Chapter 23

Wanderer Chapter 23


Present – Stacy (Angelina) – On the road


It's boring as all get out watching this man. He isn't doing anything except sleeping which is what I should be doing right now. I look at Paulo and see that he sure is sleeping well. So well, I snuggle up against him and wish I hadn’t drunk that energy drink as I am really wired - almost to the point of being jittery.


I let my mind have its way and wander… I look down at Paulo's legs, realize how fit he is and am amazed when I start to have feelings… Well not really feelings, more like horniness towards him. How long has it been since I've …? Oh ick! Do all sisters feel this way about their brothers or am I just being perverted?


I sort of push it out of my mind start watching Mr. Revolting Badman again. But the feelings keep trying to creep back in. I'm shocked when my hand even slips down and strokes his leg! I quickly yank my hand away; I need to stop right now!


Present – Jens – Heading back to DC.


I can't help but feel like I've failed – again! Heading back to DC without my runaway fiancé is an epic failure! Damn! It seems I've spent my whole life chasing, losing and failing Ben. I sit in the passenger seat and pout!


Linus says, "Julia! You need to stop pouting like a teenager. With the danger to Ben, you don't have the freedom to waste time with silliness like pouting. We need your A game if we're going to find Ben before they do."


I look over at Linus and I can see his concern so I ask, "Linus you seem more concerned than I am about this."


He glances at me and explains, "I made a couple phone calls. The first was to gather some more information; the second was to see if I could get us some help."


I squirm in my seat and say, "Alright Linus, spill the beans!"


He says, "Well, the bastards after Ben are responsible for one of the most reprehensible atrocities ever committed. But, I couldn't find out why they are after him."


I interrupt, "Linus, I think I know which mission you're talking about. Ben was a huge hero, but…" I sniffed and continued, "He almost died! And I know why they are after him. We need to get back to Jack right away. Now what about the help we need?"


He sadly shakes his head, "Jens, I couldn't get in touch with them, and in this case no news is extremely bad news."


I can tell he's truly concerned for his friends so I offer, "Linus, we would get back faster if I drove."


He quickly responds, "Jens I'm not sure we would get back if you drove."


I retaliate, "Hey who saved us from hitting the guardrail?"


He gives me a dirty look and answers, "I do need to thank you for that. But next time you distract me and almost cause a wreck, you'd better not grab the steering wheel. Otherwise you're going to get a spanking."


I taunt, "It would take more than a broken down old Seal to spank my ass! You'd need your whole team." I realize too late what I said! Linus's "friends" are his team and he can't get hold of them. Linus gets quiet and I silently scold myself; another fricken mistake…


Present – Thom – Rogue mission - Washington DC


At first I thought the bastards were just going to shoot both of us and it would be over. Then they got in a big fight and decided they wanted to hang us. It sure as hell didn't make any sense to me: The bad guys never just out and kill the good guys - they always have some sort of huge plan that backfires. To be truthful, I just wish they'd shoot me because I didn't like the thought of a slow death by hanging.


They have a hell of a time carrying Hammer, but make me hobble while one bastard helps to support me.


One of the bastards yells, "Hey it's true!"


Another one asks, "What the hell are you talking about?"


He replies, "Well this half-dead fucker isn't wearing any panties under his dress."


They all laugh and I decide to give them some shit, "You sick fucking perverted bastards, stop playing with his junk."


The guy holding me up suddenly falls to the ground. I wonder what the hell is going on, but all that I know is it hurts like hell when I fall on top of him.


Present – Todd – Rescue mission - Washington DC


Well, one down and many to go. They are making enough noise to wake the dead! Well other than the dead fucker I just shot, so with that and the blood trail they are easy to follow. I still haven't figured out what they are planning to do with Thom and Hammer, but whatever it is, they aren't going to do it anymore.


I nock another arrow and hear…


Present – Byron – Rescue mission - Washington DC


We work our way around in front of the sons of a bitches holding Thom and Hammer. I see Todd take out the one holding up Thom and I come up with an idea. I can only hope Todd figures out what I am doing.


I step out in front of them and say, "You bastards have two seconds to drop our men or you will die."


The one in front confronts me, "Just what the hell are you going to do to us. There's ten of us and one of you?"


I say, "One of you is already dead, now it's your turn." I point at him and he falls! Yes! Todd figured out my plan. They are confused and don't know what to do and Jim picks the perfect time to toss a flashbang into the group. Then all hell breaks loose…


Present – Jim – Rescue mission - Washington DC


Damn amateurs! I toss a flashbang into the group. As it goes off, they are deaf and blind and start firing everywhere. Byron hits the deck and I duck back behind the corner… when the smoke all clears, I stick my head around the corner. Shit! We sure didn't plan on this.


All the bastards are down, but so is Byron. I yell, "Todd Byron's down." I rush to Byron's side and assess his wounds. Where the hell is Todd? Am I the only one left standing???


Present – Liz – On the road - Dushanbe Tajikistan


We've been driving for hours and my arm has fallen asleep from holding Yasmeen so I slowly slip away from holding the sleeping Yasmeen, and examine Zarika. It doesn't seem right to me that she's still unconscious. I can almost sense the twins at work in this and wonder what part this plays in their plans? I grab a bottle of water, get ready to take a drink, then remember what Bernie told me and decided I'd rather be thirsty than drink any of the twins water.


I scold myself, how did I ever let things get so messed up. I know I stopped relying on myself and trusted the twins, because they made it so easy and they took care of everything. The only problem was that as they were taking care of things, they were also twisting things to follow their own agenda. They have quite the web of deception going.


So Mira knew Ben and Jack ages ago and she was in love with Ben then. Could she still be in love with Ben? Could that be the motivation? I can certainly understand that motivation because I'm still in love with him. But anyone who knows Ben and Jens can see that Ben loves her and only her. But if he only loves her, then why the hell did he leave her!


Finally I figure it out! The fucking rat bastard, I'm going to kick him in the balls! When Ben took off on Jens, Mira saw an opening to move in. I guess I can't blame her, I've had those thoughts several times but I sure as hell didn't decide to act on them.


Yes! Ben needs not only his ass kicked, but everything else kicked because this entire thing is his fault. First he gets involved with Mira - Lord only knows how long ago. Then he plays with Jens' emotions – forever. He gets these two girls to love him – but teasingly calls them his 'sisters'. Then the final straw – when things are finally going right, he flips out and takes off on Jens. I bet the rat bastard enjoys this: His own little harem of women all of whom love him.


I really need to talk to someone about this so I call Megan… 


Present – Megan – Truth Network – Washington DC


My phone wakes me out of a great dream, but I'm used to it since in my profession I get calls at any hour of the night. I yawn and say, "This is Megan."


Liz answers, "Megan, I really need someone to talk to."


I sit up in bed, pull the blankets around me and ask, "Is this girl talk or is this professional?"


She pauses just a bit too long and questions, "Can it be a little of both?"


I chuckle and say, "Sure Liz, what's going on?"


She replies, "I'm sure you know the twins have been drugging me. Because of that I don't fully trust my intuition right now. I'm trying to wrap my head around all that's going on. I think I've come to the conclusion that Ben has created all the problems."


I secretly smile, hug my pillow to me and probe, "Liz, tell me why you feel that way."


She goes on to explain her logic to me. I have to hide my excitement as I answer, "Liz, I would say you hit the nail on the head. While there are some extenuating circumstances, Ben's unwise and uncaring decisions and actions have precipitated and exacerbated the current situation. Have you made any decisions about what you are planning on doing?"


Liz spits back, "Well Megan, I can tell you I'm ready to kick his ass so hard his grandchildren, if the bastard can have grandchildren, will be born without colons."


I laugh, a bit too quickly and say, "Liz, I think that feeling is normal, everyone I know is talking about kicking his ass!"


Liz responds, "Dammit Megan, I think I woke up one of the girls. I’ll talk to you later."


This conversation has made me incredibly happy; I hug my pillow tight and slowly slip back into my dreams…


Present – Zarika, Yasmeen and Liz – On the road - Dushanbe Tajikistan



Someone's loud voice wakes me, and for once it's not Yasmeen's braying! From the noises around me, I think I am in a truck again. I remember Ben's teachings, so I slowly slip open one eye to have a look at where I am. Yes I am in the back of a truck and there is an unfamiliar lady sitting on the floor about five meters from me. My worst fears have been realized: We have been captured! I jump up and yell, "Кто Вы и где Вы берущий нас сука!"


"Who are you and where are you taking us bitch!"


She is on the phone but quickly drops the call and replies in English - which I can not understand.


I prepare to attack because promised myself I would never be a prisoner again! Yasmeen, the annoying, wakes up and says, "Zarika, you are finally awake!"


I yell at her, "And you have been sleeping while we have been captured! It is always up to me to save us."


The strange lady says some more words which I can not understand. As I start moving towards her, she moves away and Yasmeen steps between us. I complain, "I knew it, you have become a traitor and made a deal with our captors!"



Zarika wakes up in a very crazy mood. She thinks we are captured and does not realize we are headed towards America and this is the Liz Lady which my darling husband has sent for me. At first I was going to let Zarika attack her, hoping that the Liz Lady would think Zarika is crazy and needed to go away. But then I worry the Liz Lady might decide to leave both of us beside the road. As Zarika moves to attack, I step in front of the Liz Lady and respond, "Zarika, I am not a traitor and we are not captured. This is the Liz Lady and we are in the back of a truck headed to an airplane to fly to America and be with my husband."


Zarika blinks her eyes and demands, "If you are lying to me I will kill you! Swear on your Mama this is not some lie of yours!"


I pause for a moment, just to annoy Zarika, and finally answer, "Zarika, I swear on Mama what I told you is true. We are headed to America and this is the Liz Lady.



Well, I got too loud on my phone conversation with Megan and woke up the older girl, Zarika. At first I was happy because she is finally awake, but then I became very concerned because she acted like a wild child and looked ready to attack me. She yelled at me in Russian which woke Yasmeen and then they had a huge conversation and then Zarika surprises the hell out of me…



I am so happy to finally know our terrible ordeal will be over, I run to the Liz Lady knocking Yasmeen the annoying out of the way and hug her tight. Then I say, "Я сожалею о том, чтобы быть настолько плохим, я думал, что мы были захвачены. Спасибо за прибытие, чтобы взять нас моему мужу."


"I am sorry about being so bad. I thought we had been captured. Thank you for coming to take us to my husband."


Yasmeen interrupts my hug by braying, "Zarika, the Liz Lady speaks very little Russian. She just knows a few phrases. And you keep forgetting Ben is my husband."


I pull away, stare at her and remember, "Yasmeen the annoying, you are the one who attacked me and knocked me out."


Yasmeen laughs, "Yes I was Zarika the zit faced and now since I have shown you your place, I have taken my rightful place as Ben's first wife!"


This I can not accept so I jump to attack Yasmeen the suka!



Ben's girls don't know I understand more Russian than I let on. As they start arguing, I hear from each of them, "первая жена" which means first wife! These two little сука - shit now they've got me thinking in Russian - these two little bitches think or might actually be Ben's wives? Just how bad did Ben fuck things up? I need to talk to Ira and figure this shit out…


Yasmeen says something, which from the tone of her voice had to be an insult and Zarika goes after her and the kitten fight is on. And having been in a few cat fights myself, I know that I'd rather fight a hundred men verses one woman, because even girls fight dirty. The kitten fight quickly escalates into an all-out cat fight and I need to stop it before one of them gets hurt. Then I have some serious talking to do with Ira and after that I'd better call Jens and warn her about these two!


I step in between them and...



Zarika and I are fighting about which one of us is Ben's first wife. When I kicked her зад earlier I took my rightful place as Ben's first wife and I am going to defend that even if I die! The Liz Lady didn't know what we were fighting about, so she foolishly tried to stop the fight. I accidentally hit her from one side and ugly zit face hit her from the other side. The Liz Lady falls to the floor.




I look at Zarika and yell, "This is all your fault!"


Zit face yells, "You hit her first! But this is not the time to argue, we need to get help for the Liz Lady. Is one of the nice women here?"


I nod my head and say, "Yes I think she is driving the truck."


I run to the front of the truck and start banging and yelling. Zit Face even joins me!!!


Present – Ira – On the road - Dushanbe Tajikistan


There is a cacophony of dissonance from the posterior of the truck. It startles Bernie and he jumps, I secretly smile because I have anticipated it. Zarika has awakened and when the sedative I utilized wore off, the time-delayed amphetamine countered its symptoms and stimulated Zarika. Those two girls are marginally stable as it is and with the upper injected into Zarika, I am sure they had a fight.


I say to Bernie, "We better see what issues have occurred."


He replies, "Please, it sounds like someone is being killed."


I acquire the side of the road. We extricate from the cab and head to the posterior of the truck. I secretly desire one of the girls to be unconscious for the continued efficacy of my plan. We raise the door and observe both girls are conscious and are simultaneously shouting. The noise they make reminds me of a pair of perturbed parrots pettifogging in a palm tree. I cannot understand or tolerate either of them so I order, "Вы оба закрытые!"


"Both of you shut up!"


They stop, look at each other and then resume shouting. I leap into the back of the truck, grab them both by the nape of the neck and command, "Следующий, который говорит, я отдам не сознающий!"


"The next one who speaks I will render unconscious!"


I observe the rather wild appearance of Zarika's eyes, so I ask Yasmeen, "Ясмээн, пожалуйста сообщите мне, что произошло с госпожой Морган?


"Yasmeen, please inform me what has occurred to Ms. Morgan?"


She grabs my hand and pulls me towards an unconscious Ms. Morgan while explaining how it is Zarika's and her fault. I could not have wished for a better scenario, and fight to control my mirth!


Bernie joins me and asks, "Ira, what happened to Liz?"


I explain, "The girls were fighting and Ms. Morgan unwisely stepped between them. They both accidentally struck her."


I assess her damages and expound additional information, "It looks like she will have a bruise on her face and might be unconscious for a period of time." I do not like the look Bernie gives me and ask, "Will you please give me a bottle of water."


He replies, "Sure, let me run up to the front of the truck and get the bottle Liz already has opened."


Ah Ha! That tells me Bernie and Liz have ascertained we have been adulterating the food and drink, now we will need to curtail that. I order the girls, "Пожалуйста ступите за пределами грузовика. Вы загораживаете мой свет."


"Please step outside of the truck. You are obstructing my light."


With Bernie and the girls indisposed I inject Ms. Morgan with the same sedative used on Zarika, making sure to hide the injection mark within her hairline. Bernie comes back, gives me a foul look, hands me the water bottle and asks, "Is she going to be okay?"


I answer, "Yes she will be fine, but will probably be sore when she wakes up. Would you like to ride back here with her?"


He nods his head and affirms, "Yes I think I'd better, just to make sure she's safe from those two."


I respond, "I will talk with them and they will not be foolish girls again. You and Ms. Morgan will be safe."


Bernie takes my place beside Ms. Morgan as I head to the posterior of the truck, jump down to the ground and begin to close the door. The girls start their infernal wailing, finally Zarika says, "Хорошая Леди, что Вы делаете?"


"Nice Lady, what are you doing?"


I glare at both of them and respond, "Я предупредил вас оба, теперь Вы ранили госпожу Морган, таким образом Вас оставят здесь на стороне дороги."


"I warned both of you! Now you have injured Ms. Morgan so you will be left here on the side of the road."


They both begin to cry and Yasmeen pleads, "Пожалуйста Хорошая Леди, мы обещаем, что мы оба будем хороши снова."


"Please Nice Lady, we promise we will both be good again."


Zarika adds, "Да мы не будем бороться никогда снова."


"Yes, we will not fight ever again."


I am too intuitive to believe such a falsehood, but they must not fight until we are safely in America. So I simply threaten, "Должен любой из Вас борьба снова в этой поездке, которую Вам оставят около дороги. И если Вы будете бороться на самолете, то я брошу Вас из двери. Вы оба понимаете?"


"Should either of you fight again on this trip you will be left by the side of the road. And if you fight on the airplane, I will throw you out of the door. Do you both understand?"


They both nod their heads and promise, so I relent and say, "Хороший Вы можете теперь путешествовать позади грузовика с Берни и госпожой Морган."


"Good you may now travel in the back of the truck with Bernie and Ms. Morgan."


They eagerly swarm into the back of the truck like bees headed to a nest. I yell, "Bernie, the girls have promised to behave. Should they become a problem just bang on the anterior part of the truck and I will deal with them."


He answers, "Thanks Ira."


I close the door, reenter the cab of the truck, drive off and call my sister to inform her of the good news.


Present – Mira – waiting for Ira and the others


I am having an extremely joyous time connecting with my brother Alexi. It is such a gift which Ms. Morgan has given us I even feel a slight twinge of guilt about our plans. But then I remember Mr. Blaine and my feelings for him and all the guilt is magically replaced with a strong desire to bear his children. Oh if only the then L.Cpl. Blaine had trained me, the combination of our two genetic lines would have produced a superior son. But now, he has been rendered sterile so that dream will never appear. However, that does not mean that I cannot live joyfully as his wife.


Alexi inquires, "Mira my sister you seem deep in thought and have a distant look in your eyes."


I hug him and reply, "I am sorry Alexi, I was just dreaming about the past."


He intelligently answers, "My sister, you cannot live your life in the past and ignore the present."


I tousle his hair and query, "When did you become such a philosopher?"


He starts to answer and is interrupted when my phone rings. I look and it is our sister so I say, "Alexi it is our sister Ira, I must answer this."


Ira and I discuss things in our own language while Alexi keenly observes me. The news Ira gives me is better than we hoped for! I disconnect the phone conversation and smile at Alexi as he observes, "Mira my sister, I did not recognize that language."


I giggle and respond, "Yes Alexi that is a special language Ira and I created when we were girls. At first Mama and Papa thought we spoke gibberish to each other. But your Mama and Papa were extremely educated and intelligent, so soon they recognized we spoke a language to each other and then they encouraged us to develop it further."


Alexi inquires, "My sister is your conversation with my sister Ira private?"


I hug him, kiss him on the cheek and inform Alexi of all the good news!!!


Present – Ben (Paulo) – On the road


My sister Angelina is sleeping, so I leave her to go and sit beside our person of interest. When I saw him board the bus, he looked to be Latino, so I figured it would be better if we took our Brazilian personas. He of course asked why Angelina was so white. He laughed when I told him how Mama was white and I was the lucky one that got the brown skin.


I know Angelina vehemently opposes my tactics, but she doesn't understand the value of keeping your enemies close. I have shared my food and drink with him at each rest stop and now Manuel considers me a friend. He is still put-off by the way Angelina treats him, but I tell him it's because Mama and Papa spoiled her after Papa became rich. I noticed how his eyes sparkled when I mentioned that lie. And he wasn't smart enough to ask why 'rich' people are traveling on the bus.


He is smart enough not to give me any information about his plans, but the more we talk, the more I am sure something wicked is coming.


I excuse myself, wander back to our seat and get the stink-eye from a now awake Angelina. She scolds me, "Paulo how can you associate with that idiota!"


I chuckle at her use of Portuguese and tease, " Manuel agora considera-me o seu amigo e perguntou se ele pode casar-se com você."


"Manuel now considers me his friend and has asked if he can marry you."


I know she doesn't speak much Portuguese; however she is very good at languages. After thinking for a bit, she is able to figure out what I said. She punches me in the arm and says, "Paulo, I would rather marry a víbora than marry that asno!"




I shush her, "Angelina do not speak so loudly when you call him a jackass, he will hear you."


She responds, "I do not care. I am tired of this bus and I am tired of waiting. Do me a favor and kill him at the next rest stop."


I grab her face, look into her eyes and say, "Angelina your name should be Diabo Feminino. Go back to sleep and stop this childishness or I will leave you at the next rest stop."


She moves to the far side of the seat and pouts!


Present – Stacy (Angelina) – On the road


Oh I hate it when Paulo scolds me, especially when he is right. I have and do trust him with my life, but like Grandmamma said, "Men do mysterious things." I cannot grasp the concept of staying close to an enemy since my natural inclination is to run away from danger and … hey that gives me a great idea. I scoot back close to Paulo, hug his arm and say, "Paulo, why don't we stay at the next rest stop and wait for the next bus?"


He looks at me and grins, "Angelina, it is fate that we met. Look at the many times I have already saved you. It is also fate that we are on this bus and it is not wise to tempt fate. I am sure Manuel has terrible plans for this bus and we are here to stop those plans."


I still hate it when he is right. I slide back over in the seat and drift off to a troubled sleep hoping to dream when I will be off this bus!!!


Present – Jens – the Truth Network – Washington DC


I fight my teenage angst all the way back to DC and once we arrive, I fly into our command center and discover it's empty. Linus walks in behind me and I loudly complain, "Where the heck is everyone?"


He laughs, "Jens, you do know it's the middle of the night don’t you?"


I look at the clock, realize the time and question, "So they can't work during the fricken night?"


Linus grabs my hand and states, "No Jens, they are sleeping just like we're going to be in about a half an hour."


I gripe and complain, "Then why the heck did we come here?"


He replies, "I wanted to get a special laptop."


He has my interest as I watch him open his safe and pull out a laptop I've never seen before. I query, "So what's so special about that laptop."


He grins at me and answers, "Jens that's on a need to know basis and you don't need to know."


That frustrates me so I spout, "Linus, you and all men are like a new gun!"


He gives me a puzzled look and replies, "Okay and why are men like a new gun?"


I laugh, "Because sooner or later you're going to want to shoot both of them."


Present – Linus – the Truth Network – Washington DC


If Jens hadn't been showing a predilection for shooting Ben, I would have laughed at that joke. But I'm not so sure she isn't serious. I guess in a way I don't blame her. Ben's jerked her around a million ways to Sunday, the bastard. However, shooting him seems a bit extreme to me. Now kicking his ass, you bet that's going to happen.


I ignore the joke and say, "Let's head to the extended stay hotel and catch some zzzz's. We need to be fresh for tomorrow morning."


Jens starts her teenage bitching which I cut it short by saying, "Julia! Cut the crap and listen to me. Like I said before, we need your A game tomorrow and if you don't get some sleep that's not going to happen. Plus you need to give the team a briefing on the information you have about the bastards that placed the contract on Ben."


Well that fires her up, "Those fricken-fracken-jackin' bastards. If anyone shoots my runaway fiancé, it's going to be me!" Then she laughs and continues, "I wonder… if I shot him would I be eligible to claim the reward? Five million could buy some nice new guns?"


Damn there goes her predilection again, I interject, "I think it's only dead, not dead or alive."


She grins, "Well a girl is allowed to dream isn't she?"


I grab her hand and herd her towards the door as I say, "Jens, you'd do better dreaming about your wedding with Ben."


She laughs, "Oh yeah! The shotgun wedding."


There are times - no there are many times that trying to reason with a woman is like talking to a brick wall. And that's even worse with a teenager trapped in a woman's body. I keep my mouth shut as we head outside to the car and drive to the hotel…


Present – Mira – at the plane


Alexi and I step out of the airplane and wave at our sister in the truck as it drives up. Once again I almost feel complete. I say almost because there is always a part of me that longs to be with Mr. Blaine. I know Ira feels it, but she is kind enough, most of the time, not to make it an issue.


The truck stops, we run over, Ira steps out and we give her a big hug. I get ready to ask her how she is when we hear a cacophony of noise from the back of the truck. I glance quizzically at Ira, and she answers in our special language, "That must be Bernie and the two girls."


I question, "And not Ms. Morgan?"


Ira laughs, it is so good to hear her laugh again and says, "No Ms. Morgan should still be under the influence of the sedative."


We walk to the posterior of the truck, Ira opens the door and I see the two frightened girls and Bernie, carrying Liz. I bite my tongue to keep from giggling and ask, "What did you say to Yasmeen and Zarika, they look terrified."


Bernie interrupts, "I think something is seriously wrong with Liz, she's still unconscious."


Ira responds, "Bernie, take her to the plane and Mira will look at her. We need to move the cargo into the plane."


Ira gives me a knowing look and I understand I have to administer a partial antidote, just enough so Ms. Morgan will be semi-conscious but not coherent. Leaving this delicate operation to me fills me with a pride and deeper love for my sister. Yes each of us has our specialties and this one is mine.


Bernie interjects, "I want to watch as Mira examines Liz."


I give Ira a look and she comprehends, even with Bernie observing I will be able to administer the antidote in the proper dose. I smile at Bernie and answer, "I think it would be good if you observe that way I can give you an accurate diagnosis of her condition. Shall we take her to the plane? After the examination, and if you agree, I will leave our brother Alexi to watch over Ms. Morgan while we move the gold."


Bernie seems shocked by my acceptance and says, "Uh, yeah that all sounds good to me."


As we leave Ira commands, "Ясмээн и Зарика пожалуйста следуйте за моей сестрой на самолет и помните то, что я сказал Вам прежде."


"Yasmeen and Zarika please follow my sister to the airplane and remember what I told you before."


I giggle slightly; I must find out what Ira told the girls to make them behave so well. I'm holding Alexi's hand and say, "Alexi, these two girls are the adopted sisters of a good friend of ours. Neither of them speak English however they both speak Russian." I squeeze his hand twice and continue, "You must be careful around both of them."


He smiles at me, squeezes my hand twice and says, "Yes my sister I understand." And I truly believe he somehow understands – at least he understands enough for right now.


I call to Ira, "I will send the flight crew out to help you move the gold."


Present – Ira – at the plane


It was heaven to see and be with my sister again and my brother. It…it…it still seems foreign to me that we have a brother. I can tell that Mira loves him and has already started bonding with him. But Mira is the maternal one and that will be easier for her, it will be harder and take longer for me. But he is the last gift Mama gave us.


I make sure to secure the special package I took from the eugenics laboratory. It will survive the trip however I will need to almost immediately find a new storage facility for it. It was a shame Mira was not with us on the truck. With Ms. Morgan being disabled it would have been a perfect time to inseminate both of them. No, on second thought that would not be wise. Since this is the only viable male procreation component for Mr. Blaine, the only sure success will be if fertilization occurs in a petri dish. Hmmm, this will take some serious planning and deception.


I open up one of the boxes of gold, pull out three bars and smile - these will come in handy.


The flight crew finally shows up and offers, "We hear you have some boxes to load on the jet."


I smile, hand a gold bar to each of them and explain, "These are a small token of our appreciation. We need to load the rest of the boxes of gold on the plane as soon as possible, then leave."


The pilot looks at the boxes, hefts the bar in his hand and asks, "Do you know the total weight of the gold?"


I give him the weight and watch as he does the calculations in his head. He states, "We are going to need to jettison some weight."


I smile and answer, "Leave anything and everything you need to. With this gold we can replace whatever we leave behind."


I watch as the flight crew starts loading the gold and unloading the plane. It is a race against time because sooner or later we will be discovered. I can only hope we will win this race…


Present – Stacy (Angelina) – On the road


"BORING!" I complain to Paulo. "This trip has turned into one BORING time." Unfortunately he doesn't hear me because it's my watch and his turn to sleep. How many days are we going to keep watching this merda?




I'm convinced this is all a waste of time but Paulo finally had me talk to Manuel. He is an aldeão simple and doesn't have the brains to walk and chew gum at the same time. Let alone do anything terrible to a bus load of people. At least I'm not afraid of him anymore, however he is still revolting and I hate the way he leers at me.


simple villager


But I hate night watch even more and don't have any energy drinks left. And since I've determined Paulo is wrong this time, I'm going to sleep, it doesn't matter and besides what's Paulo going to do to me!


Present – Banzai Ben – On the road


What the fuck is going on! The bus lurches like crazy, and makes a terrible noise as it slows to a stop. I look over and Stacy is lying unconscious on the floor and the passengers are yelling and screaming like a pack of idiots. Why the hell didn't she wake me up?


Manuel stands up, starts to wave a pistol and shouts at the passengers, "This bus is now the property of the Mexican liberation army. You are all my prisoners, if you resist I will shoot you." This further infuriates the passengers and several of them stand up and get ready to leave the bus. He points the pistol at them and commands, "Sit down or I will kill you!"


Bull-fucking-shit he will! I grab the skate board, run up and beat the hell out of him - splitting his head open like an over ripe melon. A little trick I learned in Russia when I watched a bunch of skinheads attack a gang of skaters: Don't fuck with a person holding a skateboard since it's an excellent weapon!  From his seat I can see out the windshield and we are in deep fucking shit! There are cars blocking the road and armed men are approaching the disabled bus.


I run back to my seat and try to rouse Stacy but she has a gash on her head and is out like a light. I know those in this bus are sitting ducks and if I start firing the whole bus will be riddled with bullets and we all will die. Many people falsely believe that cars or buses offer some protection from gunfire, but that's a fallacy. The AK's the banditos are holding will penetrate this bus like a hot knife through butter.


I can't get myself, an unconscious Stacy and our gear all off the bus. So I make a command decision: If I can get off this bus with my gear, then I have a good chance of rescuing at least Stacy and probably the others.


I rummage through Stacy's pack, find the item I am looking for, combine it with some ketchup packets, write her a quick note and hopefully take care of things for her. Then I grab my rifle, my pack, pop open the emergency exit and bailout of the bus deathtrap. The minute my feet hit the ground I take off running and the SOB's who are capturing the bus start yelling and firing at me. I follow my instinct and head for higher ground as rounds dance around my feet…


To be continued…