Chapter 20

Wanderer Chapter 20


Flashback – Jack – Last day of week four of spook school


God damn! Where the hell was Banzai? He’s been fucking AWOL for the last two days. The only good thing about it was because he caused so much trouble, no one asked where he was. But today was our last day of week fucking four and we needed to ship out to somewhere soon.


Spook school was only supposed to be two weeks long, but Banzai loved the classes so much he talked them into letting us stay two more weeks for advanced study. Advanced study my ass, I think he just wanted to bang Charlie a couple more weeks - damn lucky bastard. But he had to promise to behave and he mostly behaved unless someone gave him shit, then he kicked their asses. He also continued to refuse to wear the school uniforms. He only wore his Marine gear, which was probably for the best since everyone learned to run when they saw him coming.


Mira had to leave at the end of week two and I thought she was going to cry a fucking river. I was both glad and sad to see her go: I was glad because it was hell - she kept trying to find out where Banzai was staying; and sad because I missed her nightly shows. Yes Siree, every night she came out dressed as a new and equally exciting woman. I don't know if Banzai ever figured it out, but she was showing him that she was any woman he could ever want! She sure as hell showed that to me! Daaaammmmnnnn! What a woman!


I remembered the night she dressed like Natasha Fatale - that was one of my favorites…


Flashback – Jack – Late Day four, week one of spook school


Shit! Where the hell was Banzai and what the hell was he doing? He made me look like a fool in front of the Major and I needed to have a major talk with him. I headed back to our room, opened the door and all his gear was gone! Thank God he left me some MREs. But as I went over and looked at them, I swore up a storm because the bastard only left me the Country Captain fricken Chicken MRE's. That's a sick fucking joke and I'm going to make the bastard pay for it! Then I looked at my bed and saw the note. I went over, picked it up and read:



I'm tired of all this BS and need a rest. I'm going to be bivouacking with Tom and Howard. See you at 0400 for PT.



Bivouacking my ass! Something didn't seem right here and I needed to figure out what the hell Banzai was doing.


Flashback – Mira – Late Day four, week one of spook school


My boyfriend was very adept at concealment and normally it would be a big challenge to follow him. However, I had planted some new tracking devices in his, stinky Sgt. Reynolds and even Mike's food tonight and watched with delight as they were ingested. Now I would, at least for a few days, be able to ascertain their locations.


I changed into my dark ninja outfit, threw on my gear pack including my katana, grabbed the locator and headed towards the door of my room. I was puzzled when I actuated the locator since I could plainly visualize the location of stinky Sgt. Reynolds and Mike. However my boyfriend appeared to be in my room, right behind me. As I figured out what this meant, all hades exploded!


The flash and the bang deafened and blinded me! Someone had placed a trap in my room! I was distracted by my missing boyfriend and accidentally triggered the flashbang trap. I was not sure, in my temporarily incapacitated condition, that I wouldn't receive an attack. So I pulled my pistol, hit the floor and rolled under the bed. Something, sticky covered the floor…


Flashback – Major M – Late Day four, week one of spook school


Well, the L.Cpl. never bothered to show up for class tonight. Perhaps the Sgt. didn't know him as well as he thought. But I do agree, even though I knew everything already, the class was very enjoyable. Especially when punctuated by the teacher, Ms. Blackwood. She was a hell of a looker for an older woman and I bet she had enough experience to really rock a guy's world. I questioned if she and the L.Cpl. had really been intimate with each other; if so he was one lucky SOB.


Class was finished as I looked at the Sgt. and stated, "Well, perhaps L.Cpl. Blaine doesn't like the class as much as you assumed he did."


The Sgt. shook his head and replied, "Sir! This isn't like Banzai. He wouldn't miss this class unless something really important came up."


I bid goodnight to the Sgt. and headed to my car. As I opened the door all hell broke loose - a flashbang went off! I could neither see nor hear and something splattered all over me. Shit! It could have just as easily been a real fucking bomb. I pulled my pistol, crouched behind the door and swore that someone was going to pay for this fucking trick…


Flashback – Mira – Late Day four, week one of spook school


My vision and hearing slowly returned and then I saw red! Both from anger and from what covered my room! Someone had covered the flashbang trap with some sort of vile raw meat and it now covered me and my room! I slowly cognized what this meant: The Malodorous Major was sending me a message! This was male-bovine-training-excrement! He was telling me I was just a piece of meat! Oh how I will make him pay for his insolent infantile prank!


Not only that, somehow my underhanded belligerent buffoon of a boyfriend put the tracking device in my food! I made a quick call to Kai and gave him instructions to try to find my L.Cpl. Now, I was going to find the Major and exact my wrath on him!


Flashback – Major M – Late Day four, week one of spook school


As I waited for my senses to return, it became clear to me: Ms. Sedankina was sending me a message. This was bull-fucking-shit! She was telling me to, 'stop fucking with the L.Cpl. or pay the price'. The shit that splattered me was raw fucking meat and it all but ruined the inside of the car! Yes Ms. Sedankina was telling me I was 'raw meat' if I kept 'messing' with the L.Cpl.!


Well, no one gets away with pulling this shit on me. Fuck her diplomatic immunity! If she wants a fucking fight, I'm going to give her exactly what she wants. I angrily headed towards her room!


Flashback – Ben – Late Day four, week one of spook school, Charlie's apartment


We sat on the couch in front of a roaring fireplace and Charlie offered, "How about a nightcap Marine?"


I knew all about her 'nightcaps' and replied, "Thanks but no thanks. The last time I had one of your nightcaps, I ended up missing the whole night. So what exactly did you put in my bourbon?"


She laughed, "You should know by now so figure it out yourself."


As I thought about which drug it likely was, I asked, "Do you have the notes from tonight's class that I missed."


She sighed, "I thought we could have some fun first."


I looked at her and offered, "Not tonight dear, I have a headache." To be truthful, I still felt drained from whatever we did last night! Because of the stress from today, I really just wanted to read the notes and then go to sleep.


She laughed, "Didn't you learn anything from what I told you about using that line? Listen, it's obvious I wore you out last night, but now you have my hopes up. Just so you know, the door to my bedroom is always open for you. Let me get the notes for you then I'm headed to my bedroom for the night."


I watched her as she walked to get the notes and thought how nice it was to be with older women: They seemed to be able to sense a man's feelings and not pressure them like younger women. If it was Mira then she'd be all over me like… I laughed. Charlie turned, pouted and asked, "So watching me walk is funny to you?"


I continued the laugh, "No Charlie, watching you walk is almost hypnotic. I was just thinking that if you were Mira, you'd be all over me right now - just like I was…" I paused as I searched for the right words.


She laughed and interrupted, "Raw meat in front of a cougar?"


She winked at me, I grinned and understood both double entendres, and I replied, "Yeah, exactly!"


She sashayed back with the notes, held my hand and said, "Here you go, remember my bedroom door isn't locked." Then she licked her lips, turned and headed into her bedroom: Damn she sure had the walk down pat!


Flashback – Jack – Late Day four, week one of spook school


Okay, Banzai was sending me some sort of coded message; I just had to figure out what it was. I changed out of my dress blues, sat on my bunk, and tried to figure out what the message was. Then I noticed a bowl on the desk where his computer used to be. I went over to it, looked inside and there was some raw hamburger in it. What the hell? Then it hit me: After Mira and Major M had the fight over him, he's telling me he's not just a piece of meat. I thought a bit more and concluded…Shit No! If he did this to me, then what in the hell did he do to Mira and the Major? I needed to find both of them! If he had hurt Mira, I will kick his ass! I geared up!


Flashback – Charlie – Late Day four, week one of spook school, Charlie's apartment


I wasn't disappointed when Ben never came into my bedroom since I knew after last night and then this morning he'd be exhausted. I waited to hear him go into the extra bedroom but he never did. I got up, threw on a robe and went into the living room. There he was asleep on the couch. I grabbed a blanket off the spare bed, covered him and headed out to take care of some business. Oh well, there's always tomorrow night.


Flashback – Jack – Late Day four, week one of spook school


I tore out of my room and headed towards Mira's room. When I got there the door was open so I looked inside and it was a huge fucking mess: Meat and blood was everywhere! At first I worried something had blown the hell out of Mira, but then I noticed it was more fucking hamburger and Mira was gone!


I noticed a little GPS looking unit on the floor. It was beeping and I could see one of the dots was where I was and two of them seemed to be outside and headed toward each other. Well, well, well, it looks like Mira's been sneaky as hell and has been tracking us. These other two dots must be the Major and Banzai. I definitely want to talk with the Major and yell at Banzai. It's time to go see what the hell Banzai did to the Major. But this time I won't save his ass.


I ran outside but it wasn't Banzai and the Major headed towards each other it was Mira and the Major. And the way they approached each other it looked like two runaway locomotives headed towards a disastrous collision. It looked like Banzai's pranks backfired once again and it was up to me once again to save the day. I ran my fastest toward the coming catastrophe.


Flashback – Mira – Late Day four, week one of spook school


Mike must have an expiry wish because he was not concealing himself from me like the sneaky snake which he was. Instead he was walking right toward me. I yelled at him, "Mike that was an unconscionable act! I demand satisfaction!"


He vociferously voiced, "Mira, I don't know what you're talking about. But I'm going to kick your ass for what you did to me! I hate it when people play tricks on me."


I was slightly stymied by his response because it seemed he felt I had acted mischievously toward him. Ah ha, it must be one of his ruses!


I shouted, "Mike slice the male-bovine-excrement! It is you who has kvetched the abode of vespids and now you must pay for your insolence!"


I was astounded when stinky Sgt. Reynolds ran between us and said…


Flashback – Jack – Late Day four, week one of spook school


I ran between Major M and Mira and demanded, "Okay you two need to control yourselves, and take a close look at each other."


The Major complained, "How in the hell can I look at Ms. Sedankina when you're in my way?"


I never got to answer because the ground around our feet was peppered with rounds. I dove into the bushes and yelled, "Is everyone okay?"


The Major replied, "Hell no, I'm covered with shit and now I've been shot at!"


Mira added, "I too am steeped in excrement and someone has fired at my corporeal self again!"


I slipped my rifle around in front of me and yelled, "Mira are these more of the people that are looking for you?"


She replied, "I believe that is an incorrect premise. Those after me have been accounted for."


Major M hesitated and answered, "Sgt. Reynolds, I do believe they might be after me."


They didn't have a suppressor on their weapon, because of that I had a pretty good idea where they were. I fired up my night vision scope, scanned the area but didn't see a thing. I announced, "I don't see anyone where I think they should be; and whoever they are, they're piss-poor shots." I stood up and the Major yelled, "Are you fucking crazy exposing yourself."


I figured I could get away with a smart –mouthed answer right now so I replied, "No shit Sherlock, I'm crazy like a fox. Whoever shot at us didn't want to hit us. I have on my combat gear so you two stay under cover and I will go reconnoiter their location…"


Flashback – Major M – Late Day four, week one of spook school


This night had gone to fucking hell in a hand basket! Someone, I originally thought it was Ms. Sedankina, had fucked up me and my car! And I hated having that sort of shit pulled on me, especially now that someone fired at me to make it even worse. The L.Cpl. was correct: This school was a worthless piece of shit. I yelled, "Ms. Sedankina, did someone have a surprise in your room for you tonight?"


She spit back, "Yes you most certainly did Mike and I am not happy about it!"


Shit I bet… I carefully offered, "I bet it was a flashbang covered with meat, because whoever did it to you also did it to me. It covered me with meat and ruined my car."


Flashback – Mira – Late Day four, week one of spook school


Ah-ha if what Mike apprised me of was true, and I would determine that when I saw him better, then I ascertained what happened, the identity of the perpetrator and why HE did it to both of us. So I was not a piece of meat, my belligerent boyfriend was telling me and Mike that he was not to be treated like a piece of meat! Silly man, he should have just came out and told me because I would have certainly understood. Now I would have to punish him slightly for his evil, infantile trick.


The bigger question was who fired at us, and were they really intending to damage Mike? I believed not, instead I thought they wanted to distract us and prevent the impending confrontation. I even wondered if it was once again my boyfriend that fired at us. I stood up and Mike yelled, "Ms. Sedankina, do you think exposing yourself is wise?"


I calmly lied, "Mike if they are after you then I am totally safe." Now I had to find stinky Sgt. Reynolds and force him to betray the location of my belligerent buffoon of a boyfriend. I couldn't wait to spank his firm derriere with my practice katana!


Flashback – Major M – Late Day four, week one of spook school


I sure as hell was not going to let a woman, not even Ms. Sedankina, do something that I wouldn't myself do. So I jumped up and headed to the hill ahead of her. She quickly caught up, looked at me and giggled, "So Major M you did not fabricate a falsity!"


I was pissed and replied, "No shit Sherlock, if you think I look bad you should see the inside of my car."


She replied, "Major M I do not comprehend why everyone talks about Sherlock Holmes defecating so frequently. I do not recognize it from reading his novels."


I bit my tongue to keep from laughing because she really is amazingly naïve about some things. I tried to explain, "Ms. Sedankina, 'No Shit Sherlock' is an ironic and derogatory way of telling someone they are communicating something that is obvious, unquestioned, and beyond doubt or need for reason."


She replied, "So Major M, you were telling me it was completely obvious you did not lie about your explosive experience."


I opened my mouth to answer her, when oh shit no!!!


Flashback – Ben – Late Day four, week one of spook school, Charlie's apartment


Note: All footnotes for this section will be placed at the end of the section for artistic reasons


Grandpa's words rang true in my ears as I shivered awake, "U-s-di U-gv-wi-yu-hi1 it is never darker or colder than right before the start of dawn." And yes I was cold this morning and hungry, but it was the best day of my life!


I was on LRP2 seven days out of Firebase Blaine. My rations ran out yesterday when I scraped the last remnants of peanut butter out of the jar. I should have gone subsistence and killed something and eaten it – however every year about this time a target of extreme interest passed through our area and he would have smelled the blood and left. I couldn't afford to fail, not this year.


This was my sixth year of chasing him, my sixth tour of duty. I would have one more year after this before my enlistment3 ended and this might be my last chance. As I tried to get warm I remembered my last best shot at him - it was during my very first tour. I was so young and so green: Shoot, Sylvia my rifle was practically bigger than I was. I stumbled upon him, totally by accident, his size and the stars and the bars on his shoulder frightened me. Too quickly I moved Sylvia up to my shoulder so he bolted. I took a poor shot and missed! But this was a target rich area and I settled for a lesser target, a simple Captain with two bars4.


Oh how Major Pain5 beat me for wasting that one round of ammo. You think he would have been happy with the Captain, but Major Pain never missed a chance to make me pay for a mistake. I made a promise to Sylvia that day, to never miss another shot and I never had.


Sylvia was my one true love in the world and I named her after my departed mother. She was my constant and true companion. True, she wasn't flashy like the M-14 that White Feather6 used, she didn't even have a fancy telescopic sight, but she and I were a team, 'cut from the same cloth' as Grandpa would say. And Grandpa should know since he carried her first, in the big war. She had a history, a past of killing the enemy and now with me, she had a present of once again killing our enemies. Yes she was my Grandpa's M1903 Springfield7 and when he passed, she became mine. 


General Ho Chi Minh8 had become a creature of habit and I had for the last six years become a predator studying his habits. Major Pain dropped me off at the upper end of our area and I began to circle and looked for his sign. Yes, I could tell my adversary by the shape and size of his print and I would either find his sign or wait until he showed up. Sometimes he was a few days early or late. I found his track: It looked old and I worried I might be too late so I took off after him at an easy trot.


Half a day later, I accidentally stumbled upon General Ho Chi Minh in a clearing. He took one look at me and bolted. I pulled Sylvia up to my shoulder, but this time I didn't fire because the shot wasn't right. The next six days the General and I danced the dance of death. It was almost like he was teasing me. I would get almost close enough for a good shot and then he would leave and I was forced to track him again.


Finally last night he bedded down in a big stand of scrub oak which had just dropped most of the acorns. I circled around until the wind was right and inched my way every so slowly down the hillside in the dark to another stand of scrub oak which still had most of its leaves. Here I spent the night until the cold woke me.


I double-checked to make sure a round was chambered in Sylvia and slowly inched my way towards the edge of the scrub oak stand. There was just enough light to see the General as he was still in the scrub oak. I could have shot him then and it would have been over, but after all these years, it just didn't seem right to shoot him in his sleep. I knew he would be up as soon as the sun peeked over the ridge behind me - then I would take my shot.


I looked at the mildots I'd drawn on my thumb, cleaned off some dirt so I could see them better, slowly held my arm at full length and measured his chest to be, 2 thumb mils. His chest was about 17 inches so that meant the range was almost 250 yards. I looked at the slope, and made my best guess at how that would affect my aim and adjusted Sylvia's sights accordingly. Then I got into firing position and waited. This was the hardest part, but he deserved one last chance.


The sun peeked over the ridge behind me, he stirred, stood up, looked right at me. I calmed myself and slowly squeezed the trigger. When Sylvia fired, the General took two steps and fell over. I think I almost orgasmed. I jumped up, ran down the slope and saw that finally the General, my adversary was dead! However I had heard stories about others being killed when they only wounded their adversary, so I warily approached him until I was sure he was dead.


The fun was over and now came the work. I had to prepare his body for transport and I had to do a good job, otherwise Major Pain would live up to his name. I had just finished, stepped back to admire my work when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I turned and coming down the trail right towards me was one of the General's most feared assassins, giống cọp ở my.8 I should have expected this, because wherever there's blood, the assassin is always close behind. I looked over and Sylvia was about thirty feet away against a tree, I had made a mistake and she was much too far away from me. I glanced down at my Colt Frontier scout revolver in .22 long rifle and my Ka-Bar knife and knew I was seriously outgunned.


I remembered Grandpa's words, " U-s-di U-gv-wi-yu-hi do not become too attached to your handgun, it is only useful to fight your way back to where you left your rifle." So I drew my Ka-Bar and revolver, and then fired off a shot. Giống cọp ở my flinched, let out a complaining growl and hissed at me. I took four more steps towards my rifle as giống cọp ở my started towards me even faster. So I fired again. This one took off the left ear of giống cọp ở my but only served to infuriate him and he again started running towards me. I madly dashed for my rifle and suddenly remembered that I'd forgotten to chamber a new round. I grabbed Sylvia as I ran past, and heard giống cọp ở my yowling behind me. I worked the bolt handle, turned and right in front of me was giống cọp ở my, I didn't even have time to aim so I just pointed Sylvia at him and pulled the trigger. This time I worked the bolt and chambered a new round, but it wasn't needed. Giống cọp ở my lay dead at my feet.


I was still shaking when I heard clapping, looked up and it was Major Pain, he said, "That was a hell of a show boy. I didn't know if you'd make it or not."


I blinked my eyes and asked, "Why didn't you help me?"


He laughed, "Shit if you're foolish enough to leave your rifle that far away, you deserve to be eaten by a cougar. Now, get your lazy ass busy field dressing that cat. And make sure you don't fuck up his scent glands, I don't want that pelt ruined."


I woke out of my dream and for a second didn't know where I was! Then I remembered: Oh yeah, I'm staying with Charlie. Then I really laughed - all this talk about her being a cougar must have given me the vision of hunting deer from my teenage years. I sure as hell know it gave me a raging erection. Well, Charlie did say her bedroom door was always open so I jumped up and went into her bedroom but she was fucking gone. Oh well, I took care of things and left her a present on her pillow. I walked back into the living room, downed half a bottle of her bourbon and crawled off to sleep in the guest bedroom…


1 Cherokee – Little Chief

2 Long-Range Patrol

3 Enlistment ended – graduated high school

4 Two bars - A two point buck

5 Banzai's nickname for his father

6 Nickname for Carlos Hathcock

7 American, 5-shot, bolt-action service rifle in .30-06 caliber used primarily during the first half of the 20th century.

7 Banzai's nickname for the large eight point buck he's hunted for the last six years.

8 Cougar in Vietnamese


Flashback – Charlie – Late Day four, week one of spook school, Charlie's apartment


Well my work was done for tonight and I was very satisfied, so I headed back to my apartment. Perhaps I could still persuade Ben to 'sleep' with me tonight. I walked into my apartment and noted that Ben wasn't on the couch, but he left a half empty bottle of bourbon on the coffee table. I put it away before it left a mark, went into the guest bedroom and he was all but passed out on the bed. I laughed because he snored like a cougar in heat.


Well, no chance tonight for any fun, so I headed into my bedroom, flipped on the light and I couldn't believe it: The son-of-a-bitch left a pair of my panties on my pillow. And he had…had…had relieved his urges in! The bastard!!!


Flashback – Jack – Late Day four, week one of spook school


I heard multiple explosions behind me and couldn't fucking believe it. How the hell could they have missed the tripwires? I almost took off, because if they were pissed before they'd be infuriated now, but one of them might actually be injured so despite my better judgment I headed back.


And I'm glad I did! It looked like a fucking atomic meat bomb went off with both of them right at ground zero. It was a good thing Mira was small and the Major was big otherwise I couldn't have determined which one was which because there were head to toe meat! They staggered around, temporarily blinded and deafened. I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth so I let out a good belly laugh. Damn, it felt good to not be on the receiving end of one of Banzai's practical jokes!


Flashback – Mira – Late Day four, week one of spook school


Cumbersome malodorous Major M was busy looking at me and stepped on a trip wire before I could stop him. If I cogitated my room to be unfit, this was even worse. I was unsighted, unhearing and steeped with more vile meat than imaginable. Some of it was very malodorous and my olfactory organ was even excreting copious amounts of mucus.


My buffonic, belligerent, boyfriend had traveled too long a distance and now he would certainly feel the wrath of a maliciously annoyed Mira!


Flashback – Major M – Late Day four, week one of spook school


Dammit, Mira distracted me, I stepped on a tripwire and all hell broke loose. I was blind and deaf, but still had my wits about me. I finally determined this had to be the work of the L.Cpl.- he was sending both of us a message that he wasn't our piece of meat. But the fucker had gone too fucking far and now he was going to find out it's not nice to fool Major M!


Flashback – Jack – Late Day four, week one of spook school


I watched as senses slowly returned to Mira and the Major. This was too fucking funny and I couldn't believe Banzai didn't stay around to watch. I thought about the tripwires I saw and realized something wasn't right about them.


The Major finally figured it out. I guess he was a bit slow and yelled, "I'm going to have his balls!"


Mira added, "Major M, you must first stand in line behind me."


I should have kept my mouth shut, but Banzai, had saved my ass a few time so I felt I owed him. I loudly asked, "Can you two hear me? If you can I'm not sure it was Banzai that did this."


Major M replied, "Sgt. what the hell are you talking about?"


Mira yelled, "Sgt. Reynolds, do not try to cover my oculi with sheep's fur! This prank has my boyfriend's identity calligraphed across its surface."


Damn this reminded me of the one time I was goose hunting back in Iowa and shot the hornet's nest with my shotgun: I wasn't sure I would live through it. It took thirty minutes for those hornets to simmer down and they weren't as pissed as Mira and the Major! I needed to build a strong case or Banzai's goose wasn't only cooked, it was burnt to a crisp.


I defended, "Listen I've known Banzai virtually his whole time in the Corps and I taught him all he knows about bombs and trip wires. And what I saw before you two destroyed all the evidence wasn't like anything he'd ever done or I'd ever taught him. Plus, Banzai likes a good prank, but this is way over the top and borders on maliciousness. I've never known him to be malicious…"


Mira interrupted, "Sgt. Reynolds, I observe there is one bomb that did not detonate."


We all, especially me, carefully crept up on the unexploded bomb. I gave it the once over and announced, "This is like nothing I've ever seen."


The Major added, "We sure don't have technology like this."


But Mira seemed deep in thought and finally agreed, "Yes, my boyfriend would not have access to this technology."


I looked at them and asked, "Well, if it wasn't Banzai, then who the hell was it?" And that was the 64 million dollar question…


Flashback – Mira – Late Day four, week one of spook school


I was very troubled with what I saw because it was our technology being used against me! It could have just as easily been anti-personnel mines hooked up to the tripwire and we would have been eliminated. But whoever set up this one, did not arm it and I questioned if it was done on purpose to send me a message. I must recover the device and then contact Ira!


Flashback – Major M – Late Day four, week one of spook school


It was evident to me that the tripwire device was not made in America and that Ms. Sedankina desperately wanted to recover the device. This told me all I needed to know and the Sgt. had to be right.


I said, "I don't know about you two, but I need to get cleaned up and see if my car is salvageable. Sgt., It's been good to observe you and the L.Cpl. I want both of you to continue at the school but remember the admonishments I gave you earlier."


I turned and left.


Flashback – Jack – Late Day four, week one of spook school


I looked at Mira and she said, "Sgt. Reynolds, I will disarm this bomb so no one else falls prey to its evil."


I watched and she sure as hell looked like she knew exactly what she was doing. She recovered the bomb and said, "I too need to bid you adieu since I have much work to do this evening."


I offered, "I will walk you back to your room." And we headed back to the dormitory…


Flashback – Jack – Last day of week four of spook school


Yes that was a hell of a night. We never did figure out who in the hell pulled the pranks. I still wasn't sure that Banzai didn't do at least Mira's room and the Major’s car.


Banzai showed up the next morning right on time and gave Mira and me hell during PT - he was sure fired up about something. But the highlight of the day was Mira's and Banzai's new outfits that night!!!