Chapter 12

Wanderer Chapter 12


Flashback – Mira – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


L.Cpl. Blaine dared compare the terrific training I would give him with repulsive rape! He knew nothing about rape and amazingly angered me to a level I had very rarely experienced so I swore at him, "L.Cpl. Blaine, I hate you! Get the hell off of me!"


Everyone except me stopped moving because my patella had an appointment with L.Cpl. Blaine's nether region. He would be taught a very large lesson about insulting his girlfriend! I had almost maneuvered into position when he jumped off me, took three steps back and caused me even greater frustration.


I kip-upped1, glared at him and announced, "L.Cpl. Blaine, we are all leaving and you are not invited to travel with us! Kai stay and interrogate the prisoners."


1 Kip-up is one of several names for an acrobatic move in which a person transitions from a supine position directly to a squatting position by propelling the legs, and consequently the entire body, away from the floor.


He started to complain and I yelled, "You, you, you MAN! You shut that foul oral fissure of yours and never verbalize to me again!"


I looked at Tom and Howard and commanded, "Well, what are you two waiting for? Bring stinky Sgt. Reynolds because we are leaving!"


I stormed out to the vehicle and impatiently waited for them to arrive!


Flashback – Ben – Day three and early morning day four, week one of spook school


Shit! I was confused - no baffled - no I was totally stupefied by what just happened. I tried to be a fucking nice guy and not take advantage of Mira and she became unglued! I realized, just in time, she was going to knee me in the balls and got the hell off her.


Women, you can't live with them and you can't trade them for a dead dog. We stood around stunned, looking at each other as Mira stormed out of the room. A very stoned Jack finally mouthed off and broke the silence when he laughed, "Damn Banzai, tell me what you whispered to her so I make sure I never say that to any woman." And then the old fart laughed his ass off.


Tom asked, "Shit Banzai, what do you want us to do?"


I quickly decided, "I don't like leaving Mira alone, especially with her current attitude. You two go take her and Jack back to the school and I'll somehow catch a ride."


Howard grumbled, "Thanks a hell of a lot. You get her pissed off and we have to take care of her!"


Jack smarted off again, "Hey, if the three of us are lucky, maybe we'll get angry sex - it's the best in the world!" I wanted to kick the shit out of him, but he was so fucking stoned it wasn't worth it and he wouldn't fucking feel it.


I watched as the three of them left and then Kai said, "L.Cpl. Blaine, whatever you said to Ma'am it was not a very good thing to say. It is not wise to anger her so because you might become seriously injured."


I looked at him and thought, no fucking shit Sherlock - she was going to seriously injure my balls.


Flashback – Jack – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


Damn! This was funny as hell! If I wasn't so fucking stoned, my sides would have ached from all the laughing I'd just done.


Mira slipped into the room and beat the fuck out of the two bastards that kidnapped me. Shee-IT! They didn't stand a chance and she even wailed on them when they were unconscious and on the ground. They are going to be some beaten and bruised mothers when they wake up!


Then she came over, made sure I was okay, cut the strapping tape holding me to the chair and we waited for everyone else while Mira took excellent care of me. She gave me an injection from the medical kit in her pack and said, "Sgt. Reynolds, this should help you feel much better in a short period of time."


I slurred, "Thanks sweetie! You're taking such good care of me." You know, I really thought she secretly liked me and perhaps I just might have a chance to nail her! Shit! If Banzai wasn’t going to take advantage of her, I sure as hell would.


We waited and finally Tom came sneaking into the room. He damn near shot both of us; fucking trigger-happy Marine! The noise caused the two bastards to move so Mira got fired up, beat on them some more and gave them some sort of fucking injection. I hoped to hell it wasn’t whatever the bastards gave me, because they didn't deserve to feel that good.


Then Howard flew into the room like his ass was on fire! I guess he heard all the noise of Mira beating the shit out of the bastards and thought I was getting beat on. At least he didn't almost shoot all of us.


Mira ordered Tom to call Banzai and we waited. I knew something was going on because I glanced at Tom and Howard and they grinned like a pair of fucking mules eating briars. The wait was finally over and was more than worth it!


Banzai flew into the room but stopped short when he saw Mira. It was about fucking time – she started to beat the shit out of him instead of me! She ran up and yelled, "L.Cpl. Blaine did you assume I was just birthed on the previous day and that you could pull an infantile trick ON ME!" and she smacked the hell out of him.


We all laughed our asses off as Banzai beat a hasty retreat and replied, "Mira, I'm sorry!"


I was just getting ready to ask Tom what the fuck she was so upset about, when Mira said, "I recognized when you asked me to explore the trunk for your rifle magazine, precisely what your conniving Marine mind planned. I even pretended to be surprised and didn't struggle much when you stuffed me into the stinky trunk."


I laughed and asked Howard, "Shit, he threw her in the trunk of the car?"


Banzai seized a broom, retreated into a defensive pose and pronounced, "Mira, I was just trying to keep you safe!"


Tom answered me, "Yeah, he did."


Mira tried to hit him a few more times and Banzai blocked her with the broom (when did he ever get so good with weapons?). This was the best comedy show I'd ever seen and I wanted to fuel the fire in Mira (I hoped if I could keep her fired up, I could console and nail her later) so I shouted, "Kick her ass Banzai like she kicked mine!"


That distracted her, she looked at me, and Banzai nailed her three times with the broom. Shee-IT! I don't know what the fuck Banzai was thinking, because the blows didn't hurt her at all, but they did get her really pissed off! She became a super ass kicking machine, beat the broom out of his hand and the fur really flew. Banzai did the only thing he could: He tackled her and fell on top of her. At first she fought and then slowly started to calm down.


I was fucking bummed out, because it looked like the show was over. Shit Mira even started hugging and humping the hell out of Banzai! There went my chance at nailing her. She said way too loudly, "L.Cpl. Blaine, it feels heavenly with you on top of me!"


Banzai blushed like crazy. It was funny as hell and we all laughed at him. Then all hell broke loose again when the karate – I mean Aikido kid flew into the room and went after Tom and Howard. I don't know what the fuck they did to get him pissed off, but he was as pissed as Mira had been and the show started all over again.


I was distracted by the fun of the new battle, and don't know what the fuck went on with Banzai and Mira, but she yelled, "L.Cpl. Blaine, I hate you! Get the hell off of me!"


Everyone stopped and looked at the two of them, and that is how I got here with Tom and Howard taking me out to meet Mira at the car and with Banzai being banished, I briefly wondered how the hell he was going to get back to the school? Then thought, Shit! Let him figure it out, I still might have a chance with Mira!


We walked out to the parking lot and I asked, "So where the fuck is this car of yours?"


Tom griped, "I don't the fuck know! We left it right here!"


I don't know why, it must have been the drugs they gave me, but it was funny has hell to me so I smart mouthed, "Damn, I sure never thought a Recon would forget where the hell he left a car!"


Howard replied, "Fuck, we'll never be able to get a taxi in this part of town. Come on you two lets double-time it to a better part of town."


TARFU2! We're running again! Well at least I felt pretty good; no that's not right, I felt fucking great!!


2 Things Are Really Fucked Up!


Flashback – Mira – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


I became disgusted with the interminable time lag for the three goofball Marines to come out to the vehicle, so I opened the door, which Kai foolishly left unlocked, took a tool out of my pack, broke the lock from the steering column and took the car for a short 'joyride' to calm myself!


The drive did not help whatsoever! It even had the opposite effect! Some belligerent buffoon in a beat up Buick loudly complained about my driving with his honking horn and obscene digit! I honked, gave him two digits back and yelled, "You insipid imbecile! Learn how to operate that vehicle in a proper manner!" As I sped off, I realized the need to get back and retrieve the trio of goofballs so I turned the car around in the street. Several more belligerent buffoons beeped at me, but I ignored them and drove back to the building.


As I approached the building, I noticed the three goofball Marines running down the side of the road towards a different part of town. Sgt. Reynolds was naturally loitering behind the others, and unfortunately L.Cpl. Blaine's fractiousness infected me again…


Flashback – Jack – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


Son of a fucking bitch! Some crazy assed fool was trying to run us over! I heard a noise, looked over my shoulder, and there's a fucking car bearing down on us weaving like hell and the bastard's even honking the horn. I'd been loafing, but kicked my ass into overdrive, blew by Tom and Howard and shouted, "You'd better move your asses; someone's trying to run them over."


Tom yelled, "Shit! The old fart's right!"


Old fart my ass! I felt fan-fucking-tastic! I'd show them what an old fart really is, so I let fly one of my patented SBD3s and yelled, "STUFRs4!"


3 SBD – Silent But Deadly – a silent fart that's bad smelling.

4Stop Talking U Fucking Retards!



Howard shouted, "Shit I think something fucking died around here! You two distract them and I'll blow the hell out of the engine."


My initial thought was: Great, first I'm abducted by fucking ninjas, now I'm fucking bait for a crazy! It was time to fish or cut bait and I was cutting bait like hell and only needed to run faster than Tom.


Tom yelled, "Jack, slow the hell up!"


There was no way in hell I was slowing up, not until that fucking idiot driver was taken care of. Besides I still wasn't feeling any fucking pain. In fact I was fucking Forrest Fricken Gump and was going to run my ass across America if I had to!


I got really fired up and yelled, "Run Forrest, Run!"


Flashback – Mira – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


I made a terrible tactical boo-boo! Stinky Sgt. Reynolds heard and saw me chasing them in the vehicle and proceeded to run at a pace I had never witnessed from him before. He passed the other two goofball Marines like they were stationary. It was so funny, and I so needed some happiness in my life, that I laughed so severely that I lost operational control of the vehicle and impacted a large light pole. Now the vehicle did not sound very healthy, fumes were exiting the engine area and it refused to locomote!


Howard ran up, pointed his rifle at my door and yelled, "Freeze fucker!"


I rolled down the window, smiled at him and replied, "Go freeze your derriere off, anus hole!"


He saw it was me, lowered his rifle and spoke into his radio, "Tom, it was just Mira in our car. Bring Jack and come on back."


Tom replied (I still had one of their radios), "Shit Howard, Jack took off like his ass was on fire, yelling something about running through a forest and I couldn't keep up with him. I don't know where the hell he is! You two bring the car up here so we can go find him."


I felt very guilty when Howard answered, "Well Tom, that's not going to happen. It seems that Mira totaled the car!"


Flashback – Jack – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


I was a fucking running machine! It was too bad Banzai and Mira weren't here right now, I'd show those two how the hell to run: I raced the wind and even the wind lost! I flew around the corner, saw there was a group (no make that a small gang) in the street and one of them yelled, "Hey what that honky doing on our block!"


I hollered, "Get the fuck out of my way and let me run!"


Idiots were born every minute and the gang members must have just been born! No, they didn't get the fuck out of my way, so I beat them the hell out of my way and they hardly slowed me at all. Shee-IT! I was Forrest Gump and Superman all in one! However, I did get one hell of a bite from a fucking mosquito as I ran off.


Flashback – Mira – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


I told Howard, "We need to find Sgt. Reynolds immediately!" Then jumped out of the car and started running towards Tom.


Howard followed and inquired, "Why do we need to find Jack? He will just get tired and then stop."


I had realized I made a second tactical boo-boo and confessed, "Unfortunately that is not correct. I gave Sgt. Reynolds a large dose of long acting amphetamines, and possibly misjudged the proper dosage. He will be able to run for a very long time."


We ran past Tom and he yelled, "Where are you two going?"


Howard informed, "Mira amped up Jack and we have to try to catch the crazy bastard!"


Tom yelled, "Fuck! Now I know why he could run so fast. How the hell are we going to find him?"


There had been a fresh rain and light layer of dirt dusted the road. I replied, "I can see his footprints on the road and we can follow those."


Howard answered, "Shit! She's right, now I can see the footprints too."


Tom chided, "Damn, just how much juice did you give him."


I bit my lip because of my embarrassment and sped up. Howard immediately complained, "Slow up Mira, we don't want to lose you too!"


We ran around the corner and found the remnants of a gang so I ordered, "Tom and Howard, continue to follow Sgt. Reynolds, I will interrogate these hooligans."


The two buffoons continued, until Tom ordered, "Mira leave those fuckers alone and help us find Jack! I see a blood trail!"


I looked at the hooligans, memorized the details of their faces and threatened, "So one of you imbeciles wounded my good friend Sgt. Reynolds! If anything serious befalls him I will be back and take my anger out on you and all your family members."


I turned and ran after Tom and Howard. My blood became frosty when I observed the blood trail!


Flashback – Ben – Day three and early morning day four, week one of spook school


I collected my senses, checked my gear, looked at Kai and asked, "Do you need any help with these two?"


His eyes told me more than his response, "No L.Cpl. Blaine, I will finish the interrogation and return back to the school. How do you plan to return to the school?" I could see that the interrogation would end with the ninja's death.


Normally I'd call a cab, but I knew none would come to this part of town at this time of night, so I replied, "I'm going to run over to a better part of town and then catch a taxi."


He stated, "Have a good and safe run and trip L.Cpl. Blaine."


I looked at the two ninjas and thought AMF5 bastards! I bowed, Kai returned the bow and I left the room and Kai to his unwholesome work. What a fucked up night this had become. You'd think I'd learn by now not to keep doing good fucking deeds because no fucking good deed goes unpunished.


5 AMF or Alpha Mike Foxtrot – Adios Mother Fuckers


I trotted out of the parking lot and noticed a hell of a lot of foot traffic had come this way. Now what the fuck was going on? I pulled out my phone, called Tom. I didn't get an answer and that was fucking strange.


Flashback – Jack – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


Shit, I finally started to get tired. No, that's not right: I started to feel fucking sick and even worse, dizzy as hell. I slowed to a walk, reached back to scratch my mosquito bite, felt something wet, pulled my hand back around and it was covered in blood. Damn! That was one fucking huge mosquito! I staggered close to a dumpster and slumped to the ground.


Flashback – Mira – Early morning day four, week one of spook school


It was obvious from the blood trail, Sgt. Reynolds' wound was moderately extreme and because of his elevated heart rate from the amphetamine he would expire if not discovered soon. So I easily sprinted ahead of Tom and Howard, much to their dismay. Tom commanded, "Mira, get your ass back here!"


I was still overly agitated by tonight and fractiously responded over my shoulder, "I have become weary waiting for you two to locomote your prodigiously portly posteriors. By now Sgt. Reynolds will have succumbed to serious symptoms and if we do not reach him soon, he will expire."


I was on a grave mission and even temporarily ignored Howard's replied insult, "Oh yeah, I'd rather have a fat ass than a fucking boney ass like yours!" However, his rude comment will be cataloged and physically dealt with when this emergency was over.


But I did not remain silent and taunted, "At least my cranium is not co-located up my anus hole like yours!"


Tom laughed and Howard taunted, "Oh yeah MIWBO6!" Tom added, "SUMAT7!"


6 MIWBO – Man In Woman's Body

7 SUMAT – Shut Up Men Are Talking


Tom and Howard cackled a cacophony of mirth which reminded me of clucking chickens. Neither realized I was well versed in acronyms and understood the egregious insults which were just hurled. I decided continued contumelies were non-productive and ignored them for the present! I picked up my pace and drew away from them to avoid further distractions.


The blood trail lead to an unconscious Sgt. Reynolds slumped in an alley up against the wall and a large trash receptacle. He was descending into shock and then the death that naturally followed. I immediately went to work and stabilized his condition.


He was moderately stable by the time the bumbling buffoons arrived. They illuminated my face with their flashlights so I glared at them and commanded, "We require immediate transportation for Sgt. Reynolds. One of you needs to surreptitiously acquire a vehicle for that purpose."


The stumbled and bumbled all over themselves as they both left to commandeer a vehicle. I shook my head and grinned since I realized my revenge would be a saucer served frozen for those two.


Finally a vehicle swerved into the alley, Howard jumped out and directed, "Okay, let's get Jack to the hospital."


I countermanded, "No, if we relocate him to an infirmary, there will be many interrogatives to answer. I have everything I need to properly repair Sgt. Reynolds back at our room. You will drive us to the school, posthaste!"


For once the bumbling brothers did not argue. They carefully, with my excellent instructions, placed Sgt. Reynolds in the back seat of the vehicle, and I cradled his head in my lap as we motored towards the school. I secretly wondered what presently engaged my L.Cpl. Blaine.


My mobile phone vibrated, I glanced and noted it was Kai. I answered the phone and heard some grim and very distressing news!


Flashback – Ben – Day four, week one of spook school, in the morning, unknown location.


My head throbbed like the kettle drums in the Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copeland. Something tickled the hell out of my ear like an annoying fucking mosquito! I swatted at my ear and groaned - damn did my head hurt! The 'mosquito' didn't stop so this time I swatted and grabbed a hand – what the fuck; I grabbed a hand! Oh Shit! Don't tell me I hit Mira last night! I opened my eyes and saw – oh hell noCharlie! She grinned at me like a shot fox! A foxy shot fox, damn she looked fine in the morning! Oh no! Now I fucking remembered! I was running down the road and somehow Charlie showed up and gave me a ride back to her place. I was angry and hurt as hell about Mira. Charlie took me in, comforted me, gave me a hell of a lot of really nice bourbon, and things became hazy after that.


I blushed, and she purred, "Hey stud! There's no reason to be embarrassed about your performance last night. I'm sore as hell and won't walk right for a week!" Then she gave me a smoking hot kiss!


I fought like crazy, scooted to the far side of the bed, she pouted and I stammered, "We, we, we did, did, did?"


She licked her lips and grinned, "You banged my gong all night long!"


I gathered my wits and tried to figure out how in the world I would ever get out of this fucked up (literally) mess! Charlie laughed, "You're such a dear; a deer caught in my headlights. So, do you like my headlights?" She sat up and I could see her breasts, and they were – awesome for a woman of her age, still very firm and proud! But I still felt like I cheated on my dream woman so I blushed!


Charlie giggled and said, "Don't worry honey, last night was fucking awesome and our secret will always be safe with me. Now, unless you're ready for another round or two this morning, I'm going to make us some breakfast and give you some privacy for your morning routine."


I stammered, "I, I, I, need to pee!"


She laughed, "I thought so. It's through that door over there if you don't remember from our shower last night." I didn't remember and blushed some more.


She laughed, jumped out of the bed and stretched reminding me exactly of a cougar. Shit she was a fucking cougar8 and had stalked and eaten me alive. She slinked out of the room, stopped at the door, spun to make sure I was watching, blew me a kiss and laughed!


8 Cougar - An attractive woman in her 30's or 40's who is on the hunt once again.


The instant she left, I threw back the sheets and looked at my… Shit! I didn't need to be a fucking forensic investigator, because the smelly and crusty evidence was all over me and the fucking bed proved we most certainly did and I didn't fucking remember?


Flashback – Jack – Day four, week one of spook school


Shit! I had a fucked up dream last night about fighting, laughing, a hell of a lot of running, and a damn mosquito bite from hell! I woke, still sleepy as shit in an incredibly cramped bed. I took a deep breath and son-of-a-bitch, I recognized that perfume. I moved my left hand and – is that a bare breast underneath my hand? I lightly squeezed – hell yes that's a breast! Shee-IT! I got lucky as hell with Mira last night and I didn't even fucking remember it! Well, morning after sex is even better than night before sex so I began to gently massage Mira's breast, it firmed, she stirred, moaned and started to press herself back against my morning wood!


She suddenly stopped and cried, "Sgt. Reynolds! If you do not immediately remove your hand from my upper asset, I will permanently remove your hand from your body!"


I asked, "What's wrong honey, you shy now that it's morning?"


She shot out of bed like she had bottle rocket in her ass, stood facing me with her hands on her hips and glared! I admired her heavenly nude form and thought, damn what a fine woman and I hit that! She screamed, "Stinky Sgt. Reynolds! You need to remove your cranium from the gutter! We did not train each other last night."


I was confused about what the training shit was so I ignored it and grinned at her, "Well, how about a repeat performance this morning?" Then I patted the bed beside me.


Mira blushed like hell and yelled, "Sgt. Reynolds, we did not!!!" It looked like she tried to say more, but for once appeared to be at a loss for words - then she flew into the bathroom.


Now I was confused as hell: Mira and I slept together last night, buck naked and we didn't – DIDN'T! No fucking way! I knew myself better than that and I knew I had to have nailed her. She was just being shy; probably worried I'd tell Banzai. Shit, I should tell Banzai. I should tell him Mira was so fucking good that I passed out from it. The first time that had ever happened! The image of her hot young naked body was seared into my mind; I sure wish I remembered what it was like hitting her!


Flashback – Mira – Day four, week one of spook school


I was exceedingly embarrassed! Stinky Sgt. Reynolds believed that he trained me last night and there was no way to prove to him he didn't! Yes we did slumber together last night without the benefit of clothing, but it was required to share body warmth so he would not descend further into hypothermic shock from his wound and the inclement weather.


I planned on being awake and out of bed before stinky Sgt. Reynolds wakened, but worry wrecked my slumber last night and I over slept! Kai's phone call in the vehicle informed me he finished his assignment, was back at the school, had checked and L.Cpl. Blaine was not in my old room. To further compound my concern, it appeared L.Cpl. Blaine's digestive tract was faster than average and he had already eliminated our tracking device. I even persuaded Tom to phone L.Cpl. Blaine, but he did not pick up the call. So L.Cpl. Blaine was missing somewhere in the city and now I felt remorse about punishing him by banishing him from the car. It was out of character for L.Cpl. Blaine to not show interest in Sgt. Reynolds and to not answer his phone! I could only surmise something terrible had befallen him! I greatly desired to search for him, but my first, and most odious, duty was to Sgt. Reynolds' care.


In the waning morning hours I slowly slipped off to sleep and was in the midst of a wonderful dream where L.Cpl. Blaine trained me like a raging stallion. When Sgt. Reynolds woke before me and took egregious advantage of my sexually aroused slumbering state! Before I understood it was not L.Cpl. Blaine, I had already responded in a very mortifying way. Now Sgt. Reynolds would assume we… Oh, I could not bear the thought!


My only option was to once again assume my girl-next-door persona and to berate stinky Sgt. Reynolds if he made unfitting elegies. Once again, my superior training prevailed and my girl-next-door couture was in the bathroom. But first I must shower to remove any remnant of stinky Sgt. Reynolds from my body. It would take much soap and scrubbing until I would be satisfactorily sanitary. I finally finished, performed my few bathroom rituals, stepped out into the room, crimsoned profusely and averted my gaze!


Flashback – Jack – Day four, week one of spook school


Fuck! Mira came out of the bathroom earlier than I expected and caught me whacking off with one of her thongs! Shit she looked like the girl-next-door again and turned her head. I quickly hid under the sheets, but knew it was too fucking late. What a fucking awkward and a half situation. She cleared her throat and said, "Sgt. Reynolds. That is not the correct application of those undergarments. Since you have borrowed them, you now need to wear them for the day."


Fuck me! I totally understood the veiled threat: If I wanted girl-next-door Mira to ignore my whack job, then I needed to wear her thongs for the whole fucking day! Thongs had to be some sort of fucking medieval torture device. Shit, she was inflicting that medieval torture device on me! I couldn't imagine how painful it would be with that string riding my ass-crack all day long! Shit! My ass was still sore from the kicking it had received the last three days! Now some fucking string was going to rub it raw!


I hoped to get out of this predicament and replied, "That's alright Mira, I was just looking at them and would be glad to give them back."


She evilly answered, "Oh no Sgt. Reynolds that would never do. In fact since you enjoyed them so much, I will give them to you as a gift and I expect you to wear them every time we are together as a constant reminder of the interesting procedure you performed with them."


Oh shit! That fucking backfired. Oh well, it's not like she's going to have me drop trow9 for inspection. I lied, "Gee thanks Mira. Well, I'd better go shower."


9 Trow – slang for trousers


I conveniently left her thongs on the bed and was almost in the bathroom when Mira said, "Sgt. Reynolds, you forgot these." She was holding the almost soiled thongs like they we full of the plague. She reminded me, "Also do not…"


Flashback – Ben – Day four, week one of spook school, in the morning.


I stumbled into her poisonous pink bathroom, and almost lost my dinner, lunch and even breakfast from the day before. I'd been drunk before, shit I'd been really drunk before, but I always remembered what and who I'd done. However this time I had no recollection of most of my time with Charlie. Shit, I didn't remember anything other than the great bourbon after coming back to her apartment.


Did I really do her? I looked at my dick after taking a leak, and yeah, I really did her. Just the thought of it revolted me and I almost puked. I needed to get her off me and out of my mind. I fired up the shower, as hot as I could and jumped in to scrub the hell out of everything and rid me of the smell and shame.


I was well on my way to accomplishing my goal and was washing my hair for the second time with some sort of fruity shampoo, when I felt hands come around me, Charlie bit me on the back of the neck (just like a fucking cougar) and said, "I thought you might need some help washing this!"


I jumped and answered, "Uh, I can wash that just fine. Will you please leave my shower?"


She giggled, "Well, you may want me to leave, but he sure doesn't want me to leave, at least not yet!"


Shit! Betrayed by my own fucking body! I hated it when the flesh was willing and the mind was weak! Fortunately or possibly unfortunately, this time I was going to remember it!


Flashback – Mira – Day four, week one of spook school


I reminded Sgt. Reynolds, "Also do not take a shower this morning or you will soil your dressing."


He gave me a baffled look and intelligently (HA) replied, "Huh?"


I informed, "Sgt. Reynolds, in case you do not remember, you were shot and wounded last night. Do not take a shower and soil your dressing, it is too early to change it."


He twisted around, it reminded me of a dog chasing its' tail and finally found the dressing, then replied, "Well fuck me!"


I scolded, "Sgt. Reynolds! I must protest the use of such language around my person. Just for that you will be banished to my old room for the remainder of our stay at the school! Gather the clothing needed for today and use that bathroom to cleanse yourself, but do not shower. Later we will have your two Marine friends relocate all your belongings to that room."


He complained, "But I thought after what we did last night…"


I interrupted because I did not want to hear his false assumptions voiced! "Sgt. Reynolds! I greatly protest! We did not do anything last night. If you do not leave immediately I will be forced to hurt you!" I picked up my practice katana and sliced the air for emphasis.


He grumbled, "Women are confusing as hell." As he picked up most of his clothes needed for today and started to leave, I reminded him, "Oh Sgt. Reynolds, once again you forgot the gift I gave you. And I will make sure you are wearing them properly later."


I almost laughed at his shocked look when he came back to take my ruined undergarments, but that would not be within the persona of the girl-next-door Mira.


Flashback – Jack – Day four, week one of spook school


I walked down to Mira's old room - I guess it's now my new room and shook my head. Fuck, women were a mystery to me. Then I started doubting myself and my prowess! I knew Mira and I had done the nasty but perhaps she didn't like what I did? Or perhaps I was so out of it, I didn't do my best job? I mean, I didn't even remember last night! Shit, how did I even get into our bed and even more how did I get wounded? Did I have a fucking stroke and lose my short term memory for the last day? It must be something like that.


I cleaned up and was tempted as hell to look at the 'wound.' It couldn't be that bad because it didn't even hurt. But Mira was already pissed at me about – well about everything and if I ever wanted to sleep with my new girlfriend again, I'd better do whatever I could to get on her good side. Shit I even bent over backwards so far for her that I put on her thong. They were even more uncomfortable than I imagined because I think they were about ten sizes too small. Oh well, the things men will do for love and sex. If it gets me into her bed again, it will be worth it.


As I came out of the bathroom, Mira was waiting for me with the rest of my gear - perhaps she'd already forgiven me. I smiled and said, "Thanks sweetie for bringing all my gear and breakfast."


She frowned and answered, "Sgt. Reynolds! I am not your sweetie so do not ever use that term of endearment with me! Now are you wearing my gift?"


Oh well, I guess she's still pissed. I squirmed a little and replied, "Yes I am and they are uncomfortable as he… as heck!"


She grinned at that and commanded, "Because of your wound, we will need to take it easier today. Shall we start our morning exercise routine?"


I threw on my pack and son-of-a-bitch! I really felt the wound when the pack hit my back. I started to eat my breakfast as we headed outside and suddenly it occurred to me as I mumbled with a mouth full of food, "Hey where's Banzai this morning?"


Mira scolded me but didn’t answer my question, "Sgt. Reynolds, it is impolite to speak with your mouth full of food." Uh huh, she didn't know where Banzai was and was worried about it.


I threw my MRE pouch in the trash, walked outside and son of a fucking bitch! There was the commandant, Mr. Smith and oh hell no!!! I sure didn't see this one coming, but I should have!!!


Flashback – Ben – Day four, week one of spook school


Thank God Charlie's water heater ran out of hot water, otherwise I'd still be stuck in the shower with her. She certainly knew what the hell she was doing and my flesh totally enjoyed her talents but my mind, well it was really FUBARed10 .


10 Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.


I escaped her apartment and caught a cab to the school. I sure as hell needed to get my head screwed on straight before I met Mira. If she figured out I fucked Charlie, she would fuck me UP!


I was working on a plausible lie when my phone vibrated. Shit! I'd forgotten all about my phone.


I answered, "Hey Tom how’s it going?"


He practically yelled, "I don't know where the fuck you have been all night, but all hell broke loose while you were gone."


I interrupted, "Tom, what the hell went on?"


He yelled, "Listen, I'll tell you later. Right now you need to get your ass to the school because Jack and Mira are in deep shit…"