out of the gutter. I didn't hit Mira last night even though she's staying in our room, I won't hit her for the rest of the trip. Now move your lazy ass because you're doing PT in full combat gear in forty minutes."


I was confused and asked, "My combat gear is here? How did that happen? Mira is staying in our room, where's she sleeping?" Then I complained, "You do know I fucking out rank you! You need to ask me about decisions like this."


I pushed Banzai too far so he stopped, shook the hell out of me and yelled, "You sure as hell don't act like a Sergeant and I'm fucking tired of picking up your slack! Prove to me you can command this team and I will follow you into the mouth of hell and back. But until you prove that to me, I'm leading this fucking team. So, get your ass moving or I'm going to kick it again."


Well this had been one hell of a wakeup call and I'm not sure I cared for it!


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


Yeah, I was hard as hell on Jack, but I was still pissed about last night and even more pissed about still being at this fucking rat hole of a school. But I was serious when I told him I was leading our team, because he'd fucked around long enough and I had my fill of it. What the hell could he do if he didn't like it? Send me back to the Marines?


I drug his ass towards the room. He stank to high heaven from all the booze he drank last night. But I'd fix that soon - nothing better to cure a hangover than PT and a one hour run. I had asses to kick and names to take today, but his was the first!


Mira was ready when we came through the door and looked, well nothing short of phenomenal! She said, "Good morning, I made both of you breakfast." She ran up and handed both of us an MRE. Jack took one look at his and ran for the bathroom. Mira frowned, "Is Sgt. Reynolds sick today?"


I ate both mine and Jack's and they weren't half bad - much better than my MRE last night. I laughed and answered, "Jack just has a case of Scotch bagpipes playing in his head1 today. He will be fine a little later."


1 My euphemism for hangover


Mira gave me a perplexed look so I explained, "He drank too much last night and has a hangover."


She smiled and offered, "I have just the thing which will help." She went to her bags, damn watching her bend over was… Oh forget that statement. She started rummaging for something.


I looked at the room and I could tell Mira might be a problem roommate: She needed a bit of instruction on being a Marine. I knew of no better way to teach her than by example. So, I walked over and picked her nightie off the floor. This was a little mistake because it instantly brought back memories of her this morning! I forced those memories out of my mind, folded the nightie and placed it carefully on her bags. Then I glared at my, I mean her, bed since it was still a mess. I went over and made it correctly.


Now I needed some way to keep the bastards out of our room today, so I went to my footlockers, un-assed the top two and opened up the bottom one. I pulled out a container and grabbed the parts I needed, grabbed a screwdriver, opened the door and put a hasp on it and the door jam.


Mira came over as I finished and commented, "L.Cpl. Blaine that is a very wise idea. This will keep unauthorized people from getting in our room today, but what about the window?"


I answered, "Follow me." We walked to the window and I examined the frame. This was going to be easy. I went back to the footlocker, took out a metal screw and ran it through the frame so the window wouldn't slide. I said, "There all done."


As I put away my footlockers, Jack walked out of the bathroom and looked much better. He asked, "What's all done?"


Mira walked over, handed him two pills and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine was just making sure our room is secure when we are gone today. Take these two pills and it will make the bagpipes stop playing."


I guess no one understood my joke today, because Jack looked even more perplexed than Mira so I explained again, "That's something to cure your hangover."


Jack mumbled thanks as he took the pills with a cup of coffee, I looked at my watch and announced, "Jack, you have ten minutes to be in your full combat gear or we're going to run and extra hour today."


I handed Mira a key, Jack a key and continued, "Jack, Mira and I will meet you outside." I handed him the lock, "Make sure you lock the room when you leave."


I grabbed my pack, walked outside, put on my helmet, glanced at Mira and asked, "Mira, what sizes do you wear and what's your last name?"


She looked at me, grinned and blushed at the same time and flirted, "L.Cpl. Blaine, do you think that is an appropriate question to ask a woman who is not even your girlfriend?"


Well, two could play these games, so I attacked her overly active curiosity and said, "Okay, suit yourself. I was just going to get you a surprise."


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I was shocked when L.Cpl. Blaine said he wanted to get me a surprise. It made me tingle inside and I told him all my sizes and last name right away. Then I wondered if I really should have told him my last name? I asked, "Do you need to write them down to remember?"


He replied, "No Mira I remember them exactly without writing them down."


I brushed against him and coyly asked, "So what sort of surprise are you getting me?"


He grinned at me and joked, "Now if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise."


Oh he was the most infuriating man I had ever met! But I knew if I showed anger to him it would be bad, so I pouted. He took one look at me and laughed, "Mira, that fake pout isn't going to work with me. I'm not going to tell you what your surprise is going to be so you will just have to wait until later today."


I got excited and asked for confirmation. "I get my surprise later today?"


He said, "Possibly, but it might not be until tomorrow."


I whined, "Sometimes you are a terrible man. I am going to make you pay when we run today."


Sgt. Reynolds finally showed up and L.Cpl. Blaine looked at his watch and said, "Jack you had thirty seconds to spare. That's cutting it pretty thin. Let's get going." As we ran towards the exercise field, I looked back and saw Sgt. Reynolds when he held up the bad finger towards L.Cpl. Blaine. I giggled and L.Cpl. Blaine looked over at me and asked, "What's so funny?"


I lied and replied, "I was just thinking how much easier it will be today to outrun you since you are wearing your combat gear." To prove my point I sprinted ahead. L.Cpl. Blaine tried to keep up and Sgt. Reynolds yelled, "Slow the fuck down - are you two trying to kill me?"


I easily made it to the field before them and did my sexy stretches, making sure they could see almost all of my bottom assets. I came up with a plan: If I constantly assaulted L.Cpl. Blaine all day with my feminine assets, it would slowly wear down his resistance and then tonight I would have my way with him. I was very disappointed when he ran up and did not seem bothered at all, however Sgt. Reynolds was obviously interested. I wondered why I had to be assigned to the one different and most frustrating Marine.


Exercise for the school did not start until 0600 so we had the whole field to ourselves. L.Cpl. Blaine announced, "Today we are doing circuit training." Sgt. Reynolds groaned and I asked, "Excuse me, what is circuit training?"


He replied, "Mira, you just follow me and do that I do."


And that's what I did. First we ran to some bars and did pull ups. L.Cpl. Blaine was very good at them, Sgt. Reynolds complained but did them and I found them very challenging, but did my best. Then we ran across the field and did pushups - I am much better at them. Then we ran to another place and did squats. I made sure to do mine in such a way that L.Cpl. Blaine would see my bottom assets, but I was disappointed when he didn't even look. Last, we climbed up very tall ropes like monkeys. I liked this very much and even beat both men to the top. L.Cpl. Blaine remarked, "Mira that was very good." It made me feel all warm inside.


We did this circuit training for thirty minutes and it was a very good full body workout. On the second and other times I did not even bother to attract L.Cpl. Blaine's attention. I could tell he could not be bothered during his workout because his mind was like a steel trap – and I was not in the trap.


But Sgt. Reynolds enjoyed the show even though he was not my intended viewer! He watched me the whole time and I found it a little embarrassing, so I made sure to do my circuit exercises in such a way he could not see anything.


L.Cpl. Blaine announced, "Let's take a few and then start our run."


I asked, "Excuse me, what are we taking a few of?"


He smiled at me, "Mira that means take a few minutes to rest."


I watched him put a hose in his mouth and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine, are you taking a drink?"


He replied, "Affirmative Mira, this is how we drink when we are in the field so we don't have to carry water bottles."


I was unhappy, because I forgot to bring water today and was thirsty. L.Cpl. Blaine looked at me and asked, "Mira, did you forget your water?"


I was embarrassed so I looked down at the ground and answered, "Yes Sir! I am sorry but I was distracted."


He replied, "Mira I normally wouldn't do this, but since you're sort of like a sister to me you can share my water."


I was very confused. I should get very angry about the sister comment, but he was being very nice to me. So I smiled, kept my frustrating thoughts to myself and shared his water making sure to press against him like no sister would ever do to a brother. Ha, I will show him sister!


I grinned at him and asked, "Are you ready for me to beat you again running?"


He replied, "Mira, I concede the fact that you're a faster runner than I am. And because of what happened last night, I'm going to ask you stay close to us when we run today." It shocked me because his statement showed he cared for me.


I almost cried but stopped myself, but instead coyly grinned and replied, "I will gladly do whatever you ask me to do." He understood there were many meanings to what I said and he very cutely blushed.


He then ordered, "Okay let's move it." And we started to run. I did push him just a little bit by getting in front of him because I knew he really liked to watch me run. And I really liked having him watch me run.


We ran for about fifteen minutes and L.Cpl. Blaine asked, "Mira, please fall in behind me."


I giggled, "Yes Sir! I will gladly do whatever you ask me to do!" I slowed down and went between him and a very tired Sgt. Reynolds. It was not nearly as much fun watching L.Cpl. Blaine run and having Sgt. Reynolds watch me as it was when I was in front. But I understood why L.Cpl. Blaine asked me to 'fall in' when two Marines joined us from the bushes. L.Cpl. Blaine said, "I heard your sorry asses for ten minutes. And you call yourselves Recon!"


One of them laughed and replied, "Oh yeah, we’ve been smelling the lady and Sgt. Reynolds for fifteen minutes."


I thought they insinuated I smelled bad, like stinky Sgt. Reynolds so I got upset and yelled, "I do not stink, I took a shower just this morning!"


They all laughed and I got even more upset until L.Cpl. Blaine replied, "Mira, they were just complimenting you on your perfume - they didn't mean you smell bad."


I felt better but I still needed to make a point so I commented, "It was very rude of them to compare me with stinky Sgt. Reynolds. I think they owe me and apology." Sgt. Reynolds complained but I ignored him.


L.Cpl. Blaine said, "You guys better apologize to her. She's pretty tough and might kick your ass. If I hadn’t dodged her punch yesterday she would have knocked me on my ass - as it is my whole chest is black and blue."


I could tell they were impressed and it made me smile. They dropped back beside me. One said, "Ms. My name is Howard and I'm very sorry for insulting you."


The other Marine was on my other side and said, "I too would like to apologize to you. My name is Tom."


I noticed their eyes were roving all over my body and it made me feel good, especially since L.Cpl. Blaine totally ignored me. I replied, "Thank you both for your apologies. I accept them. Please accept my apology for not understanding what you meant."


L.Cpl. Blaine ordered, "Guys come back up here, I need to talk with you two about some things." Sgt. Reynolds yelled, "Hey am I fucking included in this?"


He replied, "Hell yes - get your lazy ass up here. Mira, please drop back about ten meters while we discuss some things."


I replied, "Yes Sir! I will do whatever you ask me to do!" and for some reason all the other Marines thought that was very funny and laughed. I dropped back and tried my best to hear what they talked about. I heard bits and pieces and most were profanities, "No shit, those bastards, son of a bitch, mother f'er," I moved slowly closer and L.Cpl. Blaine said, "Great we'll see you later."


The other two Marines laughed, "Like hell you will, we're Recon."


I watched with amazement as they disappeared into the bushes. I had a million questions, I sprinted up beside him and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine would you please tell me what that was all about?"


He laughed and told me, "NALTS."


I ran in front of him, turned around and ran backwards so I could see him, "What is nalts?"


Sgt. Reynolds laughed and explained, "Mira it means ‘Not At Liberty To Say’. In other words he's not going to tell you."


I was frustrated and asked, "Well can you tell me Sgt. Reynolds."


He said, "Sorry princess but I can't discuss it either."


I hated being called princess! Even though I tried to control it, because I was so frustrated, my anger took over. I yelled, "No one calls me princess. I'm going to kick your rear!" I quickly ran behind him and started kicking him in the rear as he ran.


L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "Jack you'd better move it, she's kicking your ass."


He yelled back, "No shit Sherlock and it hurts like hell!"


L.Cpl. Blaine laughed like a hyena behind me, but I was a woman on a mission. While I had to control my anger with L.Cpl. Blaine I did not have to control my anger with Sgt. Reynolds. So I took out my frustrations on him.


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


I laughed my ass off as I watched Mira doing what I'd always dreamed of doing. She sprinted two or three steps, caught Jack and kicked the shit out of his ass. Fell back, sprinted, caught him again and kicked the other side. I hadn't seen Jack run like this since the fucking dogs were after us on that old mission. Yes for once Jack really hauled ass to keep his ass from getting kicked. But there was no way in hell he was going to outrun her!


Tom and Howard ran up beside me. Tom remarked, "Damn that's the funniest thing I've ever seen. It's about time someone kicked that old farts ass. Look at him run, I had no idea he was that fast."


Howard laughed, "Banzai, you were sure right about her, she can kick some ass. So she's a foreign agent."


I watched the spectacle and replied, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's a Russian Jew and Mossad. Thanks brothers for everything. Here's an extra key to our room, I'll tell you how Mira likes her surprise tomorrow."


Tom answered, "You really were right, this place is a fucking joke. It was so easy for us to get in here we were both shocked."


I smiled at them, "Yeah this place doesn't even begin to use any of our Recon skills."


Howard asked, "What's up for later today?"


I replied, "After I kick some more ass and take some more names, it's martial arts and rifle practice. Their rifle range is only one hundred yards so it's even a bigger fucking joke, and there are some bogus assed classes tonight."


Tom grinned, "How were the breakfast MREs we dropped in your room."


I burped a little sausage and said, "Not half bad, much better than eating dinner MREs for breakfast. I've never heard of breakfast MREs, where the hell did you get them from?"


He laughed, "We stole them from the Old Man's private stash. He's going to be pissed as hell when he finds all of them are gone."


I laughed my ass off again and said, "Well make sure you bring us a shitload more of MREs because we're not eating any of the fucking food this school prepares. Not after last night."


Howard angrily replied, "Yeah, I should slip in and gut the bastard commandant for what he let them try to do to you."


I gave them an evil grin and replied, "Guys revenge is mine and it's going to be cold. See you two outside the commandant's office in one hour. I'd better go and rescue Jack from that female ass-kicking panther."


We all laughed, they took off and I ran like hell to catch them.


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


I sure as hell didn't know what I did to Mira to get her so pissed off at me. Women were a total fucking mystery sometimes. My ass was already sore from Banzai knocking me on it yesterday and she made it ten times worse. Plus fucking Banzai was laughing his ass off about this. I yelled, "Mira cut it out, I was just kidding."


She kicked my ass twice more and replied, "You - you - you man! This is completely your fault."


I had no idea what was completely my fault but I figured I would apologize, "Mira I'm very sorry for whatever I did to upset you."


She yelled, "You do not even know what you did!" And then she kicked my ass even harder.


I'd try to dodge her, but she was damn fast and caught right up and kicked my ass again. I tried once spinning around and she almost kicked me in the balls so I figured I'd rather be kicked in the ass any day over being kicked in the balls even once – no more turning around for me.


Finally I heard Banzai behind me. I'm getting my ass kicked and he's singing cadence?


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


I needed a way to distract Mira without getting my ass kicked because she was pissed as hell at Jack. Actually I think it was more accurate she was frustrated as hell and Jack just happened to be her whipping boy. But it was good to see him finally run, and now I had a way to make him run.


So I got close to the two of them and started singing cadence in hopes it would distract her.


Up in the morning before the sun
My Marine Corps recruiter told me PT was fun.
My lungs are burnin my legs won't work
I think I wanna fake getting hurt.
Step it up
Stretch it out
1 mile that’s weak
2 miles Little better
3 miles PFT2


2 Physical Fitness Test. A biannual test to ensure that Marines are within the Marine Corps' physical standards. The test includes a timed three-mile run, pull-ups (for men), bent arm hang (for women) and crunches (up to 100 in a two minute period).


Jack's going to owe me because my strategy worked! Mira dropped back beside me and asked, "What is that song you are singing?"


I explained to her, "It's called a cadence and we do them when we train and run because it helps to motivate us and to keep in step. By the way, thank you for motivating Jack to run so well, but please don't break my spotter."


She grinned, then blushed at me and said, "I am very sorry, I do not know that happened, but when he called me princess I just went crazy."


I laughed, "Don't worry because I will never call you princess."


She flirted the hell out of me and said, "Oh, you could call me princess because you make me feel like one. Do you think we could get all dressed up again for dinner tonight, it was wonderful?"


I reminded her, "Remember what they did to the food last night - I'm not going to eat any of their shit again."


She frowned, thought for a few moments, and then suggested, "Would it not make a bigger statement if we ate our MREs in front of all of them?"


Damn, she was devious as hell and totally right, I agreed, "Mira I think that's an excellent idea. Thank you for thinking of it."


She grinned and asked, "Now will you teach me that song?"


So I did and we sang, well attempted to sing cadence (Jack sounded like shit when he sang, and singing is the one thing Mira seemed not to do well) all the way back to the exercise field. We came in sight of the field and I switched the cadence to make a point!


Born on a mountain top raised by a bear,

Got two sets of teeth and a full coat of hair.

See us coming better run better hide,

Cause well hunt you down and eat you alive.

Slit your throat and wipe it clean,

We're mean Motherfuckers we're Recon Marines.

Well piss on your graves and laugh out loud,

Wear medals on our chest and feel damn proud.

Fighting and killing that's our job,

So we earned the name Devil Dogs


All the recruits stopped and watched us as we lapped the field twice, singing and echoing the cadence. Right when we were ready to leave I commanded, "Okay flip the bird."


Jack and I gave them the one finger salute while Mira asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine why did you want to throw a girl up into the air."


I laughed and explained as well as I could about flipping the bird. Then we ran over to the commandant's office.


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I did not think it was possible, but L.Cpl. Blaine is even more of a fractious child today than yesterday. I believe he is extremely upset from last night, I know I am.


It was most interesting meeting the other Recon Marines, I am very observant and still did not see them, but L.Cpl. Blaine knew they were there. I was even more curious about their conversation and wish I could have heard it.


Then he taught me some songs to help run by. I noticed he started every line with his left foot and he was right it did make running more enjoyable. But the most fun was when we circled the other recruits and sang a scandalous song. Now we were headed to the commandant's office and I could not wait to see what L.Cpl. Blaine will do. I am sure it will be very entertaining and I wonder if my superiors will even believe my report.


We stop outside the office as L.Cpl. Blaine took off his backpack and removed many things. He looked at me and Sgt. Reynolds and said, "Okay you two, I'm going to run things in there so both of you just watch and keep your mouths shut. Do you understand?"


I obediently said, "Yes Sir! I will do whatever you ask me to do!"


Sgt. Reynolds started to complain and L.Cpl. Blaine interrupted, "Listen Jack, you sold us down the fucking river to General Donaldson and I'm not going to let that happen here. Besides, I'm the one they tried to kill last night and this is MY revenge. Do you have a problem with this?"


He gave L.Cpl. Blaine a very strange look and said, "Hell no, it's your fucking grave you're digging."


I was not quite sure what Sgt. Reynolds meant because I did not think anyone was going to die, but it was not the time to ask a question. He handed me his pack. I almost dropped it because it was so heavy but I did not, and he asked, "Mira will you please hold this for me? But be very careful with it, it has my rifle in it."


Now I understood why it was so big and heavy and I remembered reading something about Marines and their rifles so I was excited and replied, "L.Cpl. Blaine thank you for this honor. I will take very good care of your rifle."


He gave me a big grin and I knew I said a very good thing. Then he said, "Okay, it's showtime!"


He didn't even knock. We just threw the door open and stormed into the office. The commandant was drinking coffee with another man. He jumped up, spilled it all over himself and yelled, "God dammit, don't you know how to knock?"


L.Cpl. Blaine slammed a flash grenade down of the commandant's desk and yelled back, "Perhaps I should have used one of these like your fucking instructors did last night when they broke into my room and tried to murder me."


The commandant lied, "I have no idea what you are talking about."


L.Cpl. Blaine stood up tall and said, "I thought you would say that." He pulled out the pistol from last night in a plastic bag and a large piece of my shattered bamboo practice katana in another plastic bag waved them in front of the commandant's face and yelled, "This is the fucking pistol that one of your instructors tried to shoot me with last night, and this is a piece of Mira's practice sword that has their blood and DNA on it." He tossed a letter on the desk and said, "This is a letter that's going to NCIS if anything should happen to the three of us."


The commandant became worried when he saw it and the other man asked, "I'd like to see that too."


He read it and said, "Those are pretty big allegations, I hope you can prove everything. You know the commandant called me here to discuss your outrageous behavior yesterday. And now I hear you've missed PT this morning so I'm wondering if we need to discipline you?"


L.Cpl. Blaine bristled with hatred, something I had never observed in him. He glared at the man, and then laughed, "Well what the hell are you going to do about it Mr. Smith? Admit that you can't handle me and send me back to the Marines?"


He glared back and said, "No but I can make your life a living hell."


L.Cpl. Blaine laughed, "And how the hell are you going to do that when you and the commandant are hauled before a military tribunal."


Mr. Smith blinked at L.Cpl. Blaine and replied, "I don't understand."


L.Cpl. Blaine said, "That's fucking right you don't understand. Sgt. Reynolds and I are government property and this school and the instructors tried to destroy that government property last night with the full knowledge of the commandant and possibly you. So, you want to play hardball, well come on because I'm your Huckleberry and will gladly sit in a Marine brig until the NCIS finishes investigating the hell out of this school, the commandant and you to discover if there is any collusion."


I watched with great interest as both men glared at each other and I was not sure what would happen. Finally the commandant interrupted, "Listen you two, I'm sure this is just some sort of misunderstanding that can be worked out. Come on Mr. Smith, we really don't want the NCIS coming in here and messing everything up. And come on L.Cpl. Blaine, you don't have to be such a hard ass about everything."


L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "Listen, in the first fucking place I don't want to be in this school. It's a huge fucking waste of my time! I proved that yesterday when I kicked everyone's asses including the instructors. If you don't like my actions, have Mr. Smith send me back to the Marines because that's where I belong. Not some fucking academy for rejected girl scouts."


Mr. Smith glared and said, "Good you don't like it here. Then you're staying here no matter what."


L.Cpl. Blaine threatened, "You're going to regret that decision more than you will ever know."


Mr. Smith glared at L.Cpl. Blaine, changed the subject and commented, "I hear you put a hasp on your door."


L.Cpl. Blaine replied, "I most certainly did. That room contains government property which it is my duty to protect. And after the instructors broke into our room last night using keys, I needed to take such actions to protect that property."


He replied, "I demand to see your room."


L.Cpl. Blaine grinned and stated, "'I would prefer not to.'"


The commandant yelled, "Not that shit again! He did that all yesterday and it's infuriating as hell."


L.Cpl. Blaine yawned and said, "I'm bored of this shit, we're leaving." He turned and we all started walking out the door. Mr. Smith yelled, "You can't do that to me."


L.Cpl. Blaine flipped him the bird, Sgt. Reynolds and I did the same thing and L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "Handle this you fucking moron!"


As we got outside, L.Cpl. Blaine took his pack after giving me a big smile. Then Sgt. Reynolds complained, "Dammit Banzai you really fucked up this time getting Mr. Smith all pissed off at us."


He was still extremely agitated, glared at Sgt. Reynolds and declared, "Jack, I don't give a flying fuck about Mr. Fuckhead Smith. He and what he thinks or does have become a non-issue with me."


He argued, "Listen Banzai, he's going to send us on the worst assignments he can find just to get even."


I had never seen the look on L.Cpl. Blaine's face when he told Sgt. Reynolds, "Jack, he's not going to send us anywhere. Not anymore." I did not understand at all what he meant.


Sgt. Reynolds tried to argue but L.Cpl. Blaine ignored him and we ran around the back of the building. The same two Recon Marines from before magically appeared out of the bushes again and one said, "Damn Banzai, you chewed some ass in there."


He grinned and replied, "Yeah it felt good but it still wasn't enough."


The other said, "Give us the things and if anything happens to any of you we'll give them to NCIS but only after we've gotten even for you."


He handed them all the things from the office and the Recon Marines disappeared. I asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine did I understand those two Marines will eliminate the commandant and Mr. Smith if anything happens to us?"


He smiled, "Yes Mira they will. When you become a Marine all other Marines are instantly your brother or sister and we all look out for and take care of each other."


This was very interesting to me since I had read this but I thought it was just American Marine propaganda. To find out they really felt and acted that way was very valuable and explained many things.


L.Cpl. Blaine looked at his watch and announced, "Well, it looks like it's time for martial arts training. This should be fun."


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


We ran to the practice field for martial arts, where we found all the recruits wandering around like a bunch of fucking chickens with their heads cut off. I shook my head and Mira asked, "What is wrong L.Cpl. Blaine."


Jack interrupted, (you know he's being doing that a lot lately, I wonder if he's trying to impress Mira and get into her panties). "Mira, he's shaking his head because he can't believe that everyone is just standing around scratching their asses. And that no one's doing anything."


Mira said, "Perhaps their bottoms itch, or perhaps they have a rash due to the heat or poor hygiene?"


Jack laughed, which was the wrong thing to do because it fired Mira up again. She yelled, "You - you - you man! Making fun of me again, I will teach you!"


She took him down with a leg sweep, jumped on his back and started beating the hell out of his back. For once I’ll bet he was happy he had on full combat gear because she wasn't hurting him at all. He made an even worse mistake because he laughed a bunch more and Mira figured out she wasn't hurting him. She dropped down and started punching the hell out of his already tender ass like a fucking punching bag in a boxing club - Jack wasn't laughing anymore. He yelled, "Hey cut that shit out. It hurts like hell."


I cleared my throat and Mira interrupted before I could say anything, "Do not worry L.Cpl. Blaine, I will not break your spotter, at least not permanently."


Jack yelled, "Banzai, don't just fucking stand there and laugh, please do something!"


Damn! Jack said please? I asked, "Mira will you please stop beating up and embarrassing my spotter?"


She jumped right up, grinned at me and obediently said, "Yes Sir! I will do whatever you ask me to do!"


The recruits all whistled and chided me while Mira continued grinning like hell. Hmm… I have to figure out some way to stop this shit, but right now I have no idea how I am going to do it.


Jack drug his beaten ass to his feet and said, "That was fucking embarrassing." And suddenly I had a great idea.


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I had great fun when I took out all my frustrations on Sgt. Reynolds since his soft flabby rear made a very good punching bag. L.Cpl. Blaine asked me if I would stop so I did and I answered with my new weapon, "Yes Sir! I will do whatever you ask me to do." And I almost meant anything! I could tell L.Cpl. Blaine did not know how to handle my new weapon. Oh but he was smart and would eventually figure something out so I had to be ready for that.


Then I could tell from his expression that he came up with a big idea and for a moment I worried he already defeated my new weapon. But he said to the recruits, "Suppose one of you were in the exact same situation Sgt. Reynolds was in, how would you handle that?"


Someone yelled, "I wouldn't get Mira upset at me in the first place." I laughed very loud because that was a good joke and everyone laughed with me.


Then I had a stroke of genius and challenged, "L.Cpl. Blaine how would you handle me if I was doing that to you?"


Sgt. Reynolds added, "Yeah Banzai, what the fuck would you do, if she was doing that to you?"


All the recruits got excited and shouted. One particularly nasty man commented, "Yeah what would you do Mr. Kung Fucking Fu?" I made sure to memorize his face because he was going to be my next punching bag - no one insults L.Cpl. Blaine when I am around.


I could tell I had him right in my trap so I slammed it closed and said, "I think he should demonstrate how he would escape."


Sgt. Reynolds agreed, "Yeah Banzai we want a demonstration."


All the recruits chanted, "We want a demonstration, we want a demonstration!" And L.Cpl. Blaine nodded his head, yes I finally caught him!


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


Yes siree Bob! Banzai's smart mouth overloaded his ass again. I was waiting for this because he always does it. And this time it was his ass Mira was going to be kicking, not mine. I could hardly wait because she was a fucking ass kicking machine and Banzai's been a big fucking ass since we've been here. They made a perfect couple! So I egged on the recruits until Banzai had no choice. Yeah payback's a bitch!


Banzai lay face down on the field, Mira joyfully jumped on him wiggled around very sexily and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine do not worry, because this is your first time with me I will be gentle and promise not to break you."


Man oh man I laughed so hard I thought I was going to burst as all the recruits joined in and Mira grinned at us.


Banzai didn't find it amusing and yelled, "Keep it up and when this is over I'll kick all your asses again, even worse than yesterday."


Damn him, he spoiled all the fun. He asked, "Are you ready Mira?"


She grinned and said, "I'm always ready for you!" And once again we all laughed our asses off.


He said, "I'll even give you an advantage. We'll go on the count of three. One, two…"


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


I knew Mira had some sort of devious plan in her mind and I think it involved doing something to try to get me horny as hell. She'd really taken the teasing to a whole new level with all her innuendoes but so far they only got everyone else, especially Jack, fired up because I still had my two secret weapons. But there was no way in hell I was going to let her get her hands anywhere close to my ass or crotch, because that could destroy my resistance. So I decided she needed to learn that Recons can be sneaky bastards.


On two I pushed myself up off the ground as hard as I could and jumped up. It surprised the hell out of Mira, she fell on her ass, let go a little yelp, then yelled, "Hey! That was not fair! You went on two!"


I was going to say something, but one of the smart-mouthed recruits yelled, "I guess he made an ass out of you when he knocked you on your ass!"


And that was his mistake because Mira took off after him! I looked at Jack and asked, "Hey Jack, will you go and make sure nothing happens to her while I teach the martial arts class?" I was very concerned that the instructors would try something with her, especially since she didn't have the combat gear we had. And I knew Jack would do almost anything to get out of training so he said, "You bet, it's going to be fun to see her kick anyone else's ass besides mine."


The class was distracted, because Mira caught Mr. Mouthy. While I don't know what she was doing to him, he was screaming like crazy. I announced, "Class, if you don't pay attention to me, you're going to be screaming worse than he is." That got their attention and we started our martial arts training.


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


I wasn't sure what the hell was worse - an out-of-fucking-control Banzai yesterday or an even more out-of-fucking-control Mira today. I finally decided as I listened to her current victim scream it was Mira because Banzai only kicked my ass once yesterday and Mira, well let's just say my ass hurt in more places than I even knew I had ass. I needed to make sure I never laughed when she was around again, because that's all it took to set off this female Banzai. She was volatile as hell, twice as hot as hell and three times meaner than hell's major minion.


What the hell was she doing to this guy? He screamed like, well like he was being castrated. I didn't mind taking a breather and making sure Mira was okay, but shit what was Banzai thinking? Mira needed protection like the Pope needed condoms!


I walked up and when I figured out what she was doing to this poor son of a bitch, I felt my balls try to crawl up inside my body and hide! It was nothing short of brutality and any desire I had for her instantly shriveled and died, just like something else of mine seemed to shrivel.


She squeezed a little harder and yelled, "Now what did I tell you about insulting L.Cpl. Blaine?"


He cried, "You, you, you told me you'd rip off my balls and shove them down my throat."


Shit! She wasn't even mad at him about what he said to her, she was mad about the smart-assed comment he made to Banzai. Son-of-a-bitch! I can't even smart mouth Banzai when she's around or she's going to fucking kill me!


She twisted and worked him over some more, so he screamed and cried, "Please have mercy on me."


She grinned evilly and asked, "Now would you like to apologize to me?" and yanked!


Oh yeah she was pissed about what he said to her too, and now he was a double-fucked soon to be ball-less bastard."


He screamed again, "Yes Ms. I am so sorry for what I said to you and will never do it again. Please stop!"


And just like a switch was thrown, she stopped, grinned at him and said, "I am very glad we had this little conversation and that you now understand me much better. Are you also happy?"


I thought: He's happy as hell you stopped before you took his balls as a fucking trophy!


He said, "Yes Ms. I'm very happy and will remember this time for the rest of my life."


She pulled wet wipe out of a pocket I didn't even see, wiped her hands with it, threw it on his face and said, "Good, I'm glad we were able to become friends. Now you make sure you tell everyone just how nice I was to you. I want them to understand exactly what happened here today."


The poor bastard, he had to go back and tell everyone what she did to him. Not only did she almost physically emasculate him, she mentally emasculated him. Shit this was going to scare the fuck out of all the men in the whole school.


He replied, "Yes Ms. I will make sure to tell everyone."


She added to his humiliation, "In graphic detail?"


He quickly said, "Whatever you tell me I will do!"


Son-of-a-bitch! Compared to this poor bastard I had it fucking easy! My ass was just a little sore while he was still writhing on the ground in agony.


Mira saw me, grinned and said like what I saw never happened, "Sgt. Reynolds, It is so good to see you. Were you worried about me?"


Oh Shit! What should I say to her? One wrong word and I'd be ball-less too! I decided the truth was the best and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine was worried about you. He's teaching the class and wanted me to make sure that man wasn't hurting you."


She looked at the poor bastard and laughed, "No, he did not injure me at all. We just had a slightly larger disagreement than you and I had earlier today. So we were discussing our problems. I certainly hope you and I never have that large a disagreement, because it is not pleasant for me."


I thought: What the fuck! Not pleasant for you. What about the poor bastard still on the ground, you think he enjoyed that? I bet he turns fucking homo after this! And I totally understood the veiled warning she gave me - if I fucked with her, I'd end up just like the poor bastard. Shit! And to think she was sleeping in our room. I was so fucking fucked!


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I had become very tired of Sgt. Reynolds amateur attempts to train me. They were an annoyance. I was still very frustrated because of everything L.Cpl. Blaine did and didn't do to me. By now most men would have trained me but L.Cpl. Blaine did not even seem interested. I was more than frustrated. I was intolerably grumpy and needed some way to relieve my bad mood before L.Cpl. Blaine noticed it.


The man with the smart mouth suffered so I could relieve my intolerable grumpiness and he also learned a very important lesson: Women can give very large pleasures and give even greater pains. I made sure Sgt. Reynolds saw exactly what I did to him so he would lose all interest in me, otherwise he would keep interfering in my plans for the conquest of L.Cpl. Blaine. I knew Sgt. Reynolds understood exactly what I implied when he said, "L.Cpl. Blaine" not Banzai. Good, I have slain two golden geese with one hand in the bush!


We walked back to the martial arts training area and I stopped and stared in amazement! L.Cpl. Blaine was not acting like a fractious child any longer! He actually started training the recruits and did an excellent job! I suddenly blushed as realized that L.Cpl. Blaine must have infected me! He was supposed to succumb to my feminine charms, but I was not to succumb to his virile maleness! I had become the fractious child today and would need to find some way to redeem myself or to hide this whole event from my superiors. Otherwise, I would face huge ridicule and punishment.


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school

The screaming stopped, and as I looked Mira and Jack were walking back. Mira looked a little confused while Jack looked scared as hell - and he very seldom looked that way.


They were almost to the class when I saw a flash on the hill about six hundred meters away. I yelled, "Everyone down."


Jack hit the dirt while most of the recruits including Mira stayed standing. I ran towards her as fast as I could, dove, knocked her down and covered her with my body. I checked the hill again and saw two more fucking flashes. Mira squirmed a little under me and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine this is not quite how I imagined being under you would be. You have too many clothes and I would be glad to help you remove some."


I whispered, "Mira, I've seen three flashes from the top of the hill and I think there's a sniper up there. Now I have on body armor and you don't so lay still and shut the fuck up."


I reached over with my right arm, barely snagged my pack and drug it closer. I popped the top, pulled out my sniper rifle and said, "Mira, I'm going to slide off you towards the hill, you make sure you keep totally flat so they can't target you!"


I slid off and at the same time brought my scope up and scoped the hill. God Damn! It was Howard! He flashed a mirror at me again and grinned like hell. He pointed to his right, I moved the scope and it was Tom holding a sign, "Gotcha! Mira's surprise is waiting in your room." Those bastards were always pulling shit like that. I felt like touching off a couple rounds to chase their asses off the hill, but I didn't want to waste the ammo. I felt Mira's hot breath on the back of my neck as she whispered, "L.Cpl. Blaine what did you see."


I turned and her face was right in front of mine so I scooted away and said, "It was just Howard and Tom playing a trick on us." I looked and most the recruits were still standing around and I decided the idiots needed to learn how to fall. There was no one better to teach them than the Aikido kid.


I stood up and announced, "When someone says everybody down, it's usually a good idea to hit the ground."


One of them asked, "Why, what did you see?"


I replied, "I saw a flash of light from that hill over there. That usually means one of two things: One, you're being watched; or two it's a sniper."


Someone yelled, "But that's about five hundred yards, could they really hit anything from there?"


Mira surprised the hell out of me when she answered, "Actually it's about five-hundred-ninety-five meters which is an easy shot for anyone with training." So, Mira has some firearms training too - well this could be fun on the rifle range today. I called the kid up and asked, "Will you please take over the class and teach them how to fall properly?"


He bowed and answered, "I would be honored to do that." He demonstrated to the class how to fall and then had them do it. Several did it wrong and he kicked the hell out of them. I laughed because compared to him, I took it easy on the recruits. Perhaps he was as frustrated as Mira.


I noticed Jack kept his distance from Mira and I wondered what the hell went on between the two of them. I checked my watch, and noted it was about an hour till lunch and then rifle training. I asked, "So what the hell do you two want to do for an hour and a half?"


Mira gave me an evil grin and announced, "I think I need to be trained!"


Jack didn't know it, but he saved my ass when he said, "Some greedy assed Marine snaked my breakfast this morning and I'm hungry as hell. Let's eat lunch."


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


Damn Mira was one crazy-assed, beautiful bitch. I was tired as hell and wanted to rest but when Banzai asked what we wanted to do Mira wanted more training! Shit, I needed to do something and I knew Banzai loved to eat, even MREs. My stomach was settled from last night so I suggested and early lunch.


Banzai looked very relieved when he announced, "I think that's a great idea." He grabbed his pack, dug around, and pulled out three MREs. He gave one to Mira, but smiled as he gave one to me. I looked at it and fuck no! Not Country Captain Chicken, this was almost worse than what Mira did to the poor mouthy bastard. I complained, "You son-of-" I looked at Mira, she smiled at me so I changed what I said, "You son-of-a-gun, first you snake my breakfast then you give me this shit for lunch, don't you think that's going a little too far?" Then I began to wonder, when the hell did they start making breakfast MREs?


Ben just laughed, "Jack, I ate mine last night and now it's your turn."


We started making our MREs and I asked, "I thought you two ate in the mess hall last night and now you're telling me some cock and bull story about eating MREs?"


Mira explained, "Sgt. Reynolds, I noticed the school gave us adulterated food last night so we just pretended to eat it. I was very hungry after saving L.Cpl. Blaine's life so we both ate MREs together."


I started to laugh at Banzai, but quickly changed my mind and asked, "So you chose to eat Country Captain Craphead Chicken?"


He looked embarrassed but answered, "Uh no, I was distracted and grabbed it by mistake." I wanted to laugh my ass off because I knew Mira was the distraction and eating that shitty MRE was almost a fatal mistake. But with Mira around, I didn't dare laugh at Banzai anymore.


Mira replied, "Mine was very good. It was Thai chicken but it wasn't spicy like the real food in Thailand until I found this very nice bottle of spicy sauce to put on it."


Damn that made my stomach growl because it was one tasty MRE. I opened mine, looked at the nasty grayish round piece of mystery meat and almost threw up. I threw it back in the foil, grabbed all the other MRE crap including the coffee and the sugar, dumped it on top of the fricken chicken and shook the hell out of it hoping that something would kill the taste as I choked it down.


Banzai asked, "You've been to Thailand? Just how many counties have you been in?"


Mira proudly said, "Twenty-five." Them blushed and quickly corrected, "Sorry, I meant five."


Now I can tell that was a lie - so what the hell is she doing that she's been in twenty-five fucking countries.


Mira remarked as she ate her beef teriyaki, damn she gets the second best MRE and I get the worst, what happened to taking care of your spotter? "I was wondering what I was supposed to do with everything in my MRE pack because I threw part of mine away. Am I supposed to put all of it in my wonderful beef teriyaki like Sgt. Reynolds just did to his MRE?"


Banzai laughed, (damn I wished I could laugh), and answered, "Mira, Jack's just doing that because his MRE tastes so bad that it's almost impossible to eat."


She gave Banzai a look like she didn't believe him and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine, so far I have had three MREs and they have all been very tasty. I find it hard to believe that one could be so bad it was practically inedible."


I offered, "Mira, I'll gladly trade you my MRE for what's left of yours!"


Banzai gave me a nasty-assed look, but Mira held up her empty foil container and said, "Sorry Sgt. Reynolds but my very tasty beef teriyaki is all gone." Shit! Too late again!


She held up everything else and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine what should I do with all this?"


I looked at Mira and started to choke the chicken, I mean choke down the chicken and Banzai promised, "Mira, you're in for a real treat, I'm going to teach you how to make a Recon Cookie." Shit! This added insult to my injury - not only did they have the best two MREs they still had the makings for a Recon Cookie. Life isn't fucking fair!


No that's not right, I decided Banzai's right: It's this fucking joke of a school! Ever since I've been here my life has gone to hell. First I get my ass kicked by an out of control Banzai, then the she-male snakes my liquored-up girlfriend to be, then Banzai snakes my breakfast, then an out of control Mira kicks my ass – twice. Now I'm watching Mira sitting so close to Banzai she's almost in his lap, they’re eating the two best MREs, sharing his camelback and now he's teaching her how to make Recon Cookies. My life is spinning out of control like Alice falling down into the rabbit hole: Banzai's so angry he's the Mad Hatter and Mira's so dangerous she's the Queen of Hearts!


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I had the most wonderful lunch with L.Cpl. Blaine. I sat right beside him as close as I could and had brushed against him and touched him and shared his wonderful camelback with him. I made sure to take a little sip after every time he drank because it reminded me of the three kisses we shared. It is not quite a kiss but for right now it is the next best thing.


I had another truly wonderful MRE and listened to Sgt. Reynolds whine and complain about his. I do not believe it is true, and I think he is just spoiled! His MRE is called Country Captain Craphead Chicken and I had never known an officer to ever eat anything but the best food. I wondered who Captain Craphead was since it was such a funny name. Does not crap mean poop in English? I almost giggled because sometimes when Ira and I fought we called each other poop heads, but we made up later. Well with a name like that, he would never have become a Captain in my country's Army. I finally decided Captain Craphead must have been a famous military cook - so famous he had an MRE named after him.


But MREs have many little accessories in them and I really had no idea what to do with everything. I opened them all last night and tasted them and found some tasted nasty. So I asked L.Cpl. Blaine and he said, "Mira, you're in for a real treat, I'm going to teach you how to make a Recon Cookie."


I am stunned and asked, "You're going to bake me a cookie? Do you have an oven in your backpack?"


Sgt. Reynolds started to laugh until I gave him a dirty look and L.Cpl. Blaine clarified, "No Mira I'm going to make you a cookie - here watch how I do this."


I was fascinated, as I watched and L.Cpl. Blaine explained everything, "First you take just a little water, about 2 tablespoons, half a pack cocoa powder, half pack peanut butter, some coffee creamer and a pack of sugar."


I watched him mix the many ingredients together then he took it, spread it on one cracker and covered it with another then handed it to me. I took a bite and am so surprised, I gave him a big smile and said, "Thank you very much it tastes just like a cookie." I boldly gave him a big kiss on the cheek and pressed myself against his arm.


I planned on attacking L.Cpl. Blaine and showing him what sort of dessert I could make for him – Mira cookie! But Sgt. Reynolds interrupted when he made a retching sound. L.Cpl. Blaine jumped up and asked, "Jack! Are you okay?"


Sgt. Reynolds expectorated his lunch since it was sickening and then explained, "I'm fine now after getting rid of the shitty Country Captain Upchucky Chicken."


I was very frustrated! Every single time I tried to seduce L.Cpl. Blaine something interrupted us. I said, "Sgt. Reynolds I do not believe you about that MRE tasting so bad. You are just spoiled!"


He grinned at me and confronted my belief, "Mira put up or shut up."


I did not understand but I did not like the shut up part and started to get angry until L.Cpl. Blaine said, "Mira don't get angry. He challenged you to prove to him the MRE isn't terrible tasting."


I proudly said, "Okay Sgt. Reynolds, I will prove it to you. The Country Captain Craphead Chicken MRE will be my meal tonight for dinner. When I totally enjoy it I will rub your olfactory unit in the empty bag!"


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


God damn! I had that ball-busting-bombshell now! She's finally going to eat her words tonight with each fucking nasty bite of that abominable fricken, sicken, chicken MRE! I hope to hell she chokes on it! If I hadn't seen what she did to the poor bastard, I would have bet her a hell-of-a kiss on it. But I didn't want her anywhere close to me or my privates. Not now. Not ever.


I think I forgot to mention, I watched the poor bastard limp back to the martial arts training holding his crotch then watched as he told all the recruits what she did to him, just as he was ordered. All the men became very uncomfortable and many crossed their legs, but the women were all smiles. Damn fucking mercenary females, they just love to hear about a guy getting his balls rung.


Banzai looked at his watch and jumped, "Shit! We need to get to the rifle range. I don't want to be at the end of the line."


So we fucking ran (I've really had my fill of all this fucking running) over to the rifle range and we were the first in line. I looked at the range and noted it was a nice range: Fully automated, but it was only one-fucking-hundred yards! Shit! I glanced at the rifle rack and saw old as hell M-fucking-sixteen's. Damn, I could throw one of those pieces of shit that far. I glanced at Banzai and could tell he was already getting worked up again - this should be fucking great!


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


Lunch was so wonderful and calm, but now it was obvious L.Cpl. Blaine was getting upset again. I grabbed his arm, pressed it against my upper assets and said, "What is wrong honey, you seem to be getting upset."


He gave me a shocked look and said, "Mira, what's this honey shit?"


I grinned at him and coyly lied, "L.Cpl. Blaine haven't you noticed I always take a drink from your camelback right after you do? That's because you taste just like honey to me."


He blushed, looked very cute and teased, "Perhaps I shouldn't let you have any more water for the rest of the day!"


I grinned at him, "L.Cpl. Blaine, we both know that was a lie." And to prove my point I grabbed the hose to his camelback and took a very big drink while looking right into his eyes - he did not complain. I continued, "So honey, why are you getting upset?"


Sgt. Reynolds interrupted (I thought I had solved this problem, I guess it needs more work) and said, "Mira Banzai's upset for two reasons, first the range is very short and second the rifles they have are pieces of crap."


I yawned and replied, "Yes Sgt. Reynolds, I noticed the range is not even one-hundred meters and the rifles are M-sixteen-A-one rifles of the Vietnam era."


Both of the men looked at me and their mouths dropped open so I grinned and twirled my hair, "Did I forget to mention that I love to fire rifles and know all about them." I reached over and gently closed L.Cpl. Blaine's mouth, but I really wanted to close it with a kiss.


I could tell I had L.Cpl. Blaine's total attention when he asked, "So are you any good with a rifle?"


I grinned at him, "I would bet I'm better than you!" Yes it was very bold because he was just a little better than I was, but I was counting on distracting him to win.


Sgt. Reynolds unintentionally aided me when he cajoled, "Well Banzai, it looks like you've finally met your match. We know she can outrun you, and now she's saying she can out-fucking-shoot you. What the hell are you going to do about that?"


I watched with great anticipation when he said, "Mira I'm your Huckleberry. I tell you what, if you can fucking out shoot me, I will train you!"


Yes! I finally had my chance. I added, "Of course we will need to use the same rifle. Either I will need to use your wonderful M-forty or you will have to use the same M-sixteen that I use."


I knew how he felt about his rifle - no one could touch it but him! And yes it was mean but this was war! I could tell his mind was in turmoil before he finally conceded, "Mira for this one time you may use my rifle." I smiled because I had won my first battle of this war!


The range safety officer came up and said, "You may now enter the range. Proceed all the way down to the endmost stations. I will come by and give you your rifles, safety regulations and ammo."


As I walked to the first position, I made sure to walk provocatively because I wanted to make sure L.Cpl. Blaine was distracted. I turned, …he was the most frustrating man because he didn't even watch me walk. Again I caught Sgt. Reynolds as he leered at me.


L.Cpl. Blaine pulled out his rifle, opened the action and set it on the bench. The RSO came up gave me a rifle, walked in front of L.Cpl. Blaine and asked, "Ben what the hell is this!"


L.Cpl. Blaine grinned at him and said,


"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.


My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will...


My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...


My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...


Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country.

We are the masters of our enemy.

We are the saviors of my life.


So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace!"


I giggled because this was what I remembered reading about a Marine and their rifle and

L.Cpl. Blaine had memorized it.


The RSO looked at him like he was crazy and asked, "What did you just say?" So he repeated the whole creed again.


The RSO ordered, "You cannot use that rifle on this range, you must use what we provide you. Give me that rifle right now."


L.Cpl. Blaine became very angry and threatened, "If you touch my rifle I will have to hurt you."


Finally someone who evidently did not know rifles yelled, "Let him use that old bolt action piece of junk if he wants to. It's not like he can hit anything with it."


I giggled because that was the wrong thing to say and L.Cpl. Blaine coldly replied, "Well Mr. Wannabe rifleman, I bet I can fire my rifle better than you can shoot off your fat fucking mouth."


He yelled, "You're on, I bet you a hundred dollars I can out shoot you."


It was no contest at all because the big mouth didn't even get all his shots in the center ring and L.Cpl. Blaine put all five in practically the same hole. I remembered my bet and knew I needed some way to distract him, I walked over and said, "That was okay shooting, almost as good as I can do."


I hoped to get him angry, but it didn't work. He declared, "Ladies first."


He handed me his rifle: It was such a nice weapon and I could tell it was set up very well. He handed me five rounds of ammo so I loaded it, and started firing. It was a very fine rifle and I was doing very well, right until the last shot. I was just pulling the trigger and L.Cpl. Blaine yelled, "Mira!" I jumped and totally missed the target! Oh! He was the most intolerable frustrating man I had ever known and I just might have to kick his rear and then train him! I angrily turned, looked at him and he was smiling at me and I knew I couldn't stay mad at him.


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


Mira was a hell of a shooter; her form like her body was perfect. Even though my rifle was just a touch big for her, she adjusted her position and it turned me on to watch her fire my rifle. I knew I could barely beat her group, but I also knew she was sneaky as hell and was going to try to distract me. So I attacked first and scared the hell out of her on her final shot. She jumped and put the round into the dirt halfway down range.


When she turned, I thought she was going to kick my ass so I smiled at her and watched as her anger faded. She complained, "L.Cpl. Blaine, that was not nice and certainly not fair."


I continued my smile and stated, "Mira, everything is fair in love and war." I realized the mistake I made with that quote when she gave me the biggest smile. Shit! I didn't love her so why the hell did I say that! In fact why I didn't love her would be an even better question! She sure the hell is all a man could ever want.


I took my rifle and wiped it down because I didn't want her perfume to distract me. I already figured she was going to try to distract me.  I reloaded and started firing and at the first round she coughed very loudly but it didn't work. The second round she yelled, "L.Cpl. Blaine!" and it didn't work. The third round she kissed me on the cheek and it still didn't bother me. Right before the fourth shot she asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine will you look here for a moment." I did and that was a mistake because she pulled up her jog bra and I saw the most perfect pair of breasts this side of heaven. I had her beat already so I concentrated like hell, remembered Maria and Anna and fired. Yes, my group was smaller than hers.


The RSO walked over and yelled, "What the heck are you two doing. If you act like that again on my range I'm throwing you out of here!"


Yeah he was right because we were jacking around so I apologized, "Sorry about that, it won't happen again."


He turned away and I heard him mumble, "Damn fucking Marine's they think they know everything. No wonder they call them jarheads."


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


Mira distracted the hell out of Banzai and just like I trained my boy he ignored everything, even the most incredible pair of breasts I had ever seen. Shit! I almost dumped a wad when she flashed him, then I remembered the poor mouthy bastard and lost all interest.


The RSO did his job and put them both in their places, but made huge fucking mistake when he walked away by insulting the Corps. Shit no one does that and gets away with it! I watched as Banzai grinned evilly took aim and touched off the last round. Shit! Did he just miss the whole fucking target?


Then he yelled, "Excuse me RSO something seems to be wrong with the target retrieval system."


The RSO came back and said, "Shoot these break down sometimes, just move over to the next station and continue."


Banzai looked at Mira and said, "Will you please hold my rifle for me?" I thought what the fuck - first he lets her fire his rifle then she gets to hold it. I wonder if he's fallen in love with her; shit if she wasn't such a ball-busting bitch I'd be in love with her.


He picked up the piece of shit M-sixteen, jacked in a mag, and broke a huge range safety rule. He took aim at something at the next station and fired cross station. Then he aimed at the next closest station and fired. He did this all the way to the far end and finally the RSO saw what he did and yelled, "What are you doing?"


Banzai never got to answer because the other recruits started whining, "My station doesn't work anymore." The RSO closed the range, went out and looked at all the targeting systems then came storming back to Banzai and yelled, "You shot all the targeting systems?"


Banzai sassed, "Yes I did and even used that piece of shit M-sixteen."


The RSO was furious, grabbed Banzai's rifle from Mira, started to say something but never got the chance…


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I thought L.Cpl. Blaine was fast, but when the foolish RSO took L.Cpl. Blaine's rifle out of my hands, he attacked the RSO so fast my eyes barely followed him. The blow he stuck the RSO would have been fatal if it was even just a little harder. The RSO fell to the ground and L.Cpl. Blaine grabbed his rifle before it hit the ground. I watched as he hugged his rifle and felt very jealous - he never hugged me like that.


One of the recruits complained, "Well what the hell are we supposed to do now." L.Cpl. Blaine was busy taking care of his rifle and ignored him so Sgt. Reynolds announced, "It looks like rifle practice is over today. Why don't all of you go fuck yourselves?" I thought that was a strange statement for Sgt. Reynolds and wondered if L.Cpl. Blaine's fractious attitude was infecting him also.


I walked over and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine is your rifle without damage?"


He looked at me and smiled, "Thank you Mira, she's fine. Just a few of that bastard's nasty paw prints on her but I cleaned her up just fine."


I smiled because his rifle was a she, my rifle was a he! And I apologized, "Sorry I did not keep the RSO from taking her out of my hand, if you would like to punish me by spanking you may." I made my point when I bent over with my bottom assets aimed right at him. When nothing happened, I stood up and he was totally ignoring me because he was taking care of her! He is an - an - an infuriating man! I seriously thought about kicking his rear, but I watched him with her and just smiled. He loved his rifle like I loved my rifle and it made me feel even closer to him.


He finished taking care of her, put her into his backpack and announced, "I know it's early, but let's head back to the room so Mira can see her surprise."


I ran over and excitedly asked, "My surprise is here. How do you know?"


He grinned at me and said, "NALTS!" He is so frustrating! If it wasn't for the surprise I would kick his rear and then kiss it to make it better.


Sgt. Reynolds annoyed me again when he said, "Well, for once Mira doesn't want more training?"


I was going to kick his rear again but L.Cpl. Blaine laughed and said, "Mira, if you get in a fight with him it will just take longer to get back to our room."


I hopped from foot to foot and said, "I'll race you to the room!"


He yelled, "You're on," and took off running not waiting for me. Sgt. Reynolds yelled, "Not more running, you two are going to kill me." I sprinted and caught L.Cpl. Blaine, went to flying past him but he requested, "Mira remember the instructors, please stay next to me." I wanted to ignore him but knew he would get angry with me so I slowed and ran beside him. It felt like the clock stood still it took so long to get to the room.


I rushed to the door, got ready to open it and L.Cpl. Blaine said, "Mira, let me check the door and go first." He checked the door, seemed happy, put his key in the lock and opened the door. I ran past him into the room and saw it had even more things in it than before and my area was very full. Then I noticed two new footlockers. I looked at them and saw, M. Sedankina on them! I have my own footlockers, but they were locked. I jumped up ran over in front of L.Cpl. Blaine, hopped from foot to foot and asked, "Are those for me? If so where is the key?"


He smiled at me, reached in his pocket and held up a key. I snatched it out of his hand, ran to the footlockers, but then remembered something, ran back to L.Cpl. Blaine, jumped into his arms and gave him a good but short kiss. Then I went back to inspect my footlockers.


Flashback – Ben – Day two, week one of spook school


Jack chided me, "Banzai, you could get in a hell of a lot of trouble for giving a civi Marine gear."

Mira had the first footlocker open and was totally destroying it as she looked at everything accompanied by ooh's and aah's. I grinned at Jack, "So are you going to report me? If you do they will just send me back to the Corps."


Jack looked at her and I think he was relieved she was happy as he replied, "Hell no. They would take her gear away and you wouldn't be here to keep her from fucking killing me. Besides, she makes a hell of an ass-kicking Marine and perhaps with the uniform on she will obey my orders."


I thought, like that's ever going to happen as I announced, "At least she will be busy while I take a shower." And I headed towards the bathroom after first grabbing a change of clothes.


I came out and she was still pawing through everything. It was like no one had ever given her any clothes before. She'd hold something up in front of her and ask Jack, "Do you think I will look good in this?" Jack wisely told her she would look good in everything.


Jack said, "I'm next," and headed to the showers while I got the fashion show. I knew I could get away with teasing her when she asked, "Do you think I will look good in this?" It was regulation underwear so I replied, "Those might make you look a little fat," And then I pasted on a grin. She stopped, looked at me and my grin and whined, "That was terrible - stop teasing me." And I thought like hell I'm going to pass up an opportunity like this. So when she would ask, I would tease just occasionally. Once she had destroyed the top footlocker, she started on the bottom one and gushed, "I have my own combat uniform! Will I be able to wear this tomorrow?"


I answered, "No you may not!"


She looked at me and knew I teased her and threatened, "You just wait until tomorrow. I think I will be able to outrun you even with my combat uniform on."


Jack was finished with the shower and dressed for dinner. I was dressed for dinner and declared, "Mira, we would like to go to dinner soon."


She turned, looked at us in our blue dress uniforms and asked, "Can I wear my dress blue uniform tonight also?"


I sniffed the air and announced, "We someone is still stinky and needs a shower. I'm not sure we can wait that long."


Mira launched into action, she grabbed some things, ran into the bathroom and yelled, "Please wait, I will be ready in ten minutes."


I picked up her dress blues and all the regulation garments and placed them nicely on her bed. Then I started putting everything back into the footlocker. Jack commented, "Shit Banzai, you and your Recon friends could get in big trouble for this."


I grinned at him and explained, "How do you figure? You're not going to turn us in and no one in this school knows enough to turn us in. Listen Jack, she really saved my life last night and I figure while she didn't earn the uniform like a real Marine, I owed her something. I can't be with her every minute of training here to keep her safe, so this will at least help. Besides did you see her, she was the happiest woman I have ever seen."


He laughed, "Yeah she was, but did you get a look at the underwear she took into the shower with her."


I nodded my head, "Hell yes I did, why do you think I'm doing this now and then we're waiting for her in the hallway. She's teased the hell out of me all day long and I'm horny as hell. I'm not sure I could resist seeing her parading around in those." I finished, wrote Mira a note and left it on the bed. We went to leave and Jack reminded me, "Damn, you are distracted - you almost forgot the MREs and make sure you get her Country Captain Chicken." Yeah I was distracted even after the shower. I grabbed a soft sided briefcase, threw dinner and everything else in it and we waited in the hallway.


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


Never had anyone given so many nice and functional clothes; I was very excited! So excited I almost forgot to thank L.Cpl. Blaine. It was a shame he wouldn't train me because I could be very appreciative tonight. The beast gave us a few clothes but they were always given with many attached strings. At first I was going to rub my sister's olfactory unit in them, but there were so many I would be able to share some of them with her. And just like the MREs there were many little accessories so I pulled everything out of the footlocker and spread it all over the room just to look at it. I felt bad because I was so distracted with all my new clothes I did not even know L.Cpl. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds had changed and were waiting for me for dinner. I grabbed my sexiest undergarments and ran into the shower. I was going to give them a big show when I walked out of the bathroom: Let me see him resist training me then.


I showered very fast, made sure my hair and makeup were perfect and sexily stepped out of the bathroom - into an empty room. And all my things, other than my blue dress uniform were packed neatly in the footlocker. I noticed the note, picked it up and it read:

Mira, I left your blue dress uniform and all the regulation accessories to wear with it on the bed. Please hurry, we are waiting for you in the hallway.



I looked and he did leave all the accessories, so I changed into my blue dress uniform, looked in the mirror and I felt big pride in my heart. I think I almost understood the pride a real Marine felt. I opened the door and walked out into the hallway and L.Cpl. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds both clapped and I blushed. L.Cpl. Blaine asked, "Mira are you regulation?"


It took me a brief second to understand, I coyly smiled and said, "Yes Sir! You may inspect me if you like." Now it was his turn to blush, but Sgt. Reynolds interrupted again, I must cure him of this, and said, "Let's get to the mess hall, I can't wait to eat."


So we marched to the mess hall and when the three of us entered, the whole hall became quiet and watched us. We marched up to the table closest to the instructors and the other recruits scattered. We took our place at the table and L.Cpl. Blaine smiled at me and said, "Mira, you'd make a hell of a Marine. Why don't you forget whatever you're doing and come join the Marines."


I blushed and replied, "Thank you L.Cpl. Blaine, I would love to do that, but I am afraid I cannot. I have made promises which I cannot break." I started to get sad until he pulled out the MREs and passed them around the table. Oh yes tonight I was going to prove to nasty Sgt. Reynolds that he was spoiled, I couldn't wait. Everyone watched as we started to heat our MREs - we made a big statement. L.Cpl. Blaine reached in his bag and pulled out some funny plastic glasses, he worked with them for a moment and next thing I knew we had wine glasses. Then he pulled a bottle of white wine out of his bag, opened it and poured us all a glass. He held his glass in the air and said, "Le Chaim." Sgt. Reynolds and I joined in. Good, he still thinks I'm from Israel.


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


Son-of-a-bitch Banzai did it to me again. I didn't see which MRE he pulled for me and he grabbed the second worst MRE: Noodles and vegetables. That's right not a lick of meat in this one at all. I guess he's still pissed as hell about the Old Man's office, but I sure as hell couldn't tell him what really went on. The only thing good about tonight was little Miss ass-kicker is going to eat her words with every bite of her MRE.


Then he pulled out some camping wine glasses and a bottle of wine and made a big deal out of the toast. The fucking instructors we're pissed as hell and it suited me fucking fine! Bunch of cowardly bastards! Shit! I was getting as angry at this school as Banzai!


Oh boy, the MREs are ready!


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I opened my MRE, took a sniff and wondered if I had made a big mistake. It was the worst smell I have ever smelled. I pulled the meat out and looked at it - it did not even look like meat, it looked like a hamburger someone had left outside for weeks. I took a little bite, dropped it back into the bag and instantly decided Captain Craphead did not know poop about food. I put my napkin to my mouth and spit out the foul – foul food, then smiled at a very grinning Sgt. Reynolds.


He got ready to say something when L.Cpl. Blaine ordered, "Mira give me your MRE."


Sgt. Reynolds made a big scene and yelled, "Oh no you don't, Banzai. She has to eat that MRE. It's her turn."


I sadly offered, "It is okay, I will eat this MRE."


L.Cpl. Blaine took the MRE and replied, "Jack she is going to eat that MRE but first I'm going to teach both of you a little trick." I really didn't want to eat the MRE because it was truly terrible and I did not have any idea what L.Cpl. Blaine would do to fix it. We both watched as he poured a little white wine onto it, then he pulled out some spices from his bag and carefully added them to the MRE, added what looked like butter and shook the bag for a minute, put it back in the heater for another minute then handed it back to me and said, "Bon appetit!"


I opened the bag, sniffed and this time it smelled wonderful. I carefully took a bite and it was so very tasty. I raised my wine glass and loudly said, "To L.Cpl. Blaine the best Marine and the best man in the world!" He blushed terribly and Sgt. Reynolds asked, "Mira that smells wonderful, do you think I could have a bite?"


I haughtily replied, "Not no but heck no! Thank you L.Cpl. Blaine this is very tasty now. But why didn't you do this last night to yours?"


He blushed looked at the table and said, "Because I was distracted and forgot to bring my spices into the bathroom with me."


I was going to tease him some more when Sgt. Reynolds interrupted and got me angry, "Banzai, do you have anything that will help my noodles and vegetables?"


He took Sgt. Reynolds MRE and performed some magic on it and then we were all happy and finished our wonderful meals. Then we all made Recon cookies and finished the bottle of wine.


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


After Banzai fixed the nasty MREs we had a great dinner. Then the students started to leave and I said, "Shit! Looks like it time for those fucking classes." I hated the thought of going to the classes, but silently laughed and wondered what sort of hell Banzai or Mira had planned for tonight's class. If I was lucky they'd both kick the instructor's ass and class would end early.


We made a big deal of walking by the commandant and instructors as we threw our MRE packages in the trash. If looks could kill, they would have killed us a hundred times over. I know I shouldn't have done it, but Banzai's bad attitude had infected me so when I walked behind the commandant on the way to class I let fly a SBD and kept walking. We heard some yelling and accusations at the table and I silently laughed, yeah payback's a bitch.


Class, well not exactly the class, the instructor was a big fucking surprise. She was writing on the board and had her back to the class. She looked almost as hot as Mira, about ten years older and a little rounder. I don't know where she had been the whole time, but I sure know where I'd like for her to be later tonight - giving me some personal one-on-one instruction on horizontal relationships. I lead us right down front, leaned over and said, "Banzai don't be so out of control tonight."


He gave me a dirty look and replied, "Jack, stop thinking with your dick." Mira giggled and I thought, son-of-a-bitch all of a sudden their shenanigans didn't seem so funny.


She turned around and the front was equally well developed and son-of-a-bitch she ignored me and gave Banzai a big grin. She walked up to him, Banzai stood up and she said, "I didn't know I had any Marines in my class Lance Corporal. I'm going to be your instructor tonight and my name is Charlotte Blackwood but my friends all call me Charlie."


Mira stood beside Banzai and I thought she was going to kill her until Banzai shook her hand and said, "Pleased to meet you Ms. Blackwood, I am L.Cpl. Bennie Blaine this is my very good friend Mira and (I had already stood up) that is my spotter and best friend Sgt. Jack Reynolds." I watched Charlie flinch when Mira shook her hand I knew Mira had put some hurt on her, then I took her hand and kissed it, which she fucking ignored.


She gave Banzai the once over (I could tell Mira fumed) and remarked, "I've heard about you L.Cpl. most of it good but some of it bad. I hope you behave yourself in my class tonight otherwise I will have to keep you for detention after class."


Mira boldly announced, "I will make sure he behaves himself tonight! I would not want you to worry and get even more wrinkles on your old face than you already have!"


I looked at the two of them and thought they looked like two cougars getting ready to fight over the same piece of Banzai pie. Finally Charlie grinned and said, "Very young girls like you are nice eye candy, but nothing compares to a mature and experienced woman." She turned and sashayed up to the board while Banzai held Mira back from kicking her ass.


Shit! I thought I might have a shot with this one after all Banzai already had Mira so what the hell does he need Charlie for, I'd gladly take this piece of table scrap from him. But she didn't even notice me and I was pissed off.


The class started and it was a fucking nightmare. I waited for Banzai to start acting up and all he fucking did was answer questions just like the teachers pet. Now I knew what he was doing on the computer the whole time, he really was studying. I hoped Mira would get fired up, but instead she got all competitive with Banzai and they fought to see who could answer the questions first. I think she did it more out of self-Banzai-defense to keep Charlie from smiling and flirting with Banzai every time he got an answer.


I had my fill of things was bored as hell and coughed, "Bullshit!" The whole class laughed except for Banzai and Mira, they glared at me. Charlie asked, "What did you say Jack?"


I grinned and replied, "Nothing Charlie, I just coughed." The whole class snickered.


She turned back to the board and I dropped my book on the floor, Charlie jumped and the class laughed. She turned around, I gave her my innocent look and said, "Sorry about that."


She glared at me and said, "Jack if you keep acting up I will make you leave the class."


I volunteered, "I'd be glad to stay after class."


She shot me down and said, "No if you act up again, you will leave the class."


That damn bitch! I'm not fucking good enough to stay after class with her. I'll show her flat ass. She turned back to the board, I pulled back the rubber band I was playing with and shot her right in the ass. She jumped and yelped, Mira laughed and Charlie said, "All right you three leave my class for the rest of the night."


Banzai started to complain, she pointed to the door and said, "Out, and if you can't behave yourselves don't come back tomorrow night."


Mira beamed as we walked out the door until Banzai said, "What the hell did you two do that for! This was the only thing worth a fuck in this whole piece of shit school and now you two have made me miss it."


Then Mira said, "I'm sorry L.Cpl. Blaine I did not like the way she flirted with you. I was embarrassed for you."


He looked in her eyes and said, "Mira how could I be interested in that broken down old hag (has he gone fucking blind!) when I have the loveliest girl in the whole school sitting right beside me. The subject was fascinating to me, it was great hearing about all the different techniques spies have used to kill each other and now you two fractious children made me miss the rest of the class."


Mira sobbed, hugged him and said, "I am sorry L.Cpl. Blaine. I will not do that again, and I will make sure to get the class notes from another student so you may study them. Please forgive me."


He gave me a dirty look and said, "Jack what the hell we're you doing in there? You acted like…"


I interrupted, "Like you did earlier today," and gave him a smug-assed smile.


He threatened, "The difference is, all the stuff earlier today was bullshit you and I have done better before. Jack this was new shit I'd never heard of and really wanted to learn. If you fuck up class again I'm going to kick your ass."


Mira had pulled away from him glared at me and promised, "And then I will have the same discussion with you as I had with the man at the martial arts class."


God damn, now there both going after me at once. I needed to fix things if I wanted to maintain my manhood and said, "Okay, I promise you I won't fuck up the class again."


It was like I flipped a switch with Mira she and she announced…


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I announced, "Well gentlemen, we need to get back to the room because I must wash my hair." They didn't know it but I also had a big battle planned tonight! I was still extremely angry at that ancient shriveled female instructor for so blatantly throwing herself at my L.Cpl. Blaine and I was calling in the big guns tonight.


I led back to the room and swayed in such a way I am sure no Marine woman ever had. We got in the room and L.Cpl. Blaine locked and blocked the door, I announced, "I will need the bathroom for about an hour as I need to wash my hair. So please take care of your personal needs before then." I almost giggled as they both tried to get into the bathroom at the same time, this time Sgt. Reynolds surprisingly won the contest. I sat on the bed and invited, "You could sit beside me L.Cpl. Blaine, I won't bite you very hard."


He was obviously distressed and said, "Sorry Mira, but I think I will do some work on the computer." And he turned and faced the computer. I thought this is okay for now but wait until I am finished with my shower. I slipped out of my blue dress uniform and paraded around the room in my regulation undergarments while I hung up my uniform.


Sgt. Reynolds came out of the bathroom, took one look at me, looked away and said, "I'm going to sleep." Good my last threat had the desired effect so he was going to be a non-issue for the rest of the night. I looked around and L.Cpl. Blaine was already in the bathroom. I became concerned, wiggled the knob and asked, "You will be out soon to let me wash my hair?"


He yelled, "Yes Mira I will." Good I was worried he might try to stay in the bathroom all night again. I sat at his computer since it was still on. I touched a key and it started beeping again. He yelled, "Mira leave my computer alone."


Finally he came out of the bathroom, walked over to the computer and asked, "May I please have my chair back?" I slowly stood up, walked past him making sure to rub against him and said, "I was just keeping it warm for you." I walked into the bathroom and started washing my hair.


Flashback – Jack – Day two, week one of spook school


Banzai shook me and said, "Jack, I'm getting the hell out of here tonight before Mira jumps me and rapes me."


I turned over in the bunk, grinned at him and said, "You know you can't rape the willing. Why don't you just give in and screw her brains out for one night."


He replied, "Shit Jack, I've thought about doing that all day long but I can't."


I interrupted, "You're telling me you can't get it up for that!"


He shook me and said, "Shit Jack, it's been standing at attention so much today it fucking hurts. First I thought it was what Anna said to me, then I thought it was what Maria did to me, but it's even more than both of those but I'm not sure what. All I know is I can't do Mira, not now not ever."


I looked at him and realized he was serious, and was seriously in pain about this so I said, "Look I sure as hell don't want to be here when she comes out of that bathroom if you're gone. We both need to leave and come back tomorrow morning." I thought for a moment, "Shit, let's go spend the night in her old room. Make sure you bring an extra door block, better make it two." We grabbed the gear we needed for the night and headed to Mira's old room. Thank God someone had changed the sheets on the bed.


Flashback – Mira – Day two, week one of spook school


I was very happy when I finished my shower. I took my time drying and styling my hair until it was perfect. I was going to put on some makeup but I didn't want to get out of bed after L.Cpl. Blaine trained me and I knew I still didn't need much of it so I left it off. I made sure my sexiest nightie looked perfect and smiled as I opened the bathroom door because no man could resist what I was going to do next. I stepped out into the room and it was empty!


L.Cpl. Blaine and even Sgt. Reynolds had escaped to somewhere else. Oh, he is the most frustrating man ever! I briefly thought about hunting him down, kicking his rear and forcing myself on him. But I knew that would ruin any chance of ever having a relationship with him and I knew he had to come back to the room tomorrow. So I went to my bed. Again it had been turned down and there was another piece of chocolate on the pillow just like last night, but this time no note.


I put the chocolate on the desk, called Ira and said, "Ira you will not believe what happened today…"