Chapter 054

Taken Chapter 054

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Flashback – Masha, Gladys and Tanya – Heading to Masha's house


With everything finished at the computer store Gladys suggested, "Masha let's get some lunch."


I checked my watch, was shocked at the time and replied, "It would save me from making lunch for myself and Linda at home."


Tanya then asked, "I'm assuming we're going to the Organic Bistro again?"


I smiled and said, "Only if it's no problem for anyone else."


Gladys asked, "So you would be open to going to another restaurant?"


I emphatically stated, "That's fine with me however Linda and I might not eat if there is no appropriate food on the menu."


Gladys laughed and said, "That's what I thought. Well then, let's go to the Organic Bistro."


We walked out to Gladys' limousine, I put Linda in the back and Gladys ordered, "Driver please take us to the Organic Bistro."


We arrived in a short amount of time and as Gladys walked in she ordered, "I need a table for three and a half."


The waiter said, "I'm sorry, but we have a fifteen minute wait for tables."


At first I was concerned that Gladys was going to be upset, but she noticed that the Organic Bistro was full and remarked, "This place does better business than I thought."


I remarked, "I am not surprised since it is very difficult to find healthy food if you don't prepare it yourself."


Tanya boldly suggested, "Gladys, you should consider purchasing this restaurant."


Gladys thought and replied, "That might not be a bad idea."


I cautioned, "Gladys, have you ever owned a restaurant?"


Tanya laughed and explained, "Masha, Gladys already owns three restaurants."


In shock I replied, "I am sorry Gladys, but I just didn't want you to deal with all the problems that come with owning a restaurant if you were not prepared."


Gladys remarked, "You know, I could instead turn one of the restaurants I own into an organic restaurant."


Once again I cautioned, "Gladys, I'm not sure that would be wise. It takes special cooks and products to meet the organic criteria."


Flashback – Banzai – The continuing saga


I marched up to Lieutenant George and announced, "Sir, permission to leave on a mission."


He glared at me and said, "Sgt. Blaine you just arrived back at the hospital. Where the hell do you want to go now?"


I mildly taunted him, "Sorry Sir, I can't tell you."


He practically exploded, "Sgt. - why the hell not?"


I fought back a grin and with a stone face replied, "Sir, it's a secret mission that you don't have the clearance for."


That pushed him over the edge and he demanded, "Sgt., I know I have a higher security clearance than you do so you will tell me!"


In keeping with my plan, I grinned at him and laughed. That resulted in what I wanted: He took a swing at me! I didn't even dodge and let him hit me.


Flashback – Jennifer – Studying


I was thankful to be studying the book again, however I still felt a little guilty that mother was still in the hospital.


Grandmother appeared again and suggested, "Jennifer you should actually try some of the spells which you are learning."


I asked, "Try them? On whom?"


She suggested, "Me of course, or Glen. However I would not try them on Daniela."


I asked, "Why not on Daniela?" Then I continued, "Oh yeah, you always cautioned me about her because she might really believe in witches."


Grandmother smiled and said, "That's right. She says she doesn't believe in witches however we can't be sure that's the truth."


I smiled and said, "So it's better to be safe than sorry."


Grandmother confirmed, "That's right Jennifer so go ahead and try that spell on me."


I tried it and Grandmother encouraged me, "Jennifer that was great, you are becoming such a good little witch."


Flashback – Ira – rendering aid


I fired like the devil in the direction of the shot which injured Mira but viewed Kostia escape our clutches. Then I carefully crept to Mira's side and inquired, "My sister is your wound regretful?"


Mira bravely rose up and replied, "My sister, regretful it is but it will not be terminal."


I stated our situation, "Kostia has once again departed from this locale and avoideded retribution."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Once again, I covered ground faster than expected and I had to acquire a new point of reference on the horizon.