Chapter 060

Taken Chapter 060

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Flashback – Masha – A busy two days


I wasn’t sure how many times Tanya had visited me the last two days. First she came by with the employment contract for Louise. Ah, that reminded me: Michael was very sad about Louise quitting and he even offered her a raise. Louise was ecstatic about what Gladys was going to pay her and to be truthful I was also shocked! When she had signed the contract and Tanya left Louise remarked, "Masha, the extra money I'm making will really help with Linda's care."


I queried, "How much more are you going to make."


Louise smiled and replied, "An extra $300 per week."


It seemed like Tanya had barely left, then was back again with the new proof of insurance card for Jack's car. Tanya explained, "Masha, the insurance company was trying to give me some grief because they couldn't access your driving record from Russia and they were going to increase the rates on the insurance policy. I explained to them how Jack was deployed and we would tell everyone on the Internet how unreasonable they were being and that shut them up real fast."


I thanked her, "Tanya, thank you for taking care of that." I forgot to mention, the ISP came and installed the Internet in the house. They of course made a mess which I had to clean up.


I noticed the delivery truck from the computer store had arrived. They pulled into the driveway shut down the truck and two men exited the cab. I walked out the front door and the driver asked, "Are you Masha Reynolds?"


I replied, "Yes I am and I anticipate you have some computers to deliver and set up."


The driver confirmed, "That's correct. All we're going to need from you is a signature."


I asked, "Did you also bring the laptop computer?"


He replied, "We certainly did."


The driver handed me a clipboard and indicated, "Please sign here to accept the delivery."


I signed the form and he asked, "Okay, where do you want the desk set up?"


I replied, "Follow me." I took him into the bedroom containing Jack's gun safe and table. He asked, "Can we move the table?"


I answered, "Of course and it folds up."


He begins to fold it up while the other man said, "I'll get the desk off the truck."


Louise came into the bedroom and asked, "Please tell me you brought my laptop with you?"


The second man said, "Yes we did. Would you like me to bring it in now?"


Louise excitedly answered, "Of course! Are you going to set up the Internet too?"


He replied, "No, a technician will come by later to do that - we're just delivery people."


It didn't take long until he came back in with a small computer box which he handed to Louise as he said, "This is a great laptop. We hope you enjoy it."


Louise said to me, "Masha I'm going into my bedroom to unpack the laptop." And she left with the box.


The table was folded up and the driver said, "Now, let's get your desk in here and assemble it."


They both went out to the truck and I was surprised when they returned with a flat box. They cut the straps on the box, opened it and there was the desk that I ordered - in pieces. They began to take the pieces out and assemble them without even reading the instructions. I asked, "So you have done this before?"


The driver replied with a smile, "More times than we care to count."


It didn't take long until the desk was assembled and I noticed something so I asked, "When will the smell go away?"


The driver replied, "Unfortunately, it will be a couple weeks until the particle board outgasses - until then you're stuck with the smell."


They placed the new computer desk where Jack's table used to be and then said, "Now we're going to bring in your computer with the printer and set them up on the desk."


I was surprised, especially after my experience with the ISP, when they took all the packing material from the table with them as they left.


They came back in with two huge boxes and the driver remarked, "We still need to bring in the printer."


They began to take the computer out of the boxes, put it on the desk and connected all the cables. The driver suggested, "You might want to keep the computer and monitor boxes in case you ever move or need to bring it into the store."


I replied, "That sounds like a good idea to me, can you put them in the closet?"


The driver answered, "Of course we can." I watched as they put the Styrofoam packing material back into the boxes and then sealed them with clear tape. The driver then asked, "Do you have a surge protector for the computer?"


I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "What is a surge protector?"


The driver replied, "It’s a device which protects your computer from damage by electrical surges coming in on your power lines. Don't worry, we have some on the truck and will add one to your computer."


I questioned, "How much will it cost?"


The driver said, "Don't worry about it. The sales person should have included one in the price."


I stated, "She was really nice and I don't want her to get into trouble."


The driver replied, "She won't even know about it. Now, let's get you a surge protector and the printer set up then we're done."


They went to the truck and came back in with a small box and a big box that I could only assume was the printer. It didn't take them long to unbox the last two items and connect them.


Flashback – Banzai – The continuing saga


The doctor finished writing up his notes and then he said, "Okay Sgt. Blaine, let me go to the com room and call in a chopper to take you to the BoO." He handed me a form and said, "This is a referral to the orthodontic surgeon so he will look at your mouth. You have nice teeth so I hope to God you don't lose them."


He left and jack remarked, "Damn Banzai, I feel terrible! Perhaps I shouldn't have hit you so hard."


I tried to smile and replied, "Don't worry about it Jack. I highly doubt I'm going to lose my teeth over this."


The doctor came back in and said, "Okay Sgt. Blaine, the chopper will be here in about thirty minutes."


Jack said, "Let me escort you to the roof so Lieutenant George doesn't bother you."


The doctor said, "If he gives you any problems at all, come and get me since I outrank his ass."


Jack escorted me to the roof and sure enough, Lieutenant George was waiting there and pled, "Sgt. Blaine, please don't go to the BoO."


Jack answered, "Sir, Banzai has a referral to a orthodontic surgeon and has to keep the appointment."


Lieutenant George sighed, "Well there goes my career."


Jack insulted him with the reply, "You should have thought of that before you popped Banzai in the mouth!


Flashback – Jennifer – Studying


Daniela left and as soon as she was gone Grandmother appeared again and we continued our lessons.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


For once my sister Mira listened to my sage advice and didn't combat me. We settled in for the recuperation process.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


It was so good to shower that I did it twice! Now to take care of some things I had planned. I picked up the phone in the room, called a prearranged number and listened. The man who answered asked, "If this is Todd click the receiver once."


I clicked the receiver and he continued, "Okay. I know it's you now so do you want the normal shipment you arranged for ahead of time? If so click the receiver again."


I clicked the receiver and he replied, "Good, I need you to stop by with a shipping location."


I hung up the phone and prepared to leave.